Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lake Adventures

We are lake people.  We love the lake and that is where we usually spend most of our summer time!  It may be that both of our families have lake houses which provides perfect weekend trips.  I wish that they were a little closer, but I'm not going to complain because it is always worth the drive to spend time at the lake.

Last weekend we had friends down with us.  It is lots of fun and so wonderful to have willing and wanting help with Collier - they have two girls [ages 10 and 12]!  I got to enjoy more adult time with friends which makes for a perfect weekend.  I didn't take my camera out until Sunday, so I only got a few pictures.  It was a weekend filled with water, boats and sun.  I think that I get wrapped into being sure that Collier and Justin get lathered and sprayed with sunscreen that I forget to lather myself.  All of that to say we soaked in a lot of rays this weekend.  [One of the guys I work with informed me I was starting to look a little mexican, NICE! I need to invest in some 50SPF and keep is on me the rest of the summer] We enjoyed swimming a lot, it was so hot at times that we didn't have an option but to stay in the water!  Boat rides and even a few knee board trips for one of the girls.

I think that I mentioned before that Collier has been jumping from the back of the boat platform to us in the water.  He is so funny as he counts down to jump.  He jumped to all of us and even had fun jumping at the same time as the girls.

Then on Sunday as we were in the water, out in front of the dock.  Collier pointed to the dock and said 'Collier jump'.  I ask if he meant from the boat or from the dock and he said from the dock.  I couldn't believe it.  I think that he had watched the older girls jump so much that he felt that he was big enough to do it too!  We had two other little girls [lake neighbors] that would come over and jump too...he must have felt left out.  Anyway.  I just couldn't believe the he was willing and wanting to do this.  Justin did so good catching him.  He did it about 6 times and even a few times his face went under...he didn't like that too much although it also didn't stop him from doing it again 'more'.  I am not sure if he will do it with out the older girls around, but I hope that he will!  He would get so excited just before he jumped it was cracking Justin and I up.  Needless to say, we progressed rather quickly from the back of the boat to the top of the dock...especially since the water is sort of lower than normal, making the dock that much higher!  I was so proud and it makes me excited to look forward to each new adventure and discovery as he gets older [honestly the becoming a big boy part sort of breaks my heart]

Yet another fun and relaxing weekend at the lake.

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