Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kid Fun

As I am JUST NOW working through Kenley's 1 year photo book, I am looking back at old post to jog my memory about different things and milestones!  Which makes me also want to keep that up so that I have a good documentation of what we are doing now, as a reminder for me in 2 years!  So, for my two faithful and sweet Aunt's who continue to read...thank you!  I think it is just the 3 of us reading!!

Two weeks ago, Collier went to stay with Mella & Buzz for a whole week.  And since it was the week after July 4th, Mom decided she was going to keep Kenley at the lake and enjoy the time down there.  Thankfully the neighbors were back and forth and she had other people down there just to be around and in case something happened...after all it is a HUGE task to take on a very sassy and strong-willed little 2 year old all by yourself!!  Justin and I both had to work so we had a week of no kids at home.  I was so excited and then before I knew it we had decided to go back to the lake on Wednesday night (Justin had plans to go on a guys beach trip that was initially thought to start on Friday and got moved up to Thursday).  We enjoyed the peace and quite but it was quite strange to not have any obligation or responsibility.  We ended up eating out with friend the two nights we were home.  I didn't get done what I had hoped, but it was good and certainly worth the alone time for us to focus on one another rather than the kids.

So, Kenley loved her time with Mimi at the lake and she did good for Mom thank goodness!  

All Collier wanted to do was fish every day with Mella & Buzz and that he did.  Plus he got to drive Buzz's truck, go see How to Train Your Dragon 2, fish, shoot a BB Gun for the first time, feed the horses, swim, fish, ride his bike, fish and did I mention fish?  This little boy certainly got the love for fishing gene!! 

I am thankful to both of the grandparents who gave Justin and I the opportunity for a little alone and quite - because I know that your week was nothing close to quite!  Thank you for making it a special time and making sweet memories for them! 

And just for the record...after this week the swimming thing finally clicked for Collier!  He is now jumping off the dock with no life jacket and swims really really good and strong!  I was really proud of him for finally getting it and swimming to very good!  And his bike riding is excellent too, I have been quite impressed with how well he has done with riding.  He has almost out-grown his bike and we are in need to starting to search for a bit bigger one! If only I could make him stop growing and freeze time!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 4th - Compass Lake

I love July 4th...we usually get a few extra days at the lake and extra time at Compass Lake is always good. This year we got to come down on Tuesday and I worked from the lake for a few days and it was just perfect.  A little work, a little play and a lot of family!  Chris, Amanda and the girls made it down on Friday and we actually got to enjoy the fireworks this year in the boat...instead of curled up and terrified in my Mom's bed.  The kids all did great and actually realized that fireworks are pretty from a distance!!

 Little game of baseball is always good fun!

There may or may not have been one that crashed on the boat.  

Fun and special weekend full of sweet memories!