Thursday, March 29, 2012

Outdoor Adventure

Wednesday Mom, Collier, Kenley and I headed out to Helena for a little adventure.  Mom and Collier have been here before and Collier has been talking about putting his toes in the water, chooo choo trains honking their horns and the park.  It was a beautiful day and so we got packed up and headed out.  It was better than I could have imagined.  I am not sure what this area is called but there is a creek/river with a waterfall and most of the water is really shallow and kids can swim and play in the water with no problem.  Collier chose to fish and just get his feet wet.  Even though he hated the rocks getting into his crocks, he enjoyed it most of the time.  It was such a pretty day and perfect for being outside!  Kenley slept through most of it and was perfectly content in her car seat!

We then ate a hamburger at the deli across the street...Collier calls this the 'black house' [it is actually a dark green but it does look black from a distance] and it is in between two train tracks and he is just thrilled to get to see and hear the trains passing by! Plus eating outside on the deck on such a beautiful afternoon, it was really fun and  pure joy for my littleCollier man.

We then went to a play ground that is just down the street.  they have a little shovel thing that you scoop up and dump sand...He loved this.  Plus a little swinging, running and sliding and this little boy was satisfied to the core!  I loved the day with my Mom and both of my kids.  I loved to watch Collier doing things that bring him so much joy...I feel like so much lately he is told no because I can't do as much for and with him when I am doing, caring for and feeding Kenley.  I feel really bad when I have to tell him no because of Kenley, so it was really awesome to be doing for him and making it more about him!  He is such a sweet boy!
helping Nammy carry in her cooler after our adventure!  such a good and willing helper!  Right after I took this he turned around and told me to go:)  Oh well!

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