Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh, NO Miss Pattycake

We didn't make it to see Miss Pattycake and I was very sad (mostly to miss seeing Amy and Hayes), but Collier was even more sad because he wasn't feeling good! He got up from his afternoon nap with a low-grade fever and very cranky (rightfully so) and I decided not to push my luck and risk getting someone else sick (if he was contagious) or pushing him more than he needed. I thought that he felt a little warm earlier in the day but I assumed it was from playing outside...but that did explain why he was on his third nap by 2:00 yesterday afternoon. Poor little booger, his nose has been quite runny but other than that he is just a little slower and less tolerable than normal. Today has been better and he hasn't had a fever at all, I just pray that tomorrow will be even better than today! Not fun when they don't feel good and can't communicate to tell you what hurts, I feel so bad and helpless. Thankfully nothing major!

The eye's tell it all....not feeling good!


Tara said...

Is it teething?! That is no fun! Anna Kate has literally EIGHT teeth trying to pop up at the same time! I can see them through the gums!! I hope he is feeling better soon!

Amy Kennedy said...

bless his heart!! I hope he feels 100% better today. No fun at all when they don't feel good. We did miss y'all Friday night but we will plan something else soon. Just glad little C is on the mend!! Take care and have a good week!