Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter - He is Risen, I am greatful

I started this post on Monday and just now getting around to posting...
We had a wonderful and fun and so busy Easter weekend. I woke up yesterday morning feeling overwhelmed with joy and the excitement of what the day represents.  Good Friday I was struck with the reality of the day of Jesus' death with the anticipation of what Sunday really is to me.  Because of His death and His resurrection...He Lives!  He is alive and all is well!  I am so thankful for this truth. On Friday evening Justin was listening to Pandora's Christmas station and we sang of Jesus' birth...only to get to celebrate what he also have in His death!  Amazing!  And then I was once again reminded that ‘There is nothing we can do to make God love us more and there is nothing we can do to make God love us less' - Philip Yancy.  Amen!

Our weekend was filled with baby chicks, and baby showers and easter bunny things, and egg dying and egg finding and cooking and celebrating and loving one another.

 trying to get Kenely to understand to be easy can be a challenge.  They kept telling her 'show me one finger and just touch easy with your finger'.  She wanted to grab that little chick so bad.

 We hunted eggs in our PJ's!  Such fun, I think I'll do that every year!  

 As soon as she discovered there was candy in the eggs...hunting was over.  Chocolate eating was the activity of choice!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bed Bugs

This has been happening more lately.  I have walked in on several occasions to him already in the bed with her.  This time, he had gone to get ALL of his 'friends' (lovey's) and thrown them in before he climbed in himself.  And usually heavy and high jumping follows.  We are seriously testing the limits of this crib.  I will not be one bit surprised if the bottom falls out when they are jumping.  I tell them not to but don't really reinforce it because I love the fact that they are giggling together.  And unlike the bed they can not fall off....although it is very possible that they fall THROUGH.  Oh well.  I am thinking the crib life may be in short order but I am not quite ready to think about her being in a big girl and real bed just yet.  

On a slightly different note!  This sweet girl is doing awesome on the potty training.  I would say we are 95% done.  When she gets too busy playing she will start to wet before she realizes she has to go...or she will just wait to long to tell us to be able to make it to the potty.  The biggest part is that she has been in big girl panties at night most of this week and we have been totally dry!  So proud of her.

If you're in Instagram, you've seen this one :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break

Just a quick post with a few photo's of our 'extra' time at the lake.  It was Collier Spring Break last week and since we had planned to have Kenley a birthday gathering I asked my work peeps if they would mind me working remote for a few days.  They were kind enough to say yes and therefore we got in a few extra days at the lake.  I really enjoyed it (although I worked more than I had planned) and the kids loved the extra time down there.  Mom stayed too and it was nice to have the extra time together.

The weather was still a bit cold but that never seems to slow either Collier or Brinkley down from getting into the water.