Thursday, September 22, 2011


I've been wanting and meaning to post this post for a while.  I had a precious post with specific pictures all staged out in my mind but the reality is that I haven't had either the time or energy to get it done.  I've barely had my camera out the past few weeks.  But I did finally got it out last night, or at least snapped a few that would work minus cooperation from my little man!

I think that most of you already know.. But our family is growing!  Justin and I are just thrilled and excited to see what is ahead for our family as we grow.  I am 14 weeks today - Due March 23rd!  Feeling good and thankful for a growing and perfect gift from God.

We have tried to explain it all to Collier but he really doesn't understand.  If asked where is the baby he will tell you 'in momma tummy'.  But when he and I are talking about the baby in my belly he usually asked to 'get it out' or 'wanna see it'.  Neither of which are possible at this time, which is the further confirmation that he doesn't quite get it.  Maybe once the newest little one arrives he'll begin to understand [please note I did say maybe, I'm not having unreasonable expectations...although I do know that God will work in the details of our family and especially in his little heart as we prepare for our second baby].  I pray that Collier will be a good big brother and that God prepares us all for this new addition.

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