Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Out and about

Today was our first day to get out of the house. I needed it and although we only made two stops I am more tired than I thought I would be. I had planned to go to target(of course mom took us). But Collier said he wanted to go to Walmart... here is why he likes to go to Walmart
Why buy a bike when you can go to Walmart and just drive it around a few isles and then leave? My mom lets him to this.  He loves it and does really good with it. I think I know what he wants for his birthday.

Last night was our best night yet. Kenley slept a solid 3 hours in between two feedings. That helped me so much. The first two nights were long and tiring. I almost died both mornings when collier got up because that was about the time I needed to be going back to sleep. But today was much better and I will just pray that will continue.  I figured out that she sleeps really good when she is swaddled up tight and cozy.  I actually woke her up both times to feed [this was probably more for my sake than hers].  They both happened to him nap time at the same time this afternoon which meant that I also got to nap for a little while.  I am still trying to adjust to balance of two in addition to still recovering.  I think that I forgot about the time it takes to recover and then to factor in a busy almost 3 year old and the demands of an infant...It is just tiring.  Worth it, but tiring!  Yet again so very thankful to have my parents around the corner to help out with Collier....Mom has been a HUGE help and I am so glad that she is here to help and let me get some sleep in during the day!

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