Saturday, November 22, 2008

Burrrr Gobble Buuuurrrrrr

Look who arrived at my house last night. Mr. Gobble Gobble....the cold didn't keep him away.

Isn't he cute! He is here to remind us of all that we have to be thankful for -and that list is long {that's for a later post}. I have to say a special thanks to my friend Lindsey for picking him up for me at the Birmingham Junior League Market....I tried to buy him last year but they ran out. I was so excited to have him now! He is the perfect transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving.
But, whatever you do don't let him moon you... Ha!

Well, let me just share with you what my awesome husband did this morning. He got up early (and if you know how much we love to sleep in on Saturdays, you'll understand what a big deal this is - we value our Saturday sleep in time....yes we are loathing in it before Baby Hicks arrives to rock our world!) so he gets up extra early, bundles up in all of his thickest coveralls, toboggan and gloves(because its 30 degrees outside). He looked so stink'n cute too. He then picked up our neighbor and off they went to the wood place, piled the truck high and returned with a load of wood to get us through the winter. The best part is that we're going to enjoy a day by the fire today. Justin is the best fire keeper around. He likes to keep a roaring fire the entire time and he does just that... moving, arranging and poking the wood to have a perfect fire. I'll certainly be curled up by the fire tonight with my hubby and maybe with some yummy hot chocolate.

Also, in response to my previous post - since I last posted my feelings about how early Christmas has arrived (which I still agree), I think that I've gotten the Christmas bug and will probably begin some Christmas decorating inside before we head south for our Thanksgiving holiday. I've seen so many people with their tree's already up and it looks so pretty...oh well. With that in mind....before Justin built the fire he took me to mom and dad's to snatch a shelf that I want to use to display our Christmas Village. Christmas Elf is having nothing of it - but was nice enough to help me bring it home. Mr. Elf wants the Village on the mantle where it was displayed last year. But, with the village on the mantel I can't hang our stocking holders and stocking from the chimney mantel with care. Plus the Village is almost to big to put on the mantel. I'm going to try it and if Mr. Elf doesn't like it I will change it back. Because an unhappy Elf at Christmas time is no fun...When Elfy isn't happy no one is happy! But we're still going to try it.

In the midst of all of that fun....we even managed to eat pigs in a blanket for a late breakfast/brunch. YUMMY.

And now I'll leave you with my current view... I'll certainly enjoy the rest of my evening warm and cozy! Love yall.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's Your Opinion?

Ok, so I am curious about what you think...Please do share. Do you think that Christmas has come t0o early to the commercial world?

Christmas is my favorite holiday of all time (Yes, fall is my favorite time of year). Plus my precious husband is a Christmas Elf himself. We both love Santa and await this season all year long. We put up our tree as soon as we can as we are sure to have Christmas Village and all of our other decorations up soon after Thanksgiving. Although Justin has already asked if I would start putting it up...needless to say I am hold off for now. All of this in remembering the true reason for this special season is to celebrate our Beloved Saviors Birthday - that is reason enough to put an extra joy in your life.

Knowing how much we love and enjoy Christmas, I just feel that the retail stores have started a little early. What do you think?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Evening Fun

What do we do when Daddy is out of town?

We get new toys!!!!! I had to go and buy food for the pups today and decided to buy them new toys since they Brinkley has chewed them all up and they have nothing to play with. Doc loves new toys, he didn't want to eat so I had to take it away from him so that he would eat. I may be a little on the crazy side but listen to this...

{Be sure to pause my music so you can hear the videos}

Yes that is the monkey making that screaming noise.and yes I will pick up before I got to bed tonight to ensure no crazy toy playing in the middle of the night or early morning.

I had to buy Brinkley a ruff and tuff toy - it doesn't have any suffing. Just a squeeker and its made of a thicker material. Here is her entertainment, she does love to hear the sqeeking. But it won't last long because she'll either get the squeeker out or she will puncture the sqeeker so it doesn't sqeek but just clicks at her biting it. So, silly. She is the destructive one otherwise Doc would have lots of stuffed toys as he did BB {Before Brinkley}

And we wonder why toys don't make it around here!

On a different note. I am still feeling good. Still tired - I should be getting in the bed instead of blogging. I understand that I will only have a few more weeks before I regain energy. I must admit that most difficult issue is dinner and lunch. Trying to decide what I actually want to eat is almost an impossible task. Its hard when Justin tries to help and I shoot down his suggestions - I don't want to hurt his feelings but most of what I or he think of to eat doesn't sound appetizing. I hope that this will also change when I start to get my engery back. Other than that we're great - feeling good and certainly blessed with God's Grace, Love and especially His gift of life he is trusting us with.

I want to leave you with a thought that has been revealed/reminded through my Galatians study. Our eternal life, blessings, grace, love, hope all come from Jesus alone. Nothing more, it does not depend on what we do or don't do, it is simply Jesus alone and we inherit all of His promises! Praise God. Have a good night. Love yall.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Growing Family

Ok, so most of you may already know...but Justin and I are expecting a sweet baby to be added to our family. I am due May 23rd and we heard the heart beat today. It really was cool to actually hear the sweet little beating heart (or what I said sounded like the dog's panting) in my tummy. It really is amazing how God does knit us together and especially how He created our body to change and be able to handle the development of this gift of life! It really is awesome.

We told our parents last weekend and have shared the news with many friends and family this week. This is the picture that we framed and how we told our parents.
I've been feeling good but have had some pains in areas that I didn't know I could get pains. I'm sure that there is more of this to come. Since the beginning of this year, I've been praying that when the time did come for me to be pregnant that I would feel good and that I would enjoy this time in my life. God has greatly answered my prayer so far...I haven't been sick at all. I was nauseous for about 2 weeks with the urge and desire to be sick but never did. Although at times I wished that I could in hopes of relieving the aching. That has now passed and I am really tired more than anything else. The doctor told me I should start getting energy back soon. Meal times seam to be the biggest ordeal because I am starving but NOTHING sounds or looks good...I understand that this to will be over soon. Really, I've been greatly blessed and am feeling good and we are very excited about having a new member added to our little family. I'm sure that I'll have plenty more to share as I progress so stay tuned!