Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Popcorn Dinner

We've had popcorn for dinner the past two nights.  Collier's Favorite!  I did make him eat some fruit first but then it was popcorn after that.  I am sure I deserve Mother of the Year!

I've been sick and still not quite up to my old self yet.  Praying that I'll get over this crap soon!  I've been out of work for two days and am really ready to feel better and certainly ready for some sleep.

My Mom and Dad are super duper stars and have done more than I ever could have asked while I've am been down and out.  Justin has been in and out of town and their extra help has been above and beyond.  They are rock stars....because they have also had some of this sick crap and have still been more help than I could have imagined.

Collier seems to be feeling better.  He is certainly sleeping better, but has complained a little about one of his ears still.  I have a feeling we'll be going back to double check and be sure they are both clearing up like they are really supposed to!  

The weather is crazy around here.  Hot days and cold days merging wonder we're sick.  Collier wore shorts and short sleeve shirt on Monday.  Will probably wear the same tomorrow... Has anyone noticed that it is January!  

I want to start doing a weekly video of Collier to sort of better document changes and stages.  I wanted to post it every Tuesday but I am having a hard time getting him to cooperate with the video camera.  So, we'll see if that will actually pan out or not.  Who knows.

Being sick I haven't done half of what needs to be done for the nursery.  It will get done.  I am sure of it...well, with the help of Gods perfect timing. 

Collier loves his scooter and rides it all through our house!  It makes him happy and makes us laugh because he rides fast and turns corners a little faster than you would expect.

I just finished reading Kisses from Katie and it is inspiring, touching and simply amazing.  She is such a wonderful reflection of Christ and of His love for us and for EVERY person around us.  I have tried to change my perspective and be more aware of those around me and their needs and less about my needs [I have failed miserably this week being has been all about me....but even in that I have tried to praise Him because even though it seems horrible that I am preggo and sick and can't take anything...He feels my pains and He knows exactly what I am going through.  It is in these times that we are to turn to Him and rely on His strength and that is what I am TRYING to do].  But it really is an awesome book and I really recommend that you read it.  If you don't already read her blog....go and read it!  You will be inspired.  She is amazing.  

Sorry that this is SOOO Random.  My brain isn't quite working right and maybe I'll get back on track soon...Although honestly it may be after March before that will happen.   I just thought I would share what we've been up to lately.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We have had two sleepless nights in a row.  I just thought that Sunday night was a fluke and was nearly as tired as I can remember being since having a new born [maybe God is preparing me for this baby girl] as he was up every hour crying for me.  Monday night I decided not to go to bible study and stay home with Collier. He acted fine but his eyes told a different story.  We had a low key and good night.  After we all got in the bed and prayed for good sleep and God's healing hand....he started crying about 20 minutes later, Justin went in to check on him and couldn't get him to settle down at all.  He was hysterical.  He even gagged and threw up he was crying to hard; not much but enough to have to strip the bed down.  I couldn't get him to tell me what was wrong or hurting.  Justin stripped and remade the bed and the whole time Collier kept pointing that he wanted to go night night.  He was up and down for the next few hours.  At 11:30 I noticed that he was swatting at his ear and it hit me, oh he has an ear infection.  For him to be crying as hard as he was and not able to get to sleep, that had to be it.  I gave him more motrin and he finally got through the night with a few solid hours of sleep.  Over the past 24 hours he has told me that his teeth and cheeks hurt him.  His right eye yesterday was red and glassy and his cheeks were rosey red.  We checked temperature several times and no fever.
After a quick trip to the doctor yesterday morning, my fear was confirmed that he has infections in both of his ears.  According to the doctor, pretty bad ones.  Reason enough to cry for me.  Antibiotic is now started and just praying that his little ears will be healed up  and he gets to feeling better.  He slept all night last night with only a few times waking up and stirring.  But even those few times he never cried or actually woke up.  I think that he was talking in his sleep one of the times.  Regardless, I was glad for him to have a full nights sleep....Justin and I needed it as well!

 And so it is setting in....this is very real now.  On Monday morning, when I could hardly get myself out of the bed because I was so hit me.  The struggle of having two babies!  Everyone says it is hard and different going from one to two babies, in my head I think 'yeah yeah, i know it is going to be different' but having one baby is hard and different too!  The light went off in my head.  How will we juggle a new born baby and a night like we've had the past two nights?  What if Collier is up sick at night and baby girl is needing to be fed? What if Collier is throwing a tantrum, baby girl is crying and I still need to do [dinner, laundry, cleaning, shower, work, etc).  It isn't a matter of if but when.  I think that I too often take for granite how good Collier really is - he is a good sleeper, a sweet child, pretty easy to handle.  But it is just in those times that he doesn't have a good nights sleep, when he has melt downs, when he refuses to obey, when he only wants his way and when he simply doesn't understand what I am saying.  It will be in the midst of those moments that having a second baby will be tough.  Tough, yes.  But I know plenty of really awesome mom's who do it every day and even with more than just two children.

It was just funny how it suddenly hit me.  Not that I haven't known we're about to have two babies, but just what is really involved in that.  I will be honest it does make me nervous.  It makes me very excited too though.  I just continue to pray and can't wait to see how God unfolds His perfect plan in our little family!

Do any of you experienced mom's have any suggestions and advice for me?  

Friday, January 13, 2012


Early this morning Collier woke up crying and calling for me.  Normally if he does this I let him cry it out and he will usually go back to sleep.  But it continued longer than normal so I got up to check on him.  When I walked into his room he had his hands flat together under his chin and told me 'I need you say praya'.  I think that heart jumped with joy.  

Me: you need to say a prayer, I'm glad to say it with you.  
CH: but I needed you [this is one of his most used phrases right now]
Me: i'm here lets say a quick prayer.  Are you going to say it with me or just me
CH: just you [as he rolled over and snuggled up with Maurice]

I said a quick prayer for sweet and good dreams and restful sleep.  \

CH: you not tired. don't go to momma's bed
Me: I am very tired and you need to go back night night so that we can get up and play in the morning
CH: just hold me two minutes [this is also a newer request over the past week....especially since not having passey.  but with me growing it is hard for me to hold him, as much as I really want to.  So I just snuggled up and pulled him as close as I could to me to 'hold' him]
Me: let me hold you laying down for just two minutes and then I have to go back to my bed.  
CH: I not want my door closed
Me: I'll leave it open for you.

I laid with him for a few minutes and then told him to go night night and that God was with him always and loves him so very much and then I headed back to bed.  We both slept soundly until almost 7am this morning.

Love this little boy more than I ever could have imagined.  Such a sweet little man.  It is a constant prayer of mine that Collier would have a heart for God and that there is never a day that he doesn't know Jesus' love for him.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am 30 weeks today.  That means I only have 10 weeks to go....Yikes and Oh My Goodness!  This has flown by.  According to babycenter she is about 15.5" long and weighs about 3LB.  I went to the doctor today and everything checked out good...size, blood work, weight, etc.

There have been some differences that I've noticed this time being pregnant than I was with Collier.  I am very thankful that it has been a good pregnancy [Praise God- but so was my first time - Praise God again]

 I have  had some different aches and little more pains this round.  Sciatic nerve pains in my lower back and  legs.  I also had some weird pains through my shoulder and chest that the doctor explained had to do with my rib cage pinching different nerves.  Thankfully neither have been too bad and only lasted a few days at the most.

Movement - this little girl is A.C.T.I.V.E!  she does more rolling than Collier did.  At times [at least twice a day] I feel like she is about to kick or roll out of my stomach.  I even had a dream that she stretched out of my stomach so far that I could see her facial features...WEIRD I know!  But that is how I feel sometimes ;)   I think I felt her hiccup last night for the first time; unlike with Collier I felt them way more often and before now.  Her movement is just very different than Collier's was.

Although, over all I am probably smaller and have gained a little less weight than the first time I feel like my belly is much bigger!  I'll also add for the record that I still have plenty of time to catch up on the weight gain. I honestly gained way too much weight the first time around and have done better this time.  But with my Christmas eating binge and my sugar induced cravings over the past few weeks I feel that I am well on my way to catching up :)  Not that I need to!

My cravings have been very different.  I remember with Collier that I ALWAYS wanted hamburgers.  I could have eaten a good juicy hamburger every night if Justin would have tolerated that!  This time I have probably only eaten one or two since being pregnant and even the thought of making one grosses me out.  I have wanted chicken more though...chicken fingers or fried chicken any day of the week sounds good (although most of the time I refrain).  And certainly anything chocolate hits the spot.  I love me a coke float or a banana and icecream with chocolate on top....that is my normal desert.  The good news is that I finished off the ice cream and I am really going to try and NOT buy any more!  See what I mean when I said I am sure that I will catch up soon on my weight gain.

I carried Collier high, I am carrying Ms.Priss low! I know this is backwards from the old wives tale, but I am sort of backwards so maybe it fits :)

If Justin was to add anything I know that he would be sure to say my attitude has been worse this time around.  He says I have been way more sassy this time around; that is his nice way of saying that I am snappy and not exactly the nicest person to be around. He said I was sort of bad the first time but this time is 'through the roof'.  I am trying to do better and watch my tongue and how I respond and talk to him.  I don't want this to be miserable for him!!!  I said I am trying and I am not sure how well I am'll have to ask him for a progress report on that one!   He isn't the type that will come out and tell me this without me poking and prodding to get it out of him, which is nice but also bad for me when I am actually trying to do better and have no idea if I actually am???

We do not have any names.  I have a few that I love that Justin doesn't really like that much and then there are a few that we both really like but are very trendy and popular names.  I can't seem to get past how popular the names are,  I don't want her to have others in her classes that have her same name.  I may just have to get over that.  Do you have any suggestions of any favorite girl names that you know you won't need to use?  I am in desperate need of some suggestions.

10 weeks and counting and lots to do.  We are working on nursery stuff this weekend in hopes of getting the office converted into her room!  I'll keep you posted on our progress and would certainly covet your prayers.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bye Bye Passey

It is gone.  I just pray that it will be ok.  Justin even asked if we needed to keep ONE just in case there is a total melt down and I said no.  I wanted to say yes, lets keep a few just in case, but then I knew that I would cave at the first possible point and give it right back and then we would be right back here again!  I can only do this once.  I can't do it again!  Plus he really is doing better with each passing day.

After a 3 hour nap he woke up and I had a bunch of balloon's for him.  He was very excited to see and have the balloons.  We talked about letting go of the balloon's and that they would go up to the moon.  As a side note: God is so good!  It was supposed to be a rainy day today but it turned out really nice and by this evening there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  The moon in almost full and it was bright and beautiful tonight.  The perfect night to send pas right up to that bright shining moon.  Only God could have put that arrangement into place.  Thank you Lord!

Back to the send off.  We tied two balloon's to each pas (we sent up two).  We walked outside and made sure that we knew exactly where the moon was.  Snapped a few pictures and then let go of them one by one!  The wind sort of blew them in the opposite direction but that was fine.  He wanted to see them but because it was already mostly dark we really couldn't see them. I never thought that he would nap as long as he did; as I had planned to do it right before dark.  Either way.  They are gone and he seemed pretty ok with it. I am not sure if he really understood the finality of it all.  Justin and I both told him how proud we are of him and that he is really such a big boy now!  What a big deal.  We spent the rest of our night tonight playing with the other balloons.  That was treat enough for him....he loves playing with balloons and it entertains him for a long period of time!

Tonight as he crawled in the bed he asked for Pas.  He saw one on under his bed this morning...but that was one of the ones that we sent up to the moon.  He kept telling me that one wasn't little - meaning that it had not been cut back - but I still had to explain that there is no pas for him to have and that he is a big boy!  We also asked God for restful sleep and peaceful dreams tonight as we said our prayers.  

I know I've already said this before...but it is all very bitter-sweet.  It is hard for me to emotionally accept that he is getting to be such a big boy and that he doesn't need a pas and doesn't need a crib and is becoming so independent.  But on the other hand he is still my baby boy.  He will always be my sweet baby boy.  I think as I try and prepare mentally and emotionally for this baby girl to arrive it is the battle of another  child and knowing how once she does arrive that Collier technically will not be the baby in our house and it sort of crushes me.  I of course also pray that Collier's acceptance and adjustment to her arrival is positive and good.  I have been praying this for months.  A sweet friend of mine even shared to be praying for their relationship....that God would draw them to be close and loving siblings.  I thought that was such a sweet prayer and something that I so much desire.  I want Collier and this little girl to be close not just at first but for their entire life.  For them to always stand by one another and that they will have a very strong bond...a bond that can only be given and formed by God Himself!  Just another stepping stone in the process, but getting rid of the pas was and is a really big deal.  Maybe a bigger deal for me than him!

So, we are officially passey free and I haven thrown away all of my 'back-ups' so there is no going back.  It is official!  So proud of my Collier.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

His broken pasey and My broken heart...

Wednesday as I walked out of the door I asked Justin if he would snip Collier's pasey a little more (if you remember it has already been cut in half and he has preferred it that way since).  I honestly had forgotten that I asked him to cut it and so when Justin put him in the bed that night I heard him say to Collier 'oh what is wrong with it' to which Collier responded 'where is my other pas'.  I walked in and he was trying to keep the pas in and wasn't able to.  He was searching all in his bed for his 'oder pas' and I explained that there isn't another one and that is the one.  I didn't have an explanation as to what happened to the passey so I told him that Brinkley bit the tip off.  He sort of whined about it but was ok.  But after I walked out he started crying.  As we watched him on the monitor, my heart broke.  He was holding the pasey in with his left hand and had Maurice's tag in his right hand rubbing it all over his face.  I his cry was a frustrated and sad cry...not just I am not having my way.  It broke my heart.  I wanted to go in his room and hold and snuggle with him and tell him it was going to be ok.  I wanted to give him his whole pasey again, so that he would sleep soundly.  His entire night was restless as he would cry out every few hours.  I would check the monitor and he would be holding that pasey in doing all he could to keep it in.  Sad, sad momma!  I then told myself that it was probably not exactly the best timing to do that on the night before we start back to school.
I know in my head that it is time to get rid of this pas.  I know that the dentist told me that we needed to get rid of it because you can tell in his teeth that he sucks on a pasey.  I know that he needs to be completely detached from it by the time that his little sister arrives. I know all of this, but my heart breaks because he really wanted it and likes it when he goes to sleep. I want him to have what he needs in order to sleep good and comfortable and that is what the pasey provided...comfort!  So, this is just part of the process.  It may take a few nights or even a few weeks to adjust to this but I also know that the sooner we start this the better off I'll be.  

I mentioned that maybe we should just throw the pas away and he told me no.  I really don't have a plan on where we go from here.  But I am just going to pray that this process will be easy and that he'll adjust to this change with some level of ease. I don't want him to be sad.  I also don't want his really good sleeping habits to be changed either!

Thursday morning I called my mom and ask her to do the same to her passey's so that when she picked him up from school he didn't have a 'good' pas at her house and a broken one at our house.  That day he didn't nap!  Yikes.  But on the way home that night I was talking to him about his pas and that we really don't need it any more;  the moon was very clear and very bright.  He loves to look for the moon on our way home and when we get home always makes a point to find it once we get out of the car.  So, I asked him if we maybe should send pas up to the moon and let the moon hold pas for us?  I told him he could pick out the balloons and we could say buy buy to the passey's.  So, I think that is my plan now.

Thursday Night: it was better.  He only cried for a few minutes but was still quite a bit restless through the night.  He did a lot of kicking and I think that he kicked Maurice too far under the covers to actually find him in half sleep mode.  Pas was under his pillow and he never found that either.  I don't think that either of us slept well.

Friday: He napped fine and we just didn't talk about pas at all.  No mention of it at all.  Friday night he asked for it and found it in his bed.  He put it in and then took it out and put it to the side.  I told him that he didn't need it.  He slept soundly through the night without any crying out or restlessness!  Thank you Lord...I did pray hard in my quiet times this week that this would be an easy process and adjustment for Collier [and me].

If I can get myself in gear...aka showered and dressed for the day - it is 2:00 and I haven't done either!  I want to go and let him pick out a few balloons so that we can send them off this afternoon!  Ok. so I'm obviously in need of a to start with that for getting my day going.  [Just to give myself a little credit - although I haven't had a shower or really gotten past sweats and a t-shirt.  We did manage to take down  and put away all of our Christmas stuff today.  I am also working on some more organization and straightening...I am not completely worthless :)]

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Fav's

Instead of doing a recap of 2011...I would like to share my favorite parts of 2011! [which is honestly a recap, just not a typical slideshow type recap that I have done in the past]

These are in NO particular order:

1.  Priscilla Shirer bible study (Jonah) with the sweetest group of girls this summer.  I think the combination of the study, God's word and these ladies gave me the best spiritual season of the entire year! It was a serious time of spiritual growth for me that I am so grateful for.

2.  My little monkey turned was fun to prepare and celebrate his birthday with a train party!  Loved it...It was just our families and it was just right for his 2nd Birthday!

3.  Making sourdough bread...I am not sure that I would say I achieved this to perfection, but I did make several loaves and it is not only fun to experiment but fun to find good ways to use the bread.  I hope to continue to work on this and hopefully get better and better at creating.  To be honest, I just love to cook and bake.  I am not GREAT at it but I do enjoy being in the kitchen and trying something new!

4.  Our trip to Tampa...Collier's first time flying.  Getting to experience the excitement of a new adventure plus our time with the Crews' is always extra special to us.  We also loved our weekend at the lake with all of them...

5.  Our Kitchen upgrades...I love having the extra counter space! I need to do a separate post on this one with pictures to document what all we did!

6.  Finding out that I am pregnant and then that it is a girl! what a HUGE blessing and answer to a life long prayer! OH my goodness can't wait to meet our little Ms. Priss.

7.  Collier started school - two days a week and even still we are adjusting and learning about this school thing!  He has done good, but it has been a year of adjustments!

8.  I am not sure that I would categorize this as a necessary favorite...but the fact of the matter is that Collier is getting to be a big boy.  As much as I want him to stay little and a baby, he won't but I will always view him as my baby boy.  But since he does have to grow up, I am awfully proud at how well he has done this year with some major changes[which all shout: 'I'm growing up'].  Experiencing and successfully achieving potty training!  Moving from his crib to a big boy bed.   As stated in #7 going to school.  Being in the children's program at CBS.  

9.  Justin and team [O'possum Trots] winning the Tri-State cook off.  It was just a really fun weekend but the  fact that they won like they did was just icing on the cake!

10.  Memory Verses....participating, learning and committing scripture to memory.  I participated in Beth Moore's challenge of Scripture Memory.  I memorized 2 scripture verses per month that I got to choose and I am thrilled that I completed it and did it!  I am still working on some of them - the word for word or really knowing the correct reference.  But others are strong and steady stored on my heart! Rejoice!  Scripture memory is not one of my strong points, and this was just my first step in the direction of doing better with that!  I plan to continue the memorization this year and maybe just focus on one per month instead of two.  Beth only does the actual challenge every other year...but was glad to get into this habit and really knowing God's living word.  I actually hesitated initially at even doing this because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it.  But God provided through Him I did it and I am so glad that I did! 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this year:

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Weekend

New years brought my brother and his family up to Birmingham this year.  People, Christmas is just now over for our family!  We literally did 4 different celebrations this year and each of them brought special moments and more memories made!  It was great fun, but I am also glad to have it all behind me and I am READY FOR SOME ROUTINE!

Chris, Amanda, Ashlyn and Hayden all arrived for us to celebrate our fourth and final Christmas.

 My parents got all of the kids fishing poles for the lake.  And since Collier found them a few days before he was supposed to that is all that he has talked about.  I thought it would be fun to go and let them fish and get some outdoor time since the weather was nice...although a little windy.  We went to star lake and fed the ducks, geese and swan, did a little fishing [as you can see CH gets his love of fishing honest...Justin didn't miss the opportunity to get a few cast in as well] and then we walked one loop around the lake.  I think that Collier really enjoyed it and we will have to go back again one day when it isn't so windy!  He LOVES to 'dish' and use his 'dishen pole'

We had a very delicious New Year's Day Dinner [that Mom considered Christmas dinner since it was the only time she had us all together] and Ihate more than I should have and enjoyed every single bite!  I am really glad that Chris and Amanda were willing to come up here for the weekend.  I loved being home yet having them here.  If I could only convince them to come back more often :)

We did start to take down our Christmas decorations today and will take down the tree and village next weekend. It all went by so fast and I know that the next few months will speed by just as fast.  Before we know it a little girl will arrive and be welcomed into our family.  It is just too hard to believe she will be here in just 3 short months.  So much to look forward to, yet looking back 2011 was already filled with such great moments and many abundant blessings.