Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm not sure that I have anything exciting much less interesting to share. Our weekend was low key, nice and full of football, although we missed having Justin around he was in Tuscaloosa for the game.

Saturday my heart strings were pulled thinking and remembering 9/11. Friday night mom and I watched a special and the truth and tragedy of it makes me very sad at the loss that this country experienced on that day. There are so many hero's that took part in that day. I don't understand how people actually think that fighting to keep terrorist out of this country isn't worth it...I heard a guy on Fox this morning (I have not idea who he was but I think that he was talking about the guy wanting to put the mosque at ground zero) he said that we don't need someone to be a middle man for terrorist, we don't need to negotiate with terrorist. It makes me sick to think that anyone in this country would have a soft heart toward them. The special Friday put it all very well...they are all about death and the US is all about live! enough said! I pray often for our country and people's eyes would be open to God's truth and trust in Him. To give our worries, fears, concerns, happiness, sadness, joy and love to Him and give Him the glory for all things that happen in our lives. Ok. I'll step off my soap box....

Collier has learned the touchdown sign and every time he sees football on TV he runs to it and throws his hands over his head and grunts (which is still his primary language at this point). It is way to funny. He changes so much every day and is doing so many new things...some good and some bad.

I am so very ready for cooler weather, the past two morning have been much cooler compared to last weekend. Thank you Lord! It felt really good and easy to run in the cooler and much more comfortable weather! I am just hoping that it will continue. Come on Fall!

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