Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yesterday evening we had some very fun visitors stop by for a short visit. Although short it was still tons of fun. One of my best friends and college roommates made a trip to Birmingham for the day and needed a quick dinner stop before headed back to Montgomery...Kay and her 3 boys - Braxton, Brewer and Hampton...aren't those just the greatest names - swooped in for a pizza dinner a little playing and change into PJ's before getting back on the road! Hampton and Collier are a mere day apart and we have been dieing to get them together and I am so glad that we finally did. Collier not only loved Hampton but was thrilled to have 'big boys' in his house to follow. Kay, thank you for stopping by but now we need to plan some time where they can really plan and enjoy each other. I am so glad that they are now closer to us!! Love yall.

these kids aren't just beautiful handsome but they are so well behaved!

How Stink'n Cute?

Hampton managed to teach Collier a new trick.....

oh boy!!!

Plus the added bonus of getting to visit with Kay was awesome. Again, I wish that we had more time and hope that we can do it again VERY soon. I love my friends and I personally think that I have some of the greatest friends I could ever ask for. I love that Hampton and Collier are so close in age and hope that they'll grow up big buddies. When they were leaving Collier gave them all MULTIPLE hugs, it was so sweet.

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