Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to my 4 Year Old

Wait, what?  I have a 4 year old?  How is that possible?  I would like to be in denial, but he is so happy to be 4 that I wouldn't want to deny it for his sake. He is such a big boy and so sweet and very funny.  He gives the greatest big squeeze hugs.  Food is not a priority to him and he has to be coached through most meals.  He sleeps all snuggled up with his 'friend's (Maurice, Ginger, Digger) and some morning will sleep as late as 8:00!  His favorite toys are things that shoot - guns and bow&arrow.  He has gotten very good at writing his name and can do all except the 'e' that he sometimes needs help with.  He loves playing soccer at school and baseball in the backyard with Daddy.

We started the day with chocolate sprinkled doughnut and candles.  He was very hard to wake up...like me singing happy birthday twice before Justin had to shake him to wake him up.

He was then greeted at Nammy's with his first birthday gift of the day!  He was so excited and played with his new light saber all day! Mom brought the kids over to eat lunch at chick-fil-a close to my work so that I could have lunch with him to.  I loved having that extra time with them during the day, wish I didn't have to go back to work!!

So, what does every 4 year old want to do for his birthday?  This 4 year old wanted to mow and blow!  And so that is exactly what he did and was so happy to be doing 'hard work' with daddy.

Papoo bought him a REAL blower, this isn't a toy/child blower but is a cordless real blower and this little boy is THRILLED to have a real blower to use and work with.  We shouldn't have a single piece of dirt on our driveway or patio from this point forward.  Hard work!

After the hard work was completed.  Nammy and Pops joined us for dinner and gifts and his birthday cookies!! It was such a fun and special day.  I think it was a special day for him too!   

and no birthday is complete without licking birthday candles!

I love this little boy with all that I have.  He is sweet.  He is loving.  He is a true blessing to our family. He always makes us laugh and has such a tender and compassionate heart.  Happy Birthday to my sweet little man!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Car Ride

Collier wanted a passenger in his car last weekend..he got one, not exactly his first choice but it worked. They both laughed and giggled.  She loved it.  Her very first car ride!  

This is becoming the new norm.  They both love it.  Collier has added either me chasing them or them chasing me and they laugh and giggle and squeal in delight!  She even likes to just sit and play and climb around in the car by herself.  So cute and so fun.  Reality is that they are both getting so big and so sweet.

Collier still has his moments of not wanting Kenley around, involved or in his space.  But when they have moments like this and he actually enjoys and wants her it is really sweet.  This weekend she was playing on his scooter and he walked up and said 'I think she wants to wide' and so we did and it was so sweet, very slow and careful!  Another time Collier and Justin were playing baseball and I was trying to keep Kenley from climbing up the picnic table and he yelled (sweetly) 'Momma I bet she wants to swing' and he was right, she was so happy to swing!  Moments and glimpses of hope as their little hearts grow closer together!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Collier's Fishin' Party

We celebrated Collier's birthday today with a fun Fishin' Party at Aldridge Gardens.  It was a great location, great weather (thank the Lord for the answered prayer of no rain!!), really special friends and just a fun celebration! Collier has some really precious and sweet friends and it was great fun to see them all together -outside of school.  Plus, a bunch of 4 year olds fishing is just plain precious!

 This is the fishing Pro, Chris, who handled the party and the fishing part.  He was awesome and even had some magic tricks to share with Collier.  He was so very nice and did a great job with the kids.

 Mella and Buzz!

 The kids were so patient as they waited for Chris to hand bait and hand out the poles one at a time.  They were so cute all lines up along the shore line.  We were sad that there weren't many fish caught, I think that a total of 4 fish and 1 turtle were caught.  It was still fun!

This is Colin, he caught the first fish.  Way to go Colin!
And then it was Mary Martin who caught the next one!!  Sweet girl showing these boy how to do it :)
Thanks to Papoo's clever thinking, Collier did finally catch a fish!!  It is good to have grandparent's who know the tricks of fishing!  this is one lucky little boy when it comes to fishing because he has some awesome fishing grand-daddies!

 We then moved into the boat house for lunch and cake!  I served sac lunch to the children with PB&J sandwich, grapes and goldfish.  I had chicken salad and pimento cheese sandwiches and grapes for the adults.  And of all things...I.FORGOT.CANDLES!  Justin had to run to the store and get candles for us to do cake.  The kids just had a blast running around playing chase, so I don't think that they noticed.  I still can't believe I forgot candles...how do you forget candles for a BIRTHDAY party?  Daddy to the rescue!

And then we packed up and headed home to open gifts!  Collier could not have had a better day.  This was his first really big birthday party.  We are a big fan of family birthday parties, but I think that 4 was a good year to have a real party with his friends.  He loved it and Justin and I even enjoyed the day!  I asked him what his favorite part of the party was and he said playing tag!  But tonight when I put him down he talked about catching big fish.  It was so much fun and yet we still have more celebrating.  Tuesday is his actual birthday!  Lots to look forward to this week.

And just for the record...this baby girl had a rough time.  She fell down on the side walk before the party face first and banged up her face pretty bad.  Thanks to really awesome grandparents who strolled her all over the gardens and she was able to get in her morning nap, kicked back and comfy!

Thank you to all of our sweet friends who came today to make Collier's 4th Birthday Party so special and so fun.  We are greatly blessed to have you in our life and are thankful for your friendships!