Monday, September 12, 2011

Double Up

A quick update on our first ear infection...When we woke up on Friday morning (that is two friday's ago now) we realized that Collier had blood in his bed.  I had noticed a little on his hand but thought it was from a scrape on his finger, but I knew a scrape wouldn't produce the amount of blood that was on his pillow and sheet.  I looked in his ear and could see a red and white clump of something in his ear canal and I completely freaked out.  We went back to the doctor and his hear drum had burst.  Good and Bad...good that it released the pressure and probably freed him from a lot of pain that he was having.  Bad that the doctor didn't want him in the lake water, especially since Justin was packing the car while we were at the doctor so we could head to the lake for the long Labor Day weekend.  But God has his hands in every little detail and the weekend worked out perfectly.  Because Tropical Storm Lee brought cloudy, rainy skies and cooler temperatures that kept us all from wanting to go swimming.  We put the baby pool on the deck and let the kids play in that instead of the lake and it just worked out great. We only had one quick dip in the lake and one boat ride in between the rain, football games and naps.  It was just right.  We got in good quality time with Chris and his family and it was a low key weekend - which was much needed by all!

But over the weekend and last week Collier also started with a runny nose and as the week progressed it wasn't as clear as it had been.  Plus his ear still was bleeding (just a little but I could see it in his ear).  I called the nurse to be sure that the bleeding was still normal and she said to finish the antibiotic and come back for a check up after that was gone.  Friday morning we wake up and Collier is not himself.  Very whiny and non-stop crying.  We asked if something was hurting and he would say yes and finally said 'two ears huat'.  We were planning to go to Nashville for the weekend to visit friends (with kids and I hated to add a sick child to the mix) and so I decided to go back to the doctor to just be sure.  The Doctor confirmed he now has his second ear infection in his OTHER ear!  We got stronger antibiotic's, benadryl at night and pushed our Nashville trip back a day.  It all worked out great that we still got to go and but one day was enough for Collier, the extra playing (there were 6 girls and collier).  Through all of this Collier hasn't run a high temperature at all and has done pretty well.  I have decided that he has a pretty high pain tolerance and is a tough monkey.  We are all just ready for him to feel better!  Not fun being a sick little man.  He didn't go to school at all last week but we are full force back into routine this week!  Bible Study starts tonight and back into school routine for tomorrow.  I am ready and glad that he is feeling and doing better.  Last night we laid him down for a late nap and he slept 13 hours.  Just one of those days that he needed some extra and sound sleep!

His head is finally starting to heal and look a little better.  He has just been through it and I am not sure how much more he or I can take!  Praying for health and safety for a while around the Hicks house!

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