Friday, June 17, 2011


Collier is such a little worker bee.  He loves to help and he loves to work on a task given to him.  Here are a few of his favorites:
 This has been his latest, he loves to put away the clean silverware from the dishwasher.  We are working on putting the correct utensil in the correct slot because it is a bit of a disaster when he is done. 
 Anything involving water is FUN.  He loves to water our plants. 
Vacuuming, he never misses a chance to help.  
He L.O.V.E.S to use the blower and will melt down in a fit when we put it up.  He does this mostly with Nammie and Pops.  Although he doesn't look happy at all, he gets very serious in each of his tasks. 

This is another recent task.  Spraying and cleaning the windows.  He shakes the Windex up to complete bubbles and then sprays and wipes.  Anything involving soap/spray, a brush and water is tons of fun.  I need to put him on cleaning my car and we'll be set!
mowing the lawn.  He is more than glad to help mow the lawn in one of two ways

You would think that we were slave drivers, but he actually wants to help.  If we don't let him help he will pitch a huge toddler fit. He would actually rather do one of these things than play with any of his toys! I am still not sure how or why that we even buy him toys.  Plus, I figure it is never to early to start 'chores'. 

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