Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day at Compass Lake

We were so happy to get to finally get to the lake.  Loved being in the quiet and peacefulness this place offers.  It creates so many memories and it brings our family together, which was just perfect and loads of fun!
Every single one of the kids have loved this is in the middle of the porch (slightly in the way) but it also means that someone is a mere arms length away to keep the swing a swing'n.  Here Kenley was getting in some Lulu snuggles while trying to wind-down for nap time!

Pops turned the sprinklers on and the kids were so excited...Kenley was the only one who wasn't much of a fan!  Soon enough, she will be.

 Birthday celebrations for Ashlyn (and a little revisit for Collier with his cousins)

 Water Frisbee 

 little man didn't even hesitate when Pops asked if he wanted to jump off our neighbors high doc.  He loved it! and jumped over and over again!  

someone else wanted to get in on the 'jump'n.  She wants to do everything the other kids are doing and is not going to be held back.  

 plus she thinks that aFris (Uncle Chris) is super awesome.  And she has slightly crazy hair!  After swimming and then a nap this is the chaos that occurs on top of her head. 

 Serious cousin time and love Every.Single.Minute of it.

and then the weekend wraps up and you have swam so much that you can hardly hold your eyes open and you pout because Momma won't drive the boat FAST or go around the lake AGAIN.  Packing up and going home is no fun!  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Madness

Another Mom told me the other day that May is busier than December/Christmas!  It is certainly busy and we have been on the go! I honestly can't believe that we are already at the END of May.

A quick catch up...we had the sweetest Mother's Day tea with Collier's class.  He was S for SMILE, and was sure to give a sweet smile!

Then we finished up our baseball season with the Bull's and had a fun team party at our local MiLB team - The Barons.  It was so much fun and Collier is still asking if he has a game this week!  Hard to accept it is over. 

A few players and coaches!! 
Then we wrapped up school..with PreK Graduation.  It was the sweetest and greatest little program.  Precious children singing precious songs.

 He officially melted my heart into a puddle blowing me a kiss.

 Big Buddies - William and Ethan

 our final day to walk through these amazing Red Doors, Kenley will get to start her experience next year and I can't wait! All Saints is such a blessing!
Mrs. Myra and Ms. Jenny - Red Door Room, 5K Teachers

This isn't really anything new...but love to capture Kenley loving and snuggling with Brinkley.  She'll bring all her lovey's and blankets and pile them on Brink and snuggle up.  Sweet girls!

Kenley is finally starting to venture out and try something besides crackers.  Girlfriend loves corn on the cob and she ate her first rib a few weeks ago!  Yummy.

up next: our Memorial Day weekend at the lake...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We are actually wrapping up Collier's first ever baseball season this week.  We have loved the life of baseball.  It has been so much fun and Collier is LOVING it.  He wakes up every day asking if it is either game or practice day!  He is doing great and when he isn't on the field he is asking us to play with him in the back yard.  Justin really wanted to wait another year to let him play in a real league but I am so glad that we let him play because he is having so much fun.  His little team has had some wins and some losses...but the boys have fun and certainly played hard.  Plus they are learning and getting the hang of it a little more with each passing week!

 He has gotten the opportunity to play 'pitcher' twice..they have to get strapped in and ready.  Since it is Tee-Ball there is clearly nothing to 'pitch' but since it is the position closest to the batter it usually gets the most balls.  He thought it was soo cool!

 Hey Batter Batter Batter....
Score!  He is always so excited to get around the bases and score!  He has had a few times he has had to run hard to beat the 'pitcher' to score and has done well.  Other times he seems timid to run into the other player.  All part of the learning.  But I love his excitement after scoring!
 He normally plays in center field
 playing First Base
 playing 3rd base
 Slide!!! SAFE!

This week is the play off and we play tonight.  One loss elimination, so I am hopeful that we'll get a win to be able to play again!  We had a wonderful, supportive and fun group of dad's to coach this sweet team.  I am thankful for their time and efforts and most of all, I am glad that Collier has loved his first ever season of baseball (and his first ever organized team sport).  Looking forward to many more to come!!

Meanwhile, Kenley has also gotten into ball-park life.  Several of the families have younger kids, which means that I am not the only Mom running and chasing after my wild child.  We have several other little girls who are so sweet and kind to Kenley and who shares and takes to her very well.  But this is generally how she rolls for Collier's games.

this is one of the so sweet little girls to take Kenley under her wing!