Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 14

I spoke too soon.  I am now eating my words!  It happened.  Fever, it struck yesterday.  When he got up from his nap yesterday all that he wanted was his momma.  I of course went straight to him [what else is a momma to do for her little man who just wants her?].  His temperature was right at 100.4 degree's and only dropped slightly after some Motrin and before he crashed for the night.  He went to bed really early and woke up this morning really early and still had fever. More Motrin and little more rest and it finally dropped back to normal.  He did act like he was feeling better by the time I dropped him off at Mom's this morning.

So, we are now battling getting him to take his medicine for his ears.  It is white and it doesn't taste good at all.  He wants to take his pink medicine instead (which is Benedryl).  He tells me 'no white, I want pink'.  Do any of you have ANY tips on getting this in him.  The pharmacist said that we could bring it back to him and he would see if he can add some cherry flavor and see if it will change the color to pink.  It already has a grape flavor.  The problem is that he is honestly too smart for his own good and as soon as he taste it, he will not want 'pink' any more.  I know that there are smart and more experienced momma's out that that might have some suggestions.  Please help if you can.  We have held him down, which resulted in him spitting it everyone.  We have negotiated [which I] for cookies, fruit snacks and even carousel rides. All with little luck.   Mom and I finally put it in some yogurt and after 2 bites he had it figured out and didn't want any more of that.  I am willing to try anything!

I am just ready for him to feel better and be back to normal - after 14 days.  He just wants to be held when he isn't feeling good.  I feel horrible for him and just want to snuggle with him and make him feel all better.  But not taking his medicine isn't helping.  We would appreciate prayers as well.  That he would feel better and for God's healing hand to be laid on his ears!

I'll be back later with a totally different [and much happier] topic!


Missy Korey-Carr said...

hi sweetie! wish the little man wasn't sick. what method are you using to give him the meds? Tommy would not take his from a "spoon" or the little drink cups, but he did take it using the syringe. He could bite on the syringe & I could squirt it toward the back of his mouth/throat & avoid most of his tongue & therefor the bad taste.

Molly said...

Agreed, we use the syringe too.
You may could put it in a different container and put some red or purple food coloring in it to make it more fun.
My sister wouldn't take meds when she was little either and my mom sat her on the washer and dryer and wouldn't let her down till she took it. She'd sit there for 30 min before she gave in. We can't do that w/ little boys b/c they will just jump off :). My niece is the same way and they ended up having to go get shots for ear infections b/c she wouldn't take the meds. Well after 2 rounds of shots she decided she'd rather take the gross medicine than get a shot. My sister just continuously reminds her that although the medicine isn't good it will help her ears feel better and she would have to get a shot otherwise. Scare tactic!