Monday, April 8, 2013

A Wedding Weekend

Justin's cousin got married this weekend.  And Rawley and Caleigh were so kind to ask Collier to be a part of their wedding.  I love a wedding with children and they had two ring bearers and two flower girls. It was a blast.  And Collier was the cutest little man ever!  He also did awesome since we were up late at the rehearsal dinner and also at the wedding....and with all of the activities he didn't get a solid nap either day.  Waking him up from a nap is like waking a grizzly bear out of getting him up and dressed and to the church was a little rough, but after about 30 minutes he warmed up and was fine!  And then we got to the reception and he saw the dance floor and it was on.  He danced and entertained the entire time.  He stopped long enough to have a bite to eat and then danced some more.
 They had sunglasses for everyone and we loved it! The bride and groom are fun like that!

 He wanted to do this in EVERY picture...the photographer kept saying, put your hands down! But then thankfully they did a silly/fun picture.  See what I mean when I say fun!!

The dancing begins:

 He Danced with Young
 And he danced with older
And then there was this guy.  His mom (who is the lady in the navy above) told me earlier that Collier reminded her of her son. That he loved to dance and was such a busy little boy and that he was still the same to this day.  I laughed, thinking about what I have to look forward to.  It was only about an hour later that I see this guy on the floor dancing ALL OVER and interacting with Collier.  They were so funny and then she walked over and told me that was her son.  Oh my!  He was so sweet and fun with Collier.  They were precious and loads of fun!

ok.  brace yourself...just keep your eye on the move'n and groove'n man!

This is the happy couple - picture courtesy of Collier - and we are so happy that they are now married and we pray that they have a lifetime of love and are abundantly blessed by God!  Thankful to be part of such a fun and amazing weekend!

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