Saturday, May 21, 2011

Potty Training

One day this week I got a call from Mom with Collier on speaker phone and Mom was saying 'Collier tell Momma what you did' and so I guessed a few things all with a 'no' answer and he never would say...well Mom finally told me that he went poo poo in the potty!  Oh wow!  She was changing his diaper and he farted and so she asked if he wanted to go and sit on the potty, he said yes and he pooped!  So, I decided that maybe we needed to try potty training this weekend.  I have said for a long time that I feel that he is ready but have been very nervous about the process.  With HUGE thanks for a long talk with my friend Amanda I decided that I was going to give it a try!  I would say that we have been mostly successful.  I don't have pull-ups and I am not 100% comfortable for naps and night time so I put him back in the diaper for naps and he'll sleep in a diaper tonight as well.  Although he was still dry after his first nap.   We started out with a few accidents this morning (I went through 4 pair of undies before 10am) and since then we have done both pee pee (twice) and poo poo in the potty and only had to change undies once this afternoon.  The catch to all of this is that he is telling me that he needs to go and going!  It has been a long day, and it still isn't over, but it has been good.  We've tried to keep busy while restricted to the house and I feel like we've done well.  I'll certainly update next week once we get a few more days into it!  I am very nervous about the next few days hoping that today hasn't been a total fluke! 

After his first time of telling me he had to go potty 'Momma ewha potty' and then actually going pee pee in the potty I gave him his first surprise which gave him distraction for quite a while.  All of his other surprises have been food....fruit snacks and popcorn!
 He is so stink'n cute in his little undies, I can hardly stand it!  Such a big boy and thankfully doing well!

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tmiller said...

Yeah for potty training! Isn't it great to not have to add diapers to your grocery list? Take advantage of the outdoors and give him things to aim at- leaves, trees, etc. This worked for us!