Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

First, I want to thank our Veteran's for their service.  I work with several Veteran's and am so thankful for what they did to serve our country.  For giving us the freedom that we have!  Thankful to all of our service men and women and even their families for the sacrifice they make for us every single day!  This is a little late, but I wanted to be sure that I acknowledge why we are off on this Memorial Day!!

So, we spent the extra day off at the lake.  Relaxing and enjoying to the fullest!  Couldn't have had better weather for a weekend at the lake...water is still a little cooler than you might want but that doesn't hold these kiddo's back at all!!

 This little munchkin was not a fan of the sand....she would cry and told her arms out for me to pick her back up if she touched it at all.  But, gladly by the end of the weekend she was actually digging and playing in it all by herself!  She did love her little penguin floaty 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Day of School

Today was Collier's last day of school.  His last day of Sunshine Room with Mrs. Audrey, Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Claudia.  His last day of Pre-3K.  His last day of only going 3 days a week. Summer is here and this little one is so happy!  He had awesome teachers, learned so very much, grew in many wonderful ways and gained super sweet friends.  I'll have to do another post this weekend with all of his school art that his teachers sent home this week, it is amazing!  He had very creative and crafty teachers this year!

Today they had a Pizza party that was followed by a walk to the ice cream shop around the corner from his school.  And to top it all off, William came to our house to play for a little while.  I would have to say that it was a fun day and way to wrap up our school year!  We love All Saints PreSchool, so thankful to be part of this community.
to me, he looks exactly the same in these pictures.  Other pictures I look at and think that he looks so grown!!  Either way, I am a little biased and think that he is a super cutie!

 Perfect way to cool off from all of the playing on the play ground and the walk to the ice cream shop

 Precious and sweet friends!!

 and they even fight bad guys together :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Something Has to Change

I go through times when I feel really good about myself and other times that I don't feel so great about myself.  I am sure this is the case for many of us.  One thing that has always been very important to me is   having a positive and confident attitude about my body image.  I think that our society has always driven girls to have an unrealistic and negative perception about our body if we don't resemble the models on the front of E.V.E.R.Y magazine out there (except the home magazines!!) then we are just not small enough, pretty enough, fit enough, etc.  These lies that we allow ourselves to believe drive me crazy!  We are all made so different, we have different body types and to me it is more important to feel good rather than meet a certain number on the scale or wear a certain dress size. God made me just the way I am. Several years ago, I quit subscribing to Shape magazine for that very reason...I started feeling bad about myself because I started comparing myself and getting bad body image. **This isn't Shape Magazine's fault - it is mine, but decided it was best for me not have the reminder in front of me each month** That is a huge soap box of mine and I'll step off now!

I have always worked hard to stay fit and in shape because I just feel better when I am exercising.  Plus the more I exercise the more that I can eat what I want and that is huge.  I love food and I really love all things sweets!  I could each chocolate for every meal in some form and be perfectly happy, happy, happy!  Basically since I had Kenley I have been on a chocolate binge.  I eat some form of chocolate through the day at work, usually because at 3pm I slow way down and the chocolate was yummy and sugared up enough to push me through...but only to cause me to CRASH again around 5:00 when I am getting the kids and getting home, getting dinner made, bath time and falling into the bed feeling wiped out.  It isn't a good feeling to feel that tired and warn out.  I stopped nursing Kenley at the end of March.  The nice part about nursing is all of the extra calories that you burn, but since I have stopped nursing I have continued to eat 'what I want' without considering how the food is really impacting my body and energy levels.  I have gained a little weight - probably 5-7LBs and certainly nothing that anyone looking at me could probably tell, but I can tell a difference in my clothes and it bothers me.  Plus hitting my mid-30's this year has also helped in this too! Add it all up!

My solution: Advocare.  Have you heard of it?  I have a few friends from high school who have started on it and just can't say enough about the results.  They have shared how they have lost weight, inches and gained a ton of energy and overall wellness.  Bingo, that is what I am after.  Justin and I started the 24 day challenge yesterday.  The first 10 days is a cleanse phase and then days 11-24 are a wellness phase.  Big picture is that it is not a diet but helps to guide you to make better food choices in these 24 days.  I am only on day two, so I will continue to give feedback on our progress.  While, I do hope to lose the few pounds that I have gained, most of all I am wanting to have the overall health, wellness and energy.  I hope for a real life style change in my eating habits and to see the same results as so many have on Advocare.

If you are interested in getting a more information about Advocare and/or the 24 day challenge (or any of their products for that matter) please leave a comment or email me.  I am glad to answer what I can or reach out to others on my team who have been doing this a lot longer than me! Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to share the impact that this has on my life.   

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Soccer Shots

This was our first year for Collier to play soccer - it really isn't playing it is a 45 minute after school program called Soccer Shots that teaches the basic fundamentals of soccer - for what that is worth to a 3 year old - and team building.  These boys and girls are the cutest things ever.  Plus they have a really awesome and fun Coach Jason that makes it even better!  Monday they gave awards and invited the parents to come and watch. I loved it.  Collier has really built some sweet friendships with these boys and they are just so precious.  Collier is sometimes the odd man out brunette...there are lots of blondes in his class!

 He looked like he had done it before, the way he bowed his head to accept his medal.  So funny! and so proud to show off his medal.  

We have loved this program so much and if nothing else, it drains a lot of energy in a very positive way!