Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kenley is ONE

I have been meaning to post this for the past month, better late than never.  It took me about 2 weeks to really accept that she is now one.  When people ask me how old Kenley is, my first instinct is to say 10 months, see what I mean.  She is ONE, my goodness!  Where did the past year go, it just seems like a blur and I think that she should still be snuggled up cozy in my arms.  But she is one now and quite the opposite [of being in my arms] since she won't even lay in my arms long enough to drink a bottle.  She is on the go, busy and independent.  She is so sweet and will love on you and even pat your back, which I think is the sweetest thing ever!

At her 1 Year check up here were her stats:
Weight: 20.4LB - just above 20th percentile
Height: 29.5" - in the 75th percentile
Head: 18" - she didn't tell me the percentile on this, but I know it is children have large heads


'Hi Mama...I want to sit by myself to drink my bottle.  I don't need to lay in your arms.'
Favorite position in the bath tub is directly under the faucet.

She is a HUGE Brinkley fan and is trying so hard to say 'Brink Brink'.  It won't be long before she is calling for her.  Brink is her personal jungle gym.  Kenley shares ALL of her food with Brink and also likes Brink to share her food with her (she has had at least 3 handfuls of dog food, that I am aware of)
 Oh these two, Kenley adores Collier.  He is growing to love her more and they have started interacting more together.  Kenley follows him around everywhere he goes [this is good some days and bad other days].  She thinks he is funny and even laughs when he is not so kind to her. I just pray that they will continue to grow close.
 if this doesn't make you smile...nothing will!  A smile so big it wrinkles her nose!

She will put her baby or lovey or bunny on her shoulder to 'love that baby' and it is so sweet.  This is only one of the many joys of having a little girl!
 Have I mentioned she is a climber?  Yep, she is on top of this music table all the time, it is her personal step stool.  She is always making her way up to the highest points that she can reach.  Yikes.  
She loves chewing on her toothbrush, she sequels at the sight of it.  

She is such a blessing.  she is a joy and gives the biggest smiles when she sees us.  I love when she reaches her sweet little arms out for me to hold her.  I love when she will rest in my arms and lay her head on my shoulder, it is precious moments that melt my heart!  I am so thankful for her.  She hasn't always been the easiest baby, but she is my baby girl and I am honored to be her Mom!

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