Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Weekend

New years brought my brother and his family up to Birmingham this year.  People, Christmas is just now over for our family!  We literally did 4 different celebrations this year and each of them brought special moments and more memories made!  It was great fun, but I am also glad to have it all behind me and I am READY FOR SOME ROUTINE!

Chris, Amanda, Ashlyn and Hayden all arrived for us to celebrate our fourth and final Christmas.

 My parents got all of the kids fishing poles for the lake.  And since Collier found them a few days before he was supposed to that is all that he has talked about.  I thought it would be fun to go and let them fish and get some outdoor time since the weather was nice...although a little windy.  We went to star lake and fed the ducks, geese and swan, did a little fishing [as you can see CH gets his love of fishing honest...Justin didn't miss the opportunity to get a few cast in as well] and then we walked one loop around the lake.  I think that Collier really enjoyed it and we will have to go back again one day when it isn't so windy!  He LOVES to 'dish' and use his 'dishen pole'

We had a very delicious New Year's Day Dinner [that Mom considered Christmas dinner since it was the only time she had us all together] and Ihate more than I should have and enjoyed every single bite!  I am really glad that Chris and Amanda were willing to come up here for the weekend.  I loved being home yet having them here.  If I could only convince them to come back more often :)

We did start to take down our Christmas decorations today and will take down the tree and village next weekend. It all went by so fast and I know that the next few months will speed by just as fast.  Before we know it a little girl will arrive and be welcomed into our family.  It is just too hard to believe she will be here in just 3 short months.  So much to look forward to, yet looking back 2011 was already filled with such great moments and many abundant blessings.  

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