Saturday, March 3, 2012

34 Months

Collier is 34 Months and I wanted to be sure to document a little about what he is up to.  I know that in just a matter of time that this little girl will arrive and things will be so different for him [and us].  But wanted to make this especially about him!

At 34 months, He still eats a banana every morning as he watches his morning Disney Jr. shows.  He is a bit picky when it comes to eating, but he will eat lots of strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and peaches.  He will also eat carrots dipped in ranch dressing.  His latest is cheese sandwich that includes mayo, mustard, swiss chess and cheddar cheese.  I can always rely on apple sauce and yogurt when nothing else will work!  Sometimes he'll eat a few bites of a hotdog.
He is still a cleaner and prefers to help vacuum, mop, blow, rake or anything that has to do with helping!  He loves playing with his tool box and building blocks. His guitar is also a staple and lately requires a pick in order to play. He picked [pun intended] this up while watching Daddy play one day.  He is finally starting to take to reading books....Mom and I are both thankful for this.  For a while I thought that he was just going to follow in his Daddy's foot steps and have nothing to do with reading.  But thankfully he is interested and will read a few books at a time. His favorite currently is 'Go, dogs, go'.  which we read every night before going to sleep.   He is also so sweet about being sure that we say our night night prayers!
He has gotten very good on his scooter and the tri-cycle that is at Mom's house. He loves both and is quite coordinated. He has been very snuggly lately. He wants to be held and loved on. When he is in my arms he will wrap his arms around me and rub and pat me on the back. He tells me how much he loves me and anything else. He told me the other night 'i love this house, momma. it is just beautiful, I just love it'. So funny! But then he has also said to my Mom 'hold me Nammy, momma can't hold me, she says no'. He is so patient with me, but not fully understanding that he is almost over my weight limit with him plus this baby girl in my belly.

He is getting more and more independent wanting to do everything that we will allow him to do by himself.   I am working with him to get on and off the potty by himself.   He wanted to dress himself this week.  He did pretty good just needed a little guidance which is the case in most situations where he is trying to do it all by 'my shelf'.

He still loves to take a shower with Justin or me!  He does enjoy a bubble bath but I think he prefers to shower with one of us over the bubble bath.  He doesn't like his hair washed or dried, unless he is able to dry it himself with a blow dryer.

His favorite movie is currently Ice Age...He has all three and he loves them all! He is a little inconsistent lately with his naps. One day he will nap for 3 hours and the next 30 minutes, which usually makes for a long and fussy evening. We are working on explaining that although he does not have to nap he must stay in his bed to relax for a little while.

I don't really think that he understands what is about to change with the arrival of his baby sister. We talk about it a lot and how if Mommy or Daddy are holding baby sister we can not also hold him. Crying babies, dirty diapers, being gentle and easy and being a sweet and helpful big brother! Only time will tell how he will do, but you can bet I am praying hard for God's hand to be in the midst of this situation! I love this little man and he melts my heart with the sweet things that he says and does. He is so sweet and loving and I am so thankful to have him as my first born baby. As excited as I am about having a girl, this little boy has stolen my heart in more ways than I could have ever imagined and I am so thankful that God has so gracious blessed us with him.

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