Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2 Years Old

My Baby is two!  We had an awesome weekend to celebrate his birthday [post coming to include party details and pictures]. It just doesn't seem that two years have already past, these past two years have gone very fast and have been filled with fun, joy and abundant blessings from God!

Few notes about my sweet little two year old man...He is very funny and likes to be silly.  He is, what I call, mischievous and I mean this in the best way possible.  He loves to climb - on anything and everything that we will allow him to climb.  He is talking up a storm and putting sentences together and repeats almost anything that we say, we laugh at the things that he repeats that sound really funny coming out of a two year olds mouth!  He loves to sing and dance....yet another thing that keeps us laughing!  He is going through a weird eating stage and has gotten a bit picky..maybe not so much picky as just doesn't eat as much as I think that he would, although he eats pretty good like bananas, grapes, cheese, strawberries, blueberries and peanut butter sandwiches.  He is really into orange juice and strawberry milk.  He has always been an 'outside' kind of child and I can only pray that this will continue as he gets older!  He loves to 'work', which usually includes vacuuming, sweeping, blowing (yes he will hold and run the blower himself and loves it) and even wiping down his mess after he is done eating - so much like my brother and Justin's mom...very busy and productive!  He still has pasey - although we try and keep it in his bed only but there are times that it makes its way out of the bed I am not sure how or when to get rid of it but I feel it is very soon!  I am sure the dentist will tell me it should ALREADY be gone!  He is still in his crib, no idea when we will move him to a big boy bed but just this weekend we saw him put is foot on the top rail when saying 'get out'. I am in no hurry to get him out of the crib! He is not potty trained and I haven't even tried, I did buy a potty seat but that is as far as I've gotten.  When I ask him 'who made you so' cute, funny, smart, fillintheblank...his response 'God'.  Soooo sweet!  He testes and tries most of the boundaries that we set - just as every child should!

Collier is a blessing in so many ways!  He is such a combination of Justin and I in looks and in personality!  I pray that he will always knows Jesus in a personal way and impact His kingdom in a mighty way.  My heart grows and loves him more and more every day.  Being his Mom is extra special!  My patience has never been more tested yet my heart has never loved like it has since having him.  

His 2nd birthday also brought on teething and viral something!!!  He started on Friday with whining and being very needy.  I was terrified that he would be sick on his birthday and he did wake up and immediately want to go back to sleep on Saturday morning!  But he did great through the day and had a blast playing with his cousin.  Saturday night he hardly slept and woke up on Sunday with 102 fever.  I took him to the doctor [and I knew in my head that it wasn't anything but a slight cough, high fever and no sleep...I was just worried] the doctor relieved my fears and he is just going to have to let it run its coarse.  His fever cleared Sunday by mid-morning and he has slept a lot and just looks likes he doesn't feel good...his eyes tell it all!  He is also very whiny and wants you to 'hold tollier'.  If I hold him and sit down he says 'momma get up'.  Last night he went down at 7:30 and slept all night for the first time since last Thursday, so I hope that he will start feeling better!

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Happy Birthday Collier!