Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Boy Stuff

My Dad has always called going to the bathroom 'Big Boy Stuff' when talking with Collier [not that it is a common topic, but when Dad has a little shadow and needs to do 'big boy stuff' that is what is is known as]. So, now we are deep into doing big boy stuff.  I am thrilled and more than thankful that we are doing really good.  He had one accident last weekend and it was really my fault - I didn't hear him calling my name and I don't think he could hold it any longer and he went standing in the hall way.  Huge puddle!  Other than that, no accidents.  He calls my name [or daddy or nammie or whoever is around to hear him] points to his tee tee and says pee pee and takes off running yelling 'hurry hurry' and laughing because I am running behind him.  All of this to say that he goes #1 and #2 with no problems.  When we are outside he likes to 'go outside' and does pretty good.  I am slightly fearful that one day he is going to poop while standing up going outside... I have been warned that since he started so early that he may revert and I am just praying that will not happen.  It is nice to not have to deal with diapers and even nicer to not have to purchase them:)

So, the tricky part to all of this has been our trips to the lake.  Four hours in the car and area's that don't have an exit or somewhere to stop at the moment that he announces that he needs to go 'pee pee'.  Here is what has happened the last few times.  We stop at the next place we can find [see below regarding public bathrooms] and he won't go or won't get on the potty. When I ask him if he needs to go potty he then says no.  I ask why in the world he told me that he did?  No response from him.  We get loaded back in the car, get on the road and he immediately says he needs to go again.  This has resulted in a few side of the road stops, which is always interesting.  I have even put him in a diaper for traveling, but I can't bring myself to say well' just go in your diaper' because I don't feel like stopping again.  But then again, I wonder if it isn't some sort of ploy to get out of his car seat!  Either way, I have to take his word for it and I usually have this conversation 'Do you REALLY need to go?  If I get you out of your car seat, you need to go pee pee.  Do you need to go pee pee or poo poo? are you sure you really need to go?  Don't just say it and then not go when we stop'.  The results seem to vary and I can't seem to make sense of it at all.

I am now horrified of public bathrooms because he feels the need to touch EVERYTHING in there....I walk in saying don't touch anything and his hands seems to slide and glad over everything but the floor.  It makes my stomach hurt, I tell him to put his hands in the air, I wrap the seat in toilet paper and then he refuses to sit on the potty!  Great.  I still make him sit for a minute and he squirms all that he can off of the seat which by now has no more toilet paper protecting his sweet hiney from the horrible germs from who knows what!  I have had a few success public bathroom stops but I think that I like the side of the road better.  And so I am considering removing the stop at the next convenient place...unless it is ChickFilA or Publix or something I know is clean..and he is just going to just become really good at going outside the car.  I think that I may turn these responsibilities over to Justin.  After all, it is Big Boy Stuff and who would be better suited than Daddy?!

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