Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Ashlyn turned 4 last weekend.  We celebrated in Dothan with skating, games, slides, cake and a Barbie convertible.  It was such a fun day.  I was shocked when Collier said that he wanted to try on the skates and was even more shocked at how well he did on them.  They locked the wheels to make it easy and he didn't seem uncomfortable on them at all.  I knew that he had  good balance but this just further confirmed it.  He was in and out of the inflatable jumping several times.  And once Ashlyn received her Barbie car he was more than happy to be her passenger!

It is always funny to me to hear different people say who our kids look like.  For instance, I get about 50/50 of who everyone things Collier looks like.  And I can see that because I personally think that he is a mix of Justin and I.  Although I think that he does look more like Justin and I am not sure if it is purely looks or if it is also behavior that I think that - his expressions, walk and actions are mostly Justin.  Ashlyn on the other hand is a clone of her mom.  She looks exactly like her mom and has from the moment she was born.  But people who don't know Amanda as well and do know me [especially as a child] often say that she looks exactly like me.  A friend recently looked at her and said that she was looking at me at that age.  It is really funny and quite interesting to me.  I recently had this same conversation with a good friend who I don't get to see very often but she sent me some pictures and I thought her daughter looked so much like her and she told me that everyone says that she looks exactly liker her husband.  Just funny to see the different perspectives.  And boy was that random?   Back to the birthday!

 I would love to hear the conversation between these two.  Ashlyn's older cousin's are in the mule and CH and Ash are in the barbie car and they pulled up next to each other.  Seem to be up to no good.   We kept joking that it will be them driving off and hanging out with real cars before we know it.  Chris didn't find it quite as funny as his girls rode off together!  He is going to be in big trouble when the dating years start!  
Collier hasn't really been sure about sprinklers.  So Chris and Justin tried to break him in.  He did pretty good and was willing to run by it and get a little wet.  Saturday evening it rained at the lake and we practiced running in the rain to get a better feel for sprinklers!  

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