Monday, September 26, 2011

Actions vs. Intentions

We have been visiting a new church for the past couple of months and just haven't yet made the full commitment to changing our membership just yet.  Tonight was the first time we have visited the evening service (more casual and contemporary).  I am really enjoying the smaller size of this church and look forward to joining and being more involved.  The sermon was great and spoke to me.  The greatest point that I walked away from the sermon was this: Do we just have good intentions or do we live out those intentions in and through what we do? (this was not the whole sermon, but just a small point that was made that stuck with me)  Do our actions reflect what we believe in Christ?  ... In other words, do we walk the talk or do we just talk the talk.  It was something that I pondered on because it is something that I personally want to do better.  I strongly believe in God's grace, His love, His forgiveness and His mercy.  Matter of fact, I am so thankful for these and rely on them in my every day life.  But do I in turn extend this to others?  Do I show others His love or my love (the love that is so imperfect)?  Do I forgive others as He has forgiven me?  All of that to say that I wish and desire and want to be a better reflection of Him to others.

In my CBS lesson last week (we are studying John this year) in the first chapter John explains Christ as the light of the world.  I want His light to radiate through me so that others will be drawn to Him.  Instead, I am selfish, judgmental and prideful.  All of these things I am working on, working to repent and turn from these ugly ways so that I can be a light. My desire is really to carry out those actions and NOT just want, think or consider things but to do what God is laying on my heart to do!

On a different note.  This little tricycle was Chris' when we were little.  Mom has had it out for a few months and Collier's little legs have just not been quite long enough to push the pedals- despite the many attempts.  Friday was his first day to successfully pedal and make it go all on his own!  What a huge accomplishment and I was so proud of him [he was also very proud].  He doesn't quite have steering and pedaling down, but one step at a time!  He did already figure out that when he is going down hill he can pick up his feet and go really fast.  Getting to be such a big boy!

He also did great in the church nursery yesterday - he was the only one in there, so they took him outside to play on the playground.  He even woke up this morning asking me if we were going to church!  We're slowly getting there.  It has been my prayer that he will enjoy, participate and desire to learn and be at church, school and bible study.  I know that God is working on that little heart of his. One thing that we often pray [on the way to school usually] is for God's confidence and peace to fill him up!  It is such a huge reward to watch and see how God answers our prayers - sometimes easier than others!

Luke 9:23-24 'Then He said to the crowd: 'if any of you want to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily and follow me.  If you try to hang on to your life will lose it.  But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.'

Friday, September 23, 2011

Where we are

Now that we seem to be making our way successfully away from being sick and feeling back to normal - Collier that is - I am so glad and thankful that he is back to his old self.  I think that we finally figured out that his 2 year molars are coming in and have [and still are on some days] giving him a fit.  He crams his fingers as far into his mouth as possible and Justin and I are constantly saying "collier get your fingers out of your mouth'.   After being sick for the past few weeks we really got out of routine and schedule, specifically with going to school, I was really glad to be back on the schedule this week.  He did great both days when I dropped him off and Popoo and Nunny are here this week and have gotten to pick up him from school.

We have also started back to CBS Bible Study.  I am so excited to be back and looking forward to the study of the Gospel of John this year.  I am sort of in a different role this year than in years past, in that I am helping a little with the children's program and being an assistant core leader.  My responsibility is to check the children into their classes and then I go on to my core group.  On the first night, in transition from one room to another Collier saw me and thought that it was time to go home.  When we didn't go home it really threw him off and resulted in a lot of crying.  If you have been reading for a while you'll know that this is a normal thing for CBS [for some strange and unknown reason].  But this is his first year to be in a real class instead of just the nursery.  I was worried that each week me being in front of his class to check in the other kiddo's would be a problem.  After a lot of praying, God revealed himself and this past week was perfectly amazing.  He didn't shed a tear and really did awesome and had a great time.  It is always neat and fun to watch and see how God answers our matter how small they may seem!

One of the things we are working VERY hard on right now in our house is manners.  The please and thank yous and ma'am and sirs.  I just know for sure that the million times a day that Justin and I reinforce this will pay off.  Just this morning as Collier was sitting on the couch with an empty bowl and he asked me for a 'nanna'.  As I turned to get his banana he said 'here mama, please' as he held out the bowl that he wanted me to take to the kitchen.  He uses please more than anything else.  When he says no to something, I'll respond with 'no, what?' and he says 'no, please'.  So that is nicer than nothing but was more looking for no ma'am. Its a work in progress for sure!

We also have not mastered getting rid of pacey yet.  I started what I referred to as pasey boot-camp, who am I kidding?  I tried the bye bye binkey concept of cutting the pasey so that it is less of a comfort to him.  All of his pacey's are cut in half and he couldn't care less.  When he was sick, I even gave him a whole one and he actually wanted the cut one!  Plan B, right?  I have sort of backed off a little about it.  He has done so well with so many other things that if he has a pacey for a little longer than he should, so be it!  I am sure I will NOT be saying that once he goes to the dentist!  I think that we're going to have to go cold turkey and 'leave' them somewhere.  I think that him being sick for 2 weeks is what really threw me off.  I will say that we are back to ONLY having it in the doesn't come out of his bed!

It is nearly impossible to get him to brush his teeth.  It is an every day battle.  I've tried all of the tricks.  One night last week, I was tired and at my wits end and was doing my best to get him to brush his teeth with no success at all.  I even spanked him (which was when I realized this is not going good or in the right direction) so I just got up and walked out and closed the bathroom door.  I told myself that I needed to take a minute and try a better approach.  I went to the kitchen to get some water and when I walked back I could hear his tooth brush (electric) going.  That little stinker was brushing away..even those back teeth!  So that is what I do now.  I give him the tooth brush, sit him down and then tell him I'll be back to check on him and he brushes every time!! oh the struggle of independence! Who knew that would have ever worked....I laughed that first night he did it.  I told God that He must have known I was at a total loss and thankful that He took over!

I am going to try and do better about documenting our ups and downs and the different stages of what is going on.  I feel like I just post high points or big things and want to do better about the small things too. So you are now caught up with where we are!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I've been wanting and meaning to post this post for a while.  I had a precious post with specific pictures all staged out in my mind but the reality is that I haven't had either the time or energy to get it done.  I've barely had my camera out the past few weeks.  But I did finally got it out last night, or at least snapped a few that would work minus cooperation from my little man!

I think that most of you already know.. But our family is growing!  Justin and I are just thrilled and excited to see what is ahead for our family as we grow.  I am 14 weeks today - Due March 23rd!  Feeling good and thankful for a growing and perfect gift from God.

We have tried to explain it all to Collier but he really doesn't understand.  If asked where is the baby he will tell you 'in momma tummy'.  But when he and I are talking about the baby in my belly he usually asked to 'get it out' or 'wanna see it'.  Neither of which are possible at this time, which is the further confirmation that he doesn't quite get it.  Maybe once the newest little one arrives he'll begin to understand [please note I did say maybe, I'm not having unreasonable expectations...although I do know that God will work in the details of our family and especially in his little heart as we prepare for our second baby].  I pray that Collier will be a good big brother and that God prepares us all for this new addition.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 14

I spoke too soon.  I am now eating my words!  It happened.  Fever, it struck yesterday.  When he got up from his nap yesterday all that he wanted was his momma.  I of course went straight to him [what else is a momma to do for her little man who just wants her?].  His temperature was right at 100.4 degree's and only dropped slightly after some Motrin and before he crashed for the night.  He went to bed really early and woke up this morning really early and still had fever. More Motrin and little more rest and it finally dropped back to normal.  He did act like he was feeling better by the time I dropped him off at Mom's this morning.

So, we are now battling getting him to take his medicine for his ears.  It is white and it doesn't taste good at all.  He wants to take his pink medicine instead (which is Benedryl).  He tells me 'no white, I want pink'.  Do any of you have ANY tips on getting this in him.  The pharmacist said that we could bring it back to him and he would see if he can add some cherry flavor and see if it will change the color to pink.  It already has a grape flavor.  The problem is that he is honestly too smart for his own good and as soon as he taste it, he will not want 'pink' any more.  I know that there are smart and more experienced momma's out that that might have some suggestions.  Please help if you can.  We have held him down, which resulted in him spitting it everyone.  We have negotiated [which I] for cookies, fruit snacks and even carousel rides. All with little luck.   Mom and I finally put it in some yogurt and after 2 bites he had it figured out and didn't want any more of that.  I am willing to try anything!

I am just ready for him to feel better and be back to normal - after 14 days.  He just wants to be held when he isn't feeling good.  I feel horrible for him and just want to snuggle with him and make him feel all better.  But not taking his medicine isn't helping.  We would appreciate prayers as well.  That he would feel better and for God's healing hand to be laid on his ears!

I'll be back later with a totally different [and much happier] topic!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Double Up

A quick update on our first ear infection...When we woke up on Friday morning (that is two friday's ago now) we realized that Collier had blood in his bed.  I had noticed a little on his hand but thought it was from a scrape on his finger, but I knew a scrape wouldn't produce the amount of blood that was on his pillow and sheet.  I looked in his ear and could see a red and white clump of something in his ear canal and I completely freaked out.  We went back to the doctor and his hear drum had burst.  Good and Bad...good that it released the pressure and probably freed him from a lot of pain that he was having.  Bad that the doctor didn't want him in the lake water, especially since Justin was packing the car while we were at the doctor so we could head to the lake for the long Labor Day weekend.  But God has his hands in every little detail and the weekend worked out perfectly.  Because Tropical Storm Lee brought cloudy, rainy skies and cooler temperatures that kept us all from wanting to go swimming.  We put the baby pool on the deck and let the kids play in that instead of the lake and it just worked out great. We only had one quick dip in the lake and one boat ride in between the rain, football games and naps.  It was just right.  We got in good quality time with Chris and his family and it was a low key weekend - which was much needed by all!

But over the weekend and last week Collier also started with a runny nose and as the week progressed it wasn't as clear as it had been.  Plus his ear still was bleeding (just a little but I could see it in his ear).  I called the nurse to be sure that the bleeding was still normal and she said to finish the antibiotic and come back for a check up after that was gone.  Friday morning we wake up and Collier is not himself.  Very whiny and non-stop crying.  We asked if something was hurting and he would say yes and finally said 'two ears huat'.  We were planning to go to Nashville for the weekend to visit friends (with kids and I hated to add a sick child to the mix) and so I decided to go back to the doctor to just be sure.  The Doctor confirmed he now has his second ear infection in his OTHER ear!  We got stronger antibiotic's, benadryl at night and pushed our Nashville trip back a day.  It all worked out great that we still got to go and but one day was enough for Collier, the extra playing (there were 6 girls and collier).  Through all of this Collier hasn't run a high temperature at all and has done pretty well.  I have decided that he has a pretty high pain tolerance and is a tough monkey.  We are all just ready for him to feel better!  Not fun being a sick little man.  He didn't go to school at all last week but we are full force back into routine this week!  Bible Study starts tonight and back into school routine for tomorrow.  I am ready and glad that he is feeling and doing better.  Last night we laid him down for a late nap and he slept 13 hours.  Just one of those days that he needed some extra and sound sleep!

His head is finally starting to heal and look a little better.  He has just been through it and I am not sure how much more he or I can take!  Praying for health and safety for a while around the Hicks house!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rock N Roll

While we were in Dothan a few weekends ago, Papoo had a huge surprise for Collier when we got to his house.....
Thank you Papoo and Nunny

OH and this little boy loves his guitar.  If we let him, he would sleep with it.  Not to mention he is about the cutest little guitar player I've ever seen.  We still have a long way to go before we hit the big stage but look out Brad Paisley you've got competition on the way!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A few first

We had quite a day.  A day full of first.  Good first's and bad first's.
To start off with today was the first day that there was no hesitation with me leaving him at school.  No almost tears or sad looks.  I wouldn't say that he is quite thrilled and wanting to go but at least he didn't cry about going today!  That was our first good first of the day..well and maybe the only come to think of it!

Mom calls after she picked Collier up from school and he was of course very tired and they were headed home to take a nap.  About an 30 minutes later she calls and he is complaining of his ear hurting.  Back and forth with mom and back and forth with the nurse.  We went to the doctor and he has his first ear infection!  2 years 4 months with no ear infections and it finally caught up with us.  It doesn't seem to be too bad, but it is bothering him a little.  Hello antibiotic's to knock this out quick!

Collier wanted to go to our house, instead of Nammies [which for the record is certainly a first] and so Mom brought him back to our house while I ran to the grocery and then to get his antibiotic.  Before I made it home Mom called and said that Collier had fallen down outside and hit his head hard on the picnic table.  Thankfully Justin was also home and helped to get him calmed down enough.  He wouldn't let them put ice on it 'its cold, its no no' is all that he would say.  When I got home, oh my goodness the goose-egg that is on his head is really really big. Square in the middle of his head.  Our first GINORMOUS knot or goose-egg.  I called the doctor again [first time to ever have to call twice in one day] and they said to just watch him...his pupils were dilating correctly, no vomiting and the knot was protruding out and all of those things were good.  We'll stir him through the night just to be sure but seems that everything is ok....I'm sure that it will be black and blue tomorrow.

It was a rough day for him...and for Nammie I think!  It really shook my mom up -she said because of how hard he hit and that she actually saw him hit.  She couldn't believe that it didn't bust open.  He is a tough little man.  Looking forward to an uneventful long weekend!

oh and one other first...and this one is another good one.  After I left the doctor I had to stop for gas.  there is a new Sunoco gas that I was passing and noticed that the price was a little lower than at the station ahead where I was going to stop.  I pulled in and was actually talking to Mom on the phone and I noticed that a guy had walked over to my car.  I open the door and he told me that he would pump my gas for me. What? I couldn't believe it.  I looked around to see if it was a full-service station [do those exist anymore?] and it all said self serve.  It was an employee and he was so nice to come out and pump my gas.  I'm not sure if it is because it is a new or if they will really do that on a regular basis.  But you can bet I'll go back and certainly see if they will.  I love it.  I even asked "where am I".  Ha.  I think the little guy thought I was crazy I was in such shock.  I have never had an employee at a gas station pump my gas...yet another first!