Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day at Compass Lake

We were so happy to get to finally get to the lake.  Loved being in the quiet and peacefulness this place offers.  It creates so many memories and it brings our family together, which was just perfect and loads of fun!
Every single one of the kids have loved this is in the middle of the porch (slightly in the way) but it also means that someone is a mere arms length away to keep the swing a swing'n.  Here Kenley was getting in some Lulu snuggles while trying to wind-down for nap time!

Pops turned the sprinklers on and the kids were so excited...Kenley was the only one who wasn't much of a fan!  Soon enough, she will be.

 Birthday celebrations for Ashlyn (and a little revisit for Collier with his cousins)

 Water Frisbee 

 little man didn't even hesitate when Pops asked if he wanted to jump off our neighbors high doc.  He loved it! and jumped over and over again!  

someone else wanted to get in on the 'jump'n.  She wants to do everything the other kids are doing and is not going to be held back.  

 plus she thinks that aFris (Uncle Chris) is super awesome.  And she has slightly crazy hair!  After swimming and then a nap this is the chaos that occurs on top of her head. 

 Serious cousin time and love Every.Single.Minute of it.

and then the weekend wraps up and you have swam so much that you can hardly hold your eyes open and you pout because Momma won't drive the boat FAST or go around the lake AGAIN.  Packing up and going home is no fun!  

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