Thursday, September 1, 2011

A few first

We had quite a day.  A day full of first.  Good first's and bad first's.
To start off with today was the first day that there was no hesitation with me leaving him at school.  No almost tears or sad looks.  I wouldn't say that he is quite thrilled and wanting to go but at least he didn't cry about going today!  That was our first good first of the day..well and maybe the only come to think of it!

Mom calls after she picked Collier up from school and he was of course very tired and they were headed home to take a nap.  About an 30 minutes later she calls and he is complaining of his ear hurting.  Back and forth with mom and back and forth with the nurse.  We went to the doctor and he has his first ear infection!  2 years 4 months with no ear infections and it finally caught up with us.  It doesn't seem to be too bad, but it is bothering him a little.  Hello antibiotic's to knock this out quick!

Collier wanted to go to our house, instead of Nammies [which for the record is certainly a first] and so Mom brought him back to our house while I ran to the grocery and then to get his antibiotic.  Before I made it home Mom called and said that Collier had fallen down outside and hit his head hard on the picnic table.  Thankfully Justin was also home and helped to get him calmed down enough.  He wouldn't let them put ice on it 'its cold, its no no' is all that he would say.  When I got home, oh my goodness the goose-egg that is on his head is really really big. Square in the middle of his head.  Our first GINORMOUS knot or goose-egg.  I called the doctor again [first time to ever have to call twice in one day] and they said to just watch him...his pupils were dilating correctly, no vomiting and the knot was protruding out and all of those things were good.  We'll stir him through the night just to be sure but seems that everything is ok....I'm sure that it will be black and blue tomorrow.

It was a rough day for him...and for Nammie I think!  It really shook my mom up -she said because of how hard he hit and that she actually saw him hit.  She couldn't believe that it didn't bust open.  He is a tough little man.  Looking forward to an uneventful long weekend!

oh and one other first...and this one is another good one.  After I left the doctor I had to stop for gas.  there is a new Sunoco gas that I was passing and noticed that the price was a little lower than at the station ahead where I was going to stop.  I pulled in and was actually talking to Mom on the phone and I noticed that a guy had walked over to my car.  I open the door and he told me that he would pump my gas for me. What? I couldn't believe it.  I looked around to see if it was a full-service station [do those exist anymore?] and it all said self serve.  It was an employee and he was so nice to come out and pump my gas.  I'm not sure if it is because it is a new or if they will really do that on a regular basis.  But you can bet I'll go back and certainly see if they will.  I love it.  I even asked "where am I".  Ha.  I think the little guy thought I was crazy I was in such shock.  I have never had an employee at a gas station pump my gas...yet another first!

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