Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Madness

Another Mom told me the other day that May is busier than December/Christmas!  It is certainly busy and we have been on the go! I honestly can't believe that we are already at the END of May.

A quick catch up...we had the sweetest Mother's Day tea with Collier's class.  He was S for SMILE, and was sure to give a sweet smile!

Then we finished up our baseball season with the Bull's and had a fun team party at our local MiLB team - The Barons.  It was so much fun and Collier is still asking if he has a game this week!  Hard to accept it is over. 

A few players and coaches!! 
Then we wrapped up school..with PreK Graduation.  It was the sweetest and greatest little program.  Precious children singing precious songs.

 He officially melted my heart into a puddle blowing me a kiss.

 Big Buddies - William and Ethan

 our final day to walk through these amazing Red Doors, Kenley will get to start her experience next year and I can't wait! All Saints is such a blessing!
Mrs. Myra and Ms. Jenny - Red Door Room, 5K Teachers

This isn't really anything new...but love to capture Kenley loving and snuggling with Brinkley.  She'll bring all her lovey's and blankets and pile them on Brink and snuggle up.  Sweet girls!

Kenley is finally starting to venture out and try something besides crackers.  Girlfriend loves corn on the cob and she ate her first rib a few weeks ago!  Yummy.

up next: our Memorial Day weekend at the lake...

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