Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

On the radio one night this week a DJ asked people to call in and share what your dad has taught you.  Without hesitation I would have to say that the one thing that stick's with me from my dad is to 'be a leader not a follower' [I didn't call in but thought about it since the response were a little crazy].  This was the permanent phrase that my dad would say every time Chris or I left the house.  I think that this is an awesome life lesson, especially now that I have Collier and have a strong desire for him to also be a leader and not a follower. My Dad is awesome, fun and has a sincerity for those around him like I have never seen before.  I am thankful that I have a good relationship with my Dad.  I am thankful that he has always been there for me and more than willing to go above and beyond for anything that Chris and I need...this hold true even to this day.  I am thankful that he is healthy.  I am thankful that he loves my baby as much as he loves me.  I am thankful that he love the Lord. I am thankful that he lives so close.  I love you Dad and thank you for being such a wonderful father to me!

One of my most favorite things about being a parent is when Collier is doing something new or funny and Justin and I make eye contact with one another and laugh or share in the wonder of what he is doing.  I love to watch Justin with Collier and to see how they interact together.  In the mornings I usually get Collier out of the bed although Justin handles most everything else from that point until we leave the house.  But when I walk into his room he immediately ask for Dadda.  Honestly Collier is quite the Daddy's boy and will sometimes not allow me to do things that he only wants Justin to do - anything from sitting on the couch with him to fixing his sippie or even just playing with a particular toy.  He loves his Daddy and I do to! I love being a parent with him, I love being his wife, I love laughing with him, I love him, more and more every day! Happy Father's Day Justin!

I am also greatly blessed with two Father -in-laws!  I couldn't have asked for better in laws and these two men are extra special.  Collier adores them greatly and I am so thankful for them!  Happy Father's Day Popoo and Buzz!

Most importantly I celebrate our Heavenly Father.  A Father who is faithful when I am not.  A Father who love me unconditionally, even when I am not so lovable.  A Father who loves me enough to give His only Son to die on the cross so that I can have eternal life.  A Father who gives me hope that there is more to life than what is on earth. A Father who disciplines out of love, as I am one of His children.  A Father who can make a masterpiece out of the mess that I create.  A Father who forgives my sins.  A Father who I have [physically] never seen yet He fills me with His Spirit.  The Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning, the End.
Father God, I praise you for your love and for your forgiveness.  Thank you for all of the Dad's in my life, for the impact that they have had on our lives.   Thank you Lord for calling my name and that I heard Your voice and answered Your call.  Thank you for the family, friends, job and blessings that you have given to me.  Allow me to continue to hear Your voice and be obedient to all that You ask of me.  May I bring glory to you in all that I do!  In Christ Jesus, Amen!

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Gail said...

I've known your Dad for many, many, many yrs. We even share the same God-Son...And, I must say...Larry is THE BEST DAD ever! He is a truly, truly wonderful person!!! Yes, you, my dear....are ONE lucky woman! :O) Happy Father's Day to all your men!!!