Thursday, August 14, 2014

Collier Goes to Kindergarten

My heart, my first baby, my sweet handsome little man, my big boy, my love....has reached the time in his life to go to kindergarten.  He had been asking for several weeks if 'today do I have to go to school?' and I am not sure if it was out of excitement or out of dread/fear.  There is so much unknown around kindergarten...its a new school and we didn't know a single other kid at the school.  two weeks before school even started, I just couldn't escape the thought and reality that he was going to kindergarten.  I was excited and nervous and a little sad at the fact that my little boy was grown up enough to go to big school.

So on August 5th we went to meet his teacher.  Mrs. Fargason is the lucky lady to guide, teach and direct my precious little man through Kindergarten.  We took her flowers!  It was hectic and fast to go in and meet the teacher and divide up school supplies.  She was kind enough to have popcycles for the kids but Collier wasn't really interested in staying.  I was not 100% comfortable with little interaction with a total stranger who I am having to trust with my little boy.  We were told that we could not walk them into their class on the first day of school - which meant that I had to drop him off and go in the carpool line.  Heart sank, tears filled my eyes because I just wanted to see him get to his class and get settled and know that he was in the right place and ready for his first day.  This adjustment is big for me as it is for him!  We will walk though it together and adjust to our new norm..

The night before school started, we had a special school night dinner to celebrate Collier and to kick off the start of school!  I decorated with school stuff and covered the table with brown paper.  When Justin brought the kids in they both were so excited to see the table.  They immediately jumped up and started coloring! We had pizza, fruit & cheese kabobs and edamame....all things that they love! Plus a bunch of smarties! Thank you pinterest!

And Finally the big day had arrived.   I held it together.  Dropped him off in carpool line and as soon as the door closed I cried...ugly cried.  I wanted to park my car and run in and be sure he was in his class.  I wanted the peace of mind.  I had to let go!  Yep, let go a little.  Loosen that Momma, all protector, know what my little boy is doing all day grip and just drive away.  It was hard, but as Justin said, it was probably best so that he didn't see me cry and that we started off our routine as it would be every day!

 2:30 could not come quick enough that day.  I couldn't wait to get there and pick him up and just hear that he had a good day! I even ask the guys I work with not to ask me about how the morning went...because having to talk about it would only bring tears and I didn't want to cry all day at work.  So, thankfully they were kind enough to not ask ;)  I picked him up and  he did have a good day.  He survived.  He liked it...didn't love it. But he was fine.  So I grabbed him up and zoomed him off to enjoy some yummy yogurt mountain.  We both needed it and loved the moments to catch up and hear about his day.
His favorite thing was PE with coach Brown.
His least favorite was rest time.

We are now just 5 days in.  He still doesn't really say that he has 'friends' and is learning names of a few of the boys in his class.  I asked Mrs. Fargason how he is doing and she said he is great but is a little quite.  I expect that since he usually will be shy and sit back to assess his situation before he jumps in fully.  I am just praying that he continues to be comfortable and make new friends.  He is so precious and this is a big adjustment.  We went from 9pm bed time to 8:30pm bed time. From napping every day to no nap and just a little afternoon rest.  From 7:30-8am wake up's that were leisure and easy to 6:30am wake up that required breakfast to be eaten, teeth and hair brushed and dressed in exactly 45 minutes.  We went from not having to leave the house until 8:30am to leaving the house at 7:27am.  From me taking him to his class and speaking daily with his teacher to drop of in carpool and never even laying eyes on his teacher.  From knowing every single student in his class and their parents to knowing not a single child much less their parent. Adjustment to say the least, but I will stay that I have prayed all summer long about his teacher and his friends.  I trust that God's plan is perfect and that He does not make mistakes or accidents.  God has Collier right were He wants him to be and I trust that God will work His plan out andI will give Him the glory every step of the way.  Plus I tell my children all the time that Jesus is with us no matter what...always and forever!  So, although I don't know his friends or his teachers.  I do know Jesus and He is with Collier every step of the day.   Trusting in Jesus to carry us through and that alone is where I have my peace and comfort!