Wednesday, May 25, 2011

'Challenge an Elephant'

This was the email that I got from my Mom yesterday:
So I looked back at the time he went this morning....8:30 to challenge an elephant to him!!!!!
Mom is so sweet to send me updates on his potty progress through the day.   She had just sent an email saying that he had finally gone #1 and #2 in the potty and this was her next email. It made me laugh.  He had gone pee pee at 8:30 and then nothing until 2:00.  So, one of two things is obvious here:  1) He isn't drinking enough 2) He has a huge bladder.  Maybe a little of both.  He really doesn't drink all that much and when he does drink it is usually us pushing him to DRINK DRINK DRINK.  But the good news is that the potty progress has been very good!  Better than I could have expected.  He did have one accident yesterday afternoon, he just didn't give mom enough time to get to the potty.  But other than that he has told us and gone in the potty!  He even sits on the potty when he needs to toot, he thinks it's really funny - such a BOY!

I was so nervous and dreading this whole process.  He has more than exceeded by expectations and I am so thankful that it has been a success.  Over the weekend he just wore his undies and a shirt and for the majority of the time he was in his PJ shirt... hence both of my recent pictures...I promise that I am really dressing him now :)  Although there are some days that he is still in his jammies when we get to my Mom's.  

I am so very thankful to have my Mom be willing and able to keep Collier for us. It makes things like this [potty training] just so easy!  She actually sends me updates throughout the day and sometimes even pictures. The potty updates have been quite funny! I have often worried about Collier not getting the social interaction with other kids his age.  Also have worried that he wares out my Mom!!!  Both are true but what a blessing that they get this time together! They have a bond that is like no other.  There are some days [like yesterday] when I have to pry him away from her house.  He loves being there.  He can even tell me how to get to her house...'turn dat way' and points where I am supposed to turn.  Yesterday he was crying because he wanted to stay with Nammie.  All the way home he kept pointing behind him saying 'dat way momma, dat way'.  I would tell him we're going this way and point forward....he would say 'nnooooo' Of course as soon as he saw Justin he was fine.  I am just grateful and thankful in countless ways to have Mom do all that she does for Collier.  Dad too...he comes home most days at lunch time and I know that Collier looks forward to having lunch with Pops.  Today they were going to mow the grass in the back yard together.  Collier walks right beside my Dad as he mows.  It just melts my heart to see how much Collier admires my parents and how much love overflows from them for Collier!  Mom and Dad..thank you a million times over for being the grandparents that you are!   

In the fall, Collier will start going to 2 year old preschool?  Or is it mother's day out?  Whatever you want to call it.  He'll go two days a week from 9am-1pm.  Mom will get a break and Collier will get not only interaction with other 2's but also will get structure!  I am excited for both of them (Mom and Collier) and look forward to the growth that Collier will experience. 


Amy Kennedy said...

YEA for Collier! That is awesome that he is doing so good! I will need some tips in a couple of months. Hoping to tackle PT this summer! So excited for him to start school in the fall. He will love it I'm sure. And yes, you do have the sweetest parents! Wish I could see them sometime! love you!

The Swifts said...

We we did potty training GA held is for 16 hours straight! She didn't want to use the potty and didn't want to ruin her princess undies. I was so worried, but she was fine - just stubborn!