Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall excitement

The weather that we're having is just perfect! Highs are in the 70s and the sun is shinning. I love fall time as the weather cools off and gives us a break from the heat stroke of a summer that we've had. It's time for scarfs, boots, pumpkins and soups! It just thrills me. I am sort of unprepared for dressing Collier with this weather as most of his clothes from last year do not fit and most of what I bought at the consignment sale are for COLDer and are little big plus they need to be washed. His only shoes are croc's and I don't even have socks that fit him, he of course doesn't mind and hasn't seem to notice that it is a little cooler in the mornings. I on the other hand am one happy person.

Speaking of excited...tonight Lindsey and I are headed to see Sugarland at Oakmountian and I am beside myself excited. Not only because it is Sugarland and this is supposed to be an AWESOME show but it is going to be cool and perfect for an outside concert!

And now I leave you with Collier's new dance.

Justin and I get so cracked up because he is so serious and waves his arms around. Way too funny.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Can't get them out of my mind...

[sorry for the EXTREMELY long post yesterday...lots to cover]

So, yesterday morning Collier got up around 6:30 and since he didn't get a bath Saturday night I decided to get right up and shower him and me for the day. We got in and out and we were both starving and since Justin was just crawling out of the bed I decided to head down for breakfast with Collier. As we walked out of our room there was a couple in the hall way who instantly took notice of Collier and started talking to him. We had seen them around throughout the weekend. We told them good morning and Collier was being a little shy. So as I walked toward them they asked me where I was from and their faces lit up when I said Birmingham, explaining that it was where they were from although they lived in Franklin now. The man proceeded to share that earlier last week one of his son's took his own life. He said that his son (along with their other children) was adopted and that some friends had put them up in the hotel for the weekend. They were looking for their daughter (There were several rooms on our floor that their family occupied and they weren't sure which room she ended up in last night) before they left to get ready for the memorial service to be sure everyone awake. He proceeded to share with me that Collier had been a glimpse of joy in his day the day before. He went on and on about how much it meant for him to see Collier smile in the midst of what they were going through. He told me that I really couldn't understand how much it really did mean to him. My eyes teared up at the thought and realization of what this family was going through. I was filled with joy that Collier was used as a source of hope and joy for this man. I was filled with sadness for the brokenness that they must have felt. I was thankful to have Collier safe in my arms. He told me to be sure to share this with my husband as well, when he said this I instantly assumed that Justin and Collier must have bumped into him at some point on Saturday morning, while I was running, because I hadn't remembered interaction with him before. As I walked away - trying to keep myself together before I walked down to the breakfast area - I rounded the corner to the elevator and it suddenly hit me that on Saturday afternoon as we were leaving to go to watch the Bama game Collier had run ahead of Justin and I toward the elevator and this man was coming off the elevator and was shocked to see a little boy without parents with him (no worries we were only 3 steps behind him) and so we sort of laughed about Collier running so fast and then jumped on the elevator and went about our day. Not even considering or knowing how that man was feeling. As I wiped the tears from my eyes on the elevator ride down I just thanked God for Collier. I thanked God for His grace, His Love, His peace and especially asked Him to wrap His Loving arms around that family. I have no idea how many children they have, how old the son was or how he took his life...but honestly all of that doesn't matter. What does is that we had a positive impact on someone who was at a place in their life who needed it. This was nothing that I did, nothing that Justin did and nothing that Collier did but ALL that Christ did to allow each circumstance to unfold and allow us to cross each others paths at just the right time.

I can not get this family out of my mind. Before I walked away he asked what Collier's name was and just smiled and said 'thank you'. I asked for their last name so that I could pray for them! This ignited the thoughts in my mind about the impact that we have on the people around us. Every person, stranger, friend, family, co-worker, etc that we come into contact with is someone that God placed us in contact with for some reason. something as simple as a smile can change someones day. We never know what others are going through or may need but it certainly has brought that realization to mind for me. It also has me thinking that I probably need to slow down and appreciate my time with Collier. To be sure that I am teaching him about Jesus and His love and that nothing is to big or small for Jesus..he is with us always!

To apply our lesson from CBS out of 1 Peter...we are to be imitators of God, which should result in us being strangers in the world. If we are truly obeying and following Christ in ALL that we do then we will have the right and direct impact of those that surround us and will bring honor and glory to God!

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.
-Romans 8:28

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nashville Weekend

This weekend I ran in the Nashville Women's Half Marathon. It was a fun weekend and the race was a total success!

Two of the five girls that ran had husbands there to cheer us on...All of the guys were meeting to bring all of the children (seven kids between three men) to cheer us on around mile 8. The two other guys were on one side and Justin and Collier were on the other. So when we saw the guys, I was wondering in my head where is Justin and Collier as we were passing by Justin yelled my name..

and I was sooo HAPPY to see them and had to turn around to give high-fives to my cheering section!

I ran with almost the same group as the full that I ran in June, minus our coach who got married this past weekend. I'll post more pictures once I get them from the other girls! We finished in 2Hours 28Minutes and our goal was to finish under 2.5 hours...we were very pleased.

While we were in Nashville we took the opportunity to visit with Brett and Ashley. Collier had a blast with Ella and Mia. He wanted to rock Baby Shae in the bouncy so bad, but we did our best to keep Shae from having whip-lash! We watched the Alabama game with them and stayed through dinner and most of the Auburn game. It was very fun to visit with them and enjoy the company of such sweet friends (Justin and Brett went to preschool through most of Alabama together). These girls are not only beautiful but very sweet, thanks Brett and Ash for having us over for the day.

Aren't they so sweet?
and we think that Collier and Mia (on the right) could be brother and sister

The guys were a little nervous about the game, but thankfully Bama got their act together and pulled it off!

Cinderella took her prince charming for a ride in the jeep...I think that they road around for about 20 minutes and loved every minute of it, they were so cute.

Sweet Baby Shae

We stayed in a hotel and this was our first experience in a hotel with Toddler Collier and he did really good, especially since I got up at 5:00 on Saturday morning and did my best not to wake up my guys...Collier did wake up but thankfully he went right back down. He loved running up and down the long halls and flushing the toilet, he played in and out of the shower, and loved the mirrored closet doors. He also turned the air conditioner (which was a floor unit) on and off 100 times and was absolutely hilarious in the elevator - squatting up and down the whole time we were in it. He did do good for Daddy while we ran. The guys just couldn't get 7 children to the finish line to see us finish...can you believe that...ha, it was so crowded and I knew it would be hard with parking and that many kiddo's! Which turned out to be a good thing because Collier ended up taking a 2 hour nap after they left from seeing us! He played with Crystal and Denise's children until we were done with the race. I asked Justin last night how we got such a sweet little boy? He did so good and was easy going for the most part with all of the going and doing that we did this weekend.

This morning he figured out how to play peek-a-boo behind the curtain. Way to cute and way to fun. He has cracked Justin and I up several times today: first dancing, he has a new dance and then trying to cram himself and his lamb (which is about his size) into his new red car and they were like a car packed with clowns. Although he is quite challenging right now he is so much a bundle of joy. This Mommy couldn't be any happier!

has anyone seen Collier?


I had a unique conversation this morning, but I'm afraid no one is still reading and will be back to post later...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yesterday evening we had some very fun visitors stop by for a short visit. Although short it was still tons of fun. One of my best friends and college roommates made a trip to Birmingham for the day and needed a quick dinner stop before headed back to Montgomery...Kay and her 3 boys - Braxton, Brewer and Hampton...aren't those just the greatest names - swooped in for a pizza dinner a little playing and change into PJ's before getting back on the road! Hampton and Collier are a mere day apart and we have been dieing to get them together and I am so glad that we finally did. Collier not only loved Hampton but was thrilled to have 'big boys' in his house to follow. Kay, thank you for stopping by but now we need to plan some time where they can really plan and enjoy each other. I am so glad that they are now closer to us!! Love yall.

these kids aren't just beautiful handsome but they are so well behaved!

How Stink'n Cute?

Hampton managed to teach Collier a new trick.....

oh boy!!!

Plus the added bonus of getting to visit with Kay was awesome. Again, I wish that we had more time and hope that we can do it again VERY soon. I love my friends and I personally think that I have some of the greatest friends I could ever ask for. I love that Hampton and Collier are so close in age and hope that they'll grow up big buddies. When they were leaving Collier gave them all MULTIPLE hugs, it was so sweet.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Because Nothing Else Matters...

Every morning I listen to Rick and Bubba (for those of you not in the area, it is a radio show and although it is on secular radio and syndicated aross most of the southeast these men are outstanding Christians who represent Christ in an amazing way) I love listening to them and enjoy many laughs but also love what they do for the kindgom of God! I have heard Rick say twice in the past two weeks that what we do and say for Christ is so important because nothing else matters. It has caught my attention and I haven't been able to escape the thought - and for good reason because it is so true. I have wondered, what have I done for Christ? What did I do today that made a difference or an impact for the Kingdom of God? Have I been an example or a light to someone who needed it? Have I shared or made known my faith in an all-knowing, unconditional loving, grace giving God? Am I obeying Him? Am I living as Christ wants me to live? Am I being the Godly wife to Justin? Am I teaching Collier the love and ways of Christ? These are the questions I am asking myself daily and striving to live to be able to answer these questions and hope to bring God the glory in what I do. Many days when I am walking into work I think to myself, how can I be bold today and have an impact on some of the people around me and many days I end the day and haven't even considered Christ at the center of my every action, word or thoughts through the day. Although that is what I really want, is to have Christ as the center of my being so that I am fully relying on Him because nothing else matters.

The things that surround us in this word can be so consuming (things, work, people's opinion and the list goes on)but all of these things don't matter when it comes down to it because all of that doesn't get me into Heaven. Christ does! Tonight at CBS we were talking about living a holy life and the importance of living a holy life (that means everything, being a wife, mother, daughter and friend) and being sure that we are raising are children or sharing with our friends and loved ones about salvation and what we have in Christ. Without Christ I am nothing but with God all things are possible...Matthew 19:26. A friend shared tonight that one of her best friends lost their daughter (17 years old) in a tragic accident this weekend - this friend made it a huge priorty in raising their children to know and love the Lord and trust in Him as their Lord and Savior....she is struggling with the loss of their daughter but knows that she is with Him in heaven. It was a great reminder that sports, running, football, dinners, work and all of these activities that fill our lives really don't matter they don't gain us anything...But through Christ we have Eternal Life. Really nothing else does matters.

We're studying 1st and 2nd Peter the first half of this year in CBS and he reminds us that we will face all sort of trials in our life, we will be refined by fire and we will suffer but it is only for a little while and we have hope in Him.

This could certainly be taken to extreme and I'm not saying that we should stop work, sports, etc but I just personally need to evaluate all that I do as employee, wife, mother, daughter, friend, and Christian and see how I can have a greater impack on His Kingdom and bring Him great joy and glory in ALL that I do! Not just the biblestudy and church related stuff...but in everything.

on a different note: Collier is doing a little better...still no fever but also not up to par just yet. He didn't make it to biblestudy just to give him another night at home and not risk picking up any more germs or giving any bad germs away to the other babies in his class! He went down early and hopefully a good nights sleep will help him to continue to feel better.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh, NO Miss Pattycake

We didn't make it to see Miss Pattycake and I was very sad (mostly to miss seeing Amy and Hayes), but Collier was even more sad because he wasn't feeling good! He got up from his afternoon nap with a low-grade fever and very cranky (rightfully so) and I decided not to push my luck and risk getting someone else sick (if he was contagious) or pushing him more than he needed. I thought that he felt a little warm earlier in the day but I assumed it was from playing outside...but that did explain why he was on his third nap by 2:00 yesterday afternoon. Poor little booger, his nose has been quite runny but other than that he is just a little slower and less tolerable than normal. Today has been better and he hasn't had a fever at all, I just pray that tomorrow will be even better than today! Not fun when they don't feel good and can't communicate to tell you what hurts, I feel so bad and helpless. Thankfully nothing major!

The eye's tell it all....not feeling good!

Friday, September 17, 2010

..Collier's New Ride

I keep getting behind on what I want to post, so this is going to be a quick update...mostly in pictures!

We started CBS back last Monday! Collier did awesome and didn't shed a single tear....Thank you Lord! If any of you were around last year you know that he screamed every Monday night, all night for most of the year. But these ladies who keep them are awesome Godly amazing women who I think the world of! He took right to Mrs. Ludie and was happy the entire time! Was a peace and joy for me as we go each week! Also, CH is not the only baby this year and he actually has a friend in the class....William Booker! Hooray!

CH is very into shoes and likes to wear whatever pair he comes across... flip flops are sort of tricky and I am afraid he is going to break an ankle in some of my flip flop heals...

And now to explain the title of the post...Collier got a new car and loves it!

I've been to two great consignment sales the past two days and got lots of great fall/winter clothes that you'll be seeing him in as soon as this heat goes away. The car was one of the items I walked away with today and he loves it already!

Tonight Collier and I are going to a pajama party with Miss Pattycake....Do you know who she is? I didn't have a clue until my friend Amy called and invited us to go. We're really excited although I am not sure how he is going to do since he isn't usually a sit-in-my-lap sort of child. We're going to try and it seems like fun plus to get a good Godly message for my little man is always an added bonus! I'll be back soon with pictures......

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Very Belated Birthday

So, last week was my Dad's birthday. He was out of town and then he didn't feel good for a few days and we were finally able to celebrate last night with a delicious dinner. So, this is a very belated birthday post, but he is so deserving that I still felt that need to post a birthday shout out to my Dad!

Collier loves and adores his soon as he sees Dad he is off and running to him. Dad lets him do anything he wants (as long as danger isn't involved) and Collier has a blast doing whatever Pops is doing! It melts my heart to see this relationship evolve and I just love it. Very special to see your parents love overflow for your own child, oh so sweet.

Giving Pops Knucks!

Happy Birthday Day!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm not sure that I have anything exciting much less interesting to share. Our weekend was low key, nice and full of football, although we missed having Justin around he was in Tuscaloosa for the game.

Saturday my heart strings were pulled thinking and remembering 9/11. Friday night mom and I watched a special and the truth and tragedy of it makes me very sad at the loss that this country experienced on that day. There are so many hero's that took part in that day. I don't understand how people actually think that fighting to keep terrorist out of this country isn't worth it...I heard a guy on Fox this morning (I have not idea who he was but I think that he was talking about the guy wanting to put the mosque at ground zero) he said that we don't need someone to be a middle man for terrorist, we don't need to negotiate with terrorist. It makes me sick to think that anyone in this country would have a soft heart toward them. The special Friday put it all very well...they are all about death and the US is all about live! enough said! I pray often for our country and people's eyes would be open to God's truth and trust in Him. To give our worries, fears, concerns, happiness, sadness, joy and love to Him and give Him the glory for all things that happen in our lives. Ok. I'll step off my soap box....

Collier has learned the touchdown sign and every time he sees football on TV he runs to it and throws his hands over his head and grunts (which is still his primary language at this point). It is way to funny. He changes so much every day and is doing so many new things...some good and some bad.

I am so very ready for cooler weather, the past two morning have been much cooler compared to last weekend. Thank you Lord! It felt really good and easy to run in the cooler and much more comfortable weather! I am just hoping that it will continue. Come on Fall!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

It is great to have a long weekend and to get to enjoy the extra days with family. We headed to Dothan on Wednesday night of last week. We stayed with Justin's dad and step-mom and got to catch up with them. Plus we got some time to spend with Chris, Amanda, Ashlyn and Hayden. I was so happy to get my hands on that sweet, precious baby! I just wish that we lived a little closer and could see them more often - this is the bad part about summer ending we don't see them since we aren't at the lake as much in the fall! Although, I may have to make a special trip down to see her before thanksgiving!

While we were in Dothan we also had the chance to catch up with more sweet friends that we don't see enough of...Eddie (Collier's Godfather) and Jennifer and their daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Collier are only 2 months apart and I really wish that we could get together more often with them. They are expecting their second little baby Cooper in a few weeks. Elizabeth is so sweet and talks way more and much better than CH.

Elizabeth sharing her gold fish with CH...isn't she smart already knows the way to win a man's heart!

On Friday we headed south to Compass lake and had a blast. Collier loves the water more and more and is getting more and more comfortable in it. He will just start walking out into the water with no fear that he can't touch past a certain point...yikes! He really loves the boat and every chance he could he was pointing and grunting to get in the boat! As long as we were up at the house he wanted to swing, I thought we would have to surgically remove the swing from his hiney he was in it so much this weekend. I thought he may have forgotten how to walk for a minute. He had two sets of his grandparents to entertain and push him to his hearts content!

look at those lips!

'what is taking yall so long, I'm ready to cruise'

My mom gets to spend this week with Baby Hayden, so Collier's Mela is here taking care of spoiling him. She is doing all of my laundry while CH laundry baskets don't know what to do because they are NEVER empty (I can't seem to get around to folding)I came home yesterday to a freshly made bed, clean bath towels, and piles of folded clothes and I didn't have to fold, or make any! What a gift, as if keeping up with CH isn't enough. I am so thankful for such great in-laws!