Monday, September 20, 2010

Because Nothing Else Matters...

Every morning I listen to Rick and Bubba (for those of you not in the area, it is a radio show and although it is on secular radio and syndicated aross most of the southeast these men are outstanding Christians who represent Christ in an amazing way) I love listening to them and enjoy many laughs but also love what they do for the kindgom of God! I have heard Rick say twice in the past two weeks that what we do and say for Christ is so important because nothing else matters. It has caught my attention and I haven't been able to escape the thought - and for good reason because it is so true. I have wondered, what have I done for Christ? What did I do today that made a difference or an impact for the Kingdom of God? Have I been an example or a light to someone who needed it? Have I shared or made known my faith in an all-knowing, unconditional loving, grace giving God? Am I obeying Him? Am I living as Christ wants me to live? Am I being the Godly wife to Justin? Am I teaching Collier the love and ways of Christ? These are the questions I am asking myself daily and striving to live to be able to answer these questions and hope to bring God the glory in what I do. Many days when I am walking into work I think to myself, how can I be bold today and have an impact on some of the people around me and many days I end the day and haven't even considered Christ at the center of my every action, word or thoughts through the day. Although that is what I really want, is to have Christ as the center of my being so that I am fully relying on Him because nothing else matters.

The things that surround us in this word can be so consuming (things, work, people's opinion and the list goes on)but all of these things don't matter when it comes down to it because all of that doesn't get me into Heaven. Christ does! Tonight at CBS we were talking about living a holy life and the importance of living a holy life (that means everything, being a wife, mother, daughter and friend) and being sure that we are raising are children or sharing with our friends and loved ones about salvation and what we have in Christ. Without Christ I am nothing but with God all things are possible...Matthew 19:26. A friend shared tonight that one of her best friends lost their daughter (17 years old) in a tragic accident this weekend - this friend made it a huge priorty in raising their children to know and love the Lord and trust in Him as their Lord and Savior....she is struggling with the loss of their daughter but knows that she is with Him in heaven. It was a great reminder that sports, running, football, dinners, work and all of these activities that fill our lives really don't matter they don't gain us anything...But through Christ we have Eternal Life. Really nothing else does matters.

We're studying 1st and 2nd Peter the first half of this year in CBS and he reminds us that we will face all sort of trials in our life, we will be refined by fire and we will suffer but it is only for a little while and we have hope in Him.

This could certainly be taken to extreme and I'm not saying that we should stop work, sports, etc but I just personally need to evaluate all that I do as employee, wife, mother, daughter, friend, and Christian and see how I can have a greater impack on His Kingdom and bring Him great joy and glory in ALL that I do! Not just the biblestudy and church related stuff...but in everything.

on a different note: Collier is doing a little better...still no fever but also not up to par just yet. He didn't make it to biblestudy just to give him another night at home and not risk picking up any more germs or giving any bad germs away to the other babies in his class! He went down early and hopefully a good nights sleep will help him to continue to feel better.


Crazy Lady said...

man Shannon, that is just how I am feeling. Nothing else does matter, and so many times i miss the mark. and what a responsibility to teach our kids. too bad I don't live closer and could go to CBS with you. Just so nice that other moms across the country think like this. its refreshing.

Gail said...

You have always had such a sweet, sweet, kind heart! LOVE that about you!!!!

Amy Kennedy said...

Love this post Shannon. This is a daily conviction for me. I always start the day w/really good intentions, and at the end of the day, I feel so crazy and off-center! I think we (or I anyway) get so wrapped up in our family and taking care of just us, I forget there are other people around us who need to see Jesus in us. And you're right nothing else matters except what we're doing for him. I need to reorganize my priorities!! Thanks for sharing-this was an encouragement.