Thursday, March 29, 2012

Outdoor Adventure

Wednesday Mom, Collier, Kenley and I headed out to Helena for a little adventure.  Mom and Collier have been here before and Collier has been talking about putting his toes in the water, chooo choo trains honking their horns and the park.  It was a beautiful day and so we got packed up and headed out.  It was better than I could have imagined.  I am not sure what this area is called but there is a creek/river with a waterfall and most of the water is really shallow and kids can swim and play in the water with no problem.  Collier chose to fish and just get his feet wet.  Even though he hated the rocks getting into his crocks, he enjoyed it most of the time.  It was such a pretty day and perfect for being outside!  Kenley slept through most of it and was perfectly content in her car seat!

We then ate a hamburger at the deli across the street...Collier calls this the 'black house' [it is actually a dark green but it does look black from a distance] and it is in between two train tracks and he is just thrilled to get to see and hear the trains passing by! Plus eating outside on the deck on such a beautiful afternoon, it was really fun and  pure joy for my littleCollier man.

We then went to a play ground that is just down the street.  they have a little shovel thing that you scoop up and dump sand...He loved this.  Plus a little swinging, running and sliding and this little boy was satisfied to the core!  I loved the day with my Mom and both of my kids.  I loved to watch Collier doing things that bring him so much joy...I feel like so much lately he is told no because I can't do as much for and with him when I am doing, caring for and feeding Kenley.  I feel really bad when I have to tell him no because of Kenley, so it was really awesome to be doing for him and making it more about him!  He is such a sweet boy!
helping Nammy carry in her cooler after our adventure!  such a good and willing helper!  Right after I took this he turned around and told me to go:)  Oh well!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We had such a fun weekend.  It was our first real weekend with no big plans and it was really so much fun.  Justin was super dad and played with Collier outside all day long!  Can I say Collier was one happy child to spend the entire day outside and with his daddy...HELPING and working as Collier would say!  It was really awesome.

They started the day by smoking a butt...that was just absolutely delicious!  Mom and Dad joined us for dinner and it was really awesome!  

Then they shaved and bathed Brinkley who hasn't stopped itching  for a solid month.  Hoping that less hair and a clean little girl will help.  But we have found a few flea's on her and I think that they are in the back yard eating her up every time she goes out.  Pooor Brink Brink.  We are medicating and treating and praying that she will feel better soon!  

While Justin was shaving Brink I think that some of her hair got into Collier's shirt and was bothering him.  So he spent the rest of the day with no shirt on.  Oh well, it could be worse!  Here is Collier making his lunch.  He is fixing his famous cheese sandwich with mayo, mustard and cheese.  [I think this is gross...but then my mom is quick to remind me that I used to eat ketchup sandwiches - yep that is bread and ketchup and now I am really grossed out] Whatever works!

The rest of the day was mixed with baseball, golf and swinging in the back yard, followed by naps and then our delicious dinner!  Such a fun and productive day.  I did get the house vacuumed while the guys were out side and Mrs. Priss was sleeping.  

Sunday was relaxing and low key.  The entire weekend was really fun.  It was fun to all be together as a family of four with no specific plans or places to be.  I am deeply humbled to have such an amazing husband and kids who are all healthy and just perfect.  I have so much to be thankful for and am trying to soak in each and every blessing and see God in the every day moments of our life!  He is so good!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Week

I need/want to be sure to have this documented
Kenley's arrival: When I went to my 38 week appointment I was given the option to be induced or just wait it out.  I was already almost 2cm and this baby girl was fully ready and growing by the minute.  She seemed to stay on my nerves low in my stomach and the shooting pains were just about to make me crazy.  But if you know me you know that I am not a huge fan of being induced.  Collier came on his own and I really wanted Kenley to as well!  BUT after tears and prayers and thinking about it I decided to be induced.  So Thursday night we packed up Collier and let him spend the night with Mom and Dad.  Friday morning we got up bright and early and got to the hospital at 6am.  As soon as they got all of my IV's in and everything going the doctor broke my water [I was so worried about this hurting and honestly was scared about it but it was no big deal at all for me....more uncomfortable than painful]  I labored.  My doctor told me I could get the epidural at any time.  As soon as my contractions really hurt, I got my epidural.  I napped a little.   I had awesome nurses who took really good care of me and were fun to chat with as well.  They nurses checked me again around noon and I was complete and ready to go.  They called the doctor and at 1:16pm Kenley arrived.  I cried after I started pushing, I could believe that she was really about to be here!  It was awesome.When they said that she was 8LB I almost died.  Although I sort of could believe it because my tummy couldn't have been stretched straight out any more than it was!  Then I was REALLY glad that I didn't wait any longer....inducing was the right thing.  It was no problem.  My body was ready, my baby was ready and she is finally here.

We brought Collier back first to let us have a few minutes with just us and he was very unsure.  Mom said that all day he had been asking for me and wanting to come and see me.  But when he saw me laying in the hospital bed he was very unsure and wouldn't come to me at all.  When he saw Kenley he cut his eyes at her and sort of turned up his nose.  Just didn't seem to be interested and really wanted nothing to do with her.  We set up his little DVD player for him to watch a movie, suddenly Kenley started crying and he turned around in his chair with both hands in the air and said 'What in the world?'  I about fell out laughing to hear him say that.  It was soo funny.  It took him a few hours before he would just sit on the bed next to me.  But when he finally did he wanted his shoes and socks off and under the covers with me. He is such a sweet little boy!
Chris, Amanda, Ashlyn and Hayden came up and since Ash was so interested and wanting to hold Kenley it made Collier a little more interested.  So, he did sit with Ash and hold her for just a minute.  But that was it and he hasn't wanted to since.   The only thing that he wants to participate with is changing her diaper...he likes to get a wipe and wipe her hiney and then throw the diaper away.  Beyond that he has just about tuned her out and tries to pretend she isn't here.  He gets frustrated when she cries, I think that it sort of stresses him out and he just doesn't know what to do.  She grits his teeth sometimes and tells her 'no crying baby kenley' and other times tells me that she wants me to hold her.  I feel so bad when he asked me to do something with him or for him and I am in the middle of feeding [which right now is almost all the time] and I have to tell him I can't right now.  I make an effort to be sure to pass her to Justin when I am done so that I can do whatever with him that he asked.  Justin has honestly done most of the playing and participating with him this past week.  Thank goodness for sweet Daddies!!!  

While we were in the hospital Mella and Buzz stayed at our house with Collier and it was a huge help to have someone caring for and doing just for Collier.  He had really good undivided attention and I think that he really needed it.  This week my Mom has been huge help with taking Collier each day and again just focusing on him and giving him the attention that he so much needs.  Tonight I was holding him and he gave  me the biggest squeeze hug and said 'nuggle bunny'.  I know that he wants my undivided attention and I so want to give it to him...It is a hard balance.  I am still trying to heal.  Plus being up more at night...I am more tired.  So, it is an adjustment for him....but it is for me as well.  Emotionally I want to be sure that he knows that he is as much of a priority as Kenley is!  I am not sure that I am successfully doing that at this point and am praying about this balance for me!

Today, we went to the doctor for our one week check-up.  Everything was great.  She had dropped a lot of weight in the hospital, the last night we were there she was down to 7lb 9oz.  Today she weighed 8lb 2oz, so she is almost back to her birth weight and the doctor was very pleased with that.  I am still trying to get adjusted back to nursing and getting her to latch good and correctly...she doesn't open up wide like I need her to, but it is getting better and better each day.  She is eating, pooping and sleeping just like she is supposed to and since she is gaining plenty of weight we must be doing something right.  We did try and give her a bottle this week [I've pumped a few times to give me a break...or so I thought that I would]  and she wanted nothing to do with that!  

This has been a great and hard week. I am so thankful that she is here and that she is 100% healthy.  That we are all adjusting and trying to find that right routine and balance as a family!  I still can't believe I have a little boy and a little girl!  God is so good!

I think that I have caught up and if you are still get a GOLD star.  You deserve an award, so please pat yourself on the back and know that I love you!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Out and about

Today was our first day to get out of the house. I needed it and although we only made two stops I am more tired than I thought I would be. I had planned to go to target(of course mom took us). But Collier said he wanted to go to Walmart... here is why he likes to go to Walmart
Why buy a bike when you can go to Walmart and just drive it around a few isles and then leave? My mom lets him to this.  He loves it and does really good with it. I think I know what he wants for his birthday.

Last night was our best night yet. Kenley slept a solid 3 hours in between two feedings. That helped me so much. The first two nights were long and tiring. I almost died both mornings when collier got up because that was about the time I needed to be going back to sleep. But today was much better and I will just pray that will continue.  I figured out that she sleeps really good when she is swaddled up tight and cozy.  I actually woke her up both times to feed [this was probably more for my sake than hers].  They both happened to him nap time at the same time this afternoon which meant that I also got to nap for a little while.  I am still trying to adjust to balance of two in addition to still recovering.  I think that I forgot about the time it takes to recover and then to factor in a busy almost 3 year old and the demands of an infant...It is just tiring.  Worth it, but tiring!  Yet again so very thankful to have my parents around the corner to help out with Collier....Mom has been a HUGE help and I am so glad that she is here to help and let me get some sleep in during the day!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Baby Girl

Kenley Celeste Hicks arrived yesterday at 1:26pm and weighed 8lb 4oz and was 20.5" long.  We are so glad that she is here and we've enjoyed having fun and very sweet company.  These are just some quick shots from phones and my dad's tablet.  I'll update with more pictures and our birth story once we get home and get settled in.

I will share that Collier was very unsure about her.  He would cut his eyes at her and sort of turn up his nose when she made any noise at all.  We set up the DVD  player and he was watching a movie when she suddenly started crying very loudly.  He turned around with his arms in the air and said 'What in the world?' in an exasperated tone.  I about fell out laughing, which encouraged him to say it several more times.  He really cracks me up.   He has spent the day with his Mella and Buzz who were so gracious to stay an extra night to help out with him.  I am sure that I'll have lots more to share in the next few days as we all arrive home and adjust to life as a family of four!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

God's Presence All Around

Before I explain, please go to this link and read this post real quick! It is short, sweet and will make the rest of my post make sense.

So, as I read that post it brought tears to my eyes. It is so sweet to be reminded of God's love. Of His presence all around us. How He uses us and even our children to be reminded of Him and specifically of His love and adoration for us! I love that He knows what we need and when we need it!

This morning as I dropped of Collier at Mom's, he was riding on his tricycle as I was leaving and he rode over to me to give me a kiss bye. I was half way to my car and he opened the door and yelled 'wait, I forgot' and ran toward me with his arms stretched out wide. He gave me a huge hug and another kiss. He turned around to go back and stopped and said one more as he hugged me again. It melted my heart and brought tears to my eye [lots of things do these days!]. He then wanted me to 'hold me two minutes'. So, I picked him up and held him for a minute. Mom came out to get him and he got down one more time and said 'i forgot' again and ran to me to give me another hug. I was already so late this morning but how can you resist that precious hug? It was just what I needed to get my day started. As I walked out the door I prayed that God would change my heart to not have a bad attitude [or poor me's] since this little girl hasn't arrived yet. Needless to say the extra hugs hit the spot, brought a smile to my face and set my heart in the right place. Thank you Jesus for these hugs. Thank you for Collier and Thank you for Your love being bigger and deeper for me to ever understand!

And then I got to work and the 'Adorable' blog post was waiting for me to read and it was just perfect! The simple reminder of God's true love for us. In one of my morning devotion this week that was about ironically about waiting, trusting and hoping [since that is exactly where I am with this little girl...actually it isn't ironic at all is it God knowing that I needed this very reminder and devotion] but at the very end it says to be on the look out 'to pick up even the faintest glimmer of My Presence' [this is from Jesus Calling devotion and it is written as if Jesus is speaking directly to you. If you are looking for an amazing devotion I highly recommend it] So this week I have really tried to keep my eyes and heart open to see Him more and more in my every day life. Not just when I am in need of Him or when I have a minute but in every situation. He is here. He is real!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Two Minutes with Collier

Enjoy! It just makes me laugh so hard to see him slurp those noodles up! I remember being young and thinking it was so much fun to do that with a really long piece of spaghetti.   Plus he was having fun and actually eating what I fixed him.

This past weekend was good and very low key.  We actually didn't do too much.  Justin and Collier worked out in the yard for a little while on Saturday and then Sunday we went to a small pond that has a walking path around it.  Justin and Collier fished and Brinkley and I walked.  We went to a birthday party Friday night for one of neighbors.  Saturday night we went and ate with Mom and Dad.  Sunday night we cooked steaks!  

Collier has been waking up before 6:30am for the past two weeks...normally he wakes up closer to 7am, which Justin and I both prefer.  But this morning he slept until almost 8am, I guess with the time change he needed a little catching up.  Not that I am counting on that becoming a habit but just goes to show that they will catch up when they need it.  It is times like this when I am really thankful to have a flexible job that allows me to come in a little late when needed and also for Mom...I could just take him in his PJs to Nammies house! Which made both of us [Collier and I] happy!  He loves to go in his jammies to her house...although some days she has a hard time getting him out of his jammies which isn't any fun for her! 

Because I have had my bags packed and ready  I also went ahead and packed up my camera.  Last night when I was uploading pictures from the sprinkle I realized that I haven't taken any pictures in February or March...except a few on my cell phone.  My bags have only been packed for 3 weeks so I am not sure what my excuse is for most of February.   I don't have any pictures to show for what we have been up to and that is killing me.  The camera is coming back out so that I can do better with snapping pictures to better document.  I know once baby girl arrives I'll do better but I feel like I've had lost time since I don't have pictures to show for what we've been doing [which honestly isn't much which would also maybe explain why I have no pictures]....Lord knows that my brain can't remember anything and that the pictures are really a requirement at this point for me to remember anything!  We'll see how I do. 

Hope that you've had a good Monday!  Please join me in praying this little girl will arrive soon!  

Sunday, March 11, 2012


So,  this little girl is still hanging on despite the fact that we are all so very ready to meet her!  My prayer is that she will come on her own before I have to go back to the doctor on Wednesday... but only time will tell!

But to help time pass by a little easier a small group of friends got together last week for a baby sprinkle.  At first, I was clueless and even had to look up what a sprinkle was....[for those of you also in the dark it is what they call a shower for anything other than a first child since you already have most of the big items that you need to be 'showered' with the first time around].  I looked forward to it all last week and then when it was finally here it was the greatest and most perfect sprinkle I could have asked for!  The company of friends could not have been any better and I am so thankful for each and every one of these sweet ladies.  But what I enjoyed most was the laughter.  I honest laughed enough to think that this baby girl may have been giggled out...but no such luck!  So, spending an evening with special and very close friends was amazing.  Plus, I got some really fun and practical items that rounded out the night just perfectly!  It was a huge blessing and I am so thankful to these precious friends who I think the world of!

See what I mean when I say I laughed a lot:

Thanks sweet girls for a perfect and fun night! Love you all so much!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Waiting Game

So, it is just hard!  It is trust.  It is patience.  It is knowing that His plan is better than mine.   It is His timing and not mine.  It is anticipation.  It is anxiously awaiting her arrival.  It is wondering what she will look like.  It is having everything ready and just wondering when!  All of my emotions over the past few days.
coming home outfit. I smocked and a friend put it together for me!  excited to have it all done
Last week at my weekly appointment my blood pressure was high.  They took it several times and I was almost 2cm dilated.   The doctor told me to not go back to work and to take it easy the rest of the week and come back on Friday for my blood pressure to be rechecked.  I was sure that this was going to be it, it was almost the same situation as with Collier - Blood Pressure went up, sent home to rest, water broke and then he arrived.  But no water breaking and only inconsistent contractions over the next few days.   In my mind I was now ready for her arrival but she is just not ready!  When I went back on Friday my blood pressure was almost back to normal and so I was sent home with no definite news of her arrival.  I will be honest, I was bummed...I was ready and wanting to have this little girl here in my arms.
nothing on the walls yet. but we are getting there!
So, over the past few days I have really been convicted that my heart is in the wrong spot.  It is not my time but He knows exactly when she will be ready to arrive.  Why would I want her to be any sooner.....for my selfish desires!  I am continually reminded that I have allowed my thoughts to be consumed with the anticipation of her arrival and NOT on Him.  I have had to surrender over and over and over again this though process, the confession, asking forgiveness and once again aligning my thoughts with His instead of my own!  It is hard!  It should be natural.  His ways are better!  I know that, why do I battle is so much?  I am plain crazy but I find myself a million times a day going through this process of surrender!  I honestly want this waiting time to be filled with His joy instead of on poor me.  I am ready, but He [and she] are not and so I wait.  I wait and I ask God to prepare her heart and her body for her arrival.  I ask for my delivery to be smooth.  I ask for our families hearts to be prepared for the change that is ahead.  I ask for Collier's understanding and his relationship with her.  I ask for His perfect time!  I praise Him that He knows better than I do and that He will guide me so that I am right in line with His will!  No better place to be!  Just to be honest, it isn't exactly the easiest thing to stay on that path and He never said it would be.  I am so thankful that I have a baby in my tummy.  I am thankful that she is healthy.  I am thankful for His many blessing because it could be much harder and much more different.  So, I know fully well how silly it is that I am making such a big deal about this, but it is just where I am in the waiting game!

We did have a great weekend.  Relaxing and low key.  After a rainy and over cast Saturday it was great to have a beautiful Sunday.  We spent some time outside playing baseball and golf [well Justin and Collier did and I just sat and watched].  Collier and I did walk to the play ground at the church across the street from where we live on Saturday but as soon as we got there it started raining and so we walked right back home. He took a 3 hour nap every day this weekend, which also allowed me to get in a few naps as well!   Justin got our laundry room all cleaned out and organized and we also vacuumed the house.  I made chicken pot pie for dinner and managed to use almost every dish in the kitchen.  Good for me since I cooked I didn't have to clean up!  Good for me I have a really good husband who cleaned the whole mess up after we ate.  I was also able to freeze some individual pie's for easy dinner after Miss Priss arrives!  I have been trying to do that over the past few weeks...stock up the freezer.  But if I am being honest, it has been mostly chocolate cake and cookies.....more than dinner items.  Oh well, that is what happens when preggo woman thinks about what she may want after a baby arrives :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

34 Months

Collier is 34 Months and I wanted to be sure to document a little about what he is up to.  I know that in just a matter of time that this little girl will arrive and things will be so different for him [and us].  But wanted to make this especially about him!

At 34 months, He still eats a banana every morning as he watches his morning Disney Jr. shows.  He is a bit picky when it comes to eating, but he will eat lots of strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and peaches.  He will also eat carrots dipped in ranch dressing.  His latest is cheese sandwich that includes mayo, mustard, swiss chess and cheddar cheese.  I can always rely on apple sauce and yogurt when nothing else will work!  Sometimes he'll eat a few bites of a hotdog.
He is still a cleaner and prefers to help vacuum, mop, blow, rake or anything that has to do with helping!  He loves playing with his tool box and building blocks. His guitar is also a staple and lately requires a pick in order to play. He picked [pun intended] this up while watching Daddy play one day.  He is finally starting to take to reading books....Mom and I are both thankful for this.  For a while I thought that he was just going to follow in his Daddy's foot steps and have nothing to do with reading.  But thankfully he is interested and will read a few books at a time. His favorite currently is 'Go, dogs, go'.  which we read every night before going to sleep.   He is also so sweet about being sure that we say our night night prayers!
He has gotten very good on his scooter and the tri-cycle that is at Mom's house. He loves both and is quite coordinated. He has been very snuggly lately. He wants to be held and loved on. When he is in my arms he will wrap his arms around me and rub and pat me on the back. He tells me how much he loves me and anything else. He told me the other night 'i love this house, momma. it is just beautiful, I just love it'. So funny! But then he has also said to my Mom 'hold me Nammy, momma can't hold me, she says no'. He is so patient with me, but not fully understanding that he is almost over my weight limit with him plus this baby girl in my belly.

He is getting more and more independent wanting to do everything that we will allow him to do by himself.   I am working with him to get on and off the potty by himself.   He wanted to dress himself this week.  He did pretty good just needed a little guidance which is the case in most situations where he is trying to do it all by 'my shelf'.

He still loves to take a shower with Justin or me!  He does enjoy a bubble bath but I think he prefers to shower with one of us over the bubble bath.  He doesn't like his hair washed or dried, unless he is able to dry it himself with a blow dryer.

His favorite movie is currently Ice Age...He has all three and he loves them all! He is a little inconsistent lately with his naps. One day he will nap for 3 hours and the next 30 minutes, which usually makes for a long and fussy evening. We are working on explaining that although he does not have to nap he must stay in his bed to relax for a little while.

I don't really think that he understands what is about to change with the arrival of his baby sister. We talk about it a lot and how if Mommy or Daddy are holding baby sister we can not also hold him. Crying babies, dirty diapers, being gentle and easy and being a sweet and helpful big brother! Only time will tell how he will do, but you can bet I am praying hard for God's hand to be in the midst of this situation! I love this little man and he melts my heart with the sweet things that he says and does. He is so sweet and loving and I am so thankful to have him as my first born baby. As excited as I am about having a girl, this little boy has stolen my heart in more ways than I could have ever imagined and I am so thankful that God has so gracious blessed us with him.