Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap

2010 was a fun year!  Collier has grown and changed so very much.  It is amazing to me how much of a 'big boy' that he is becoming.  Here is our 2010 Year in Pictures.

The high points of 2010
  • Collier's First Snow - January and February brought us snow.  Justin and I loved it and Collier wasn't quite so sure.  Thankfully Justin kept a good fire going to keep us all warm.
  • Collier went from a few steps to running and climbing very fast.
  • Collier turned ONE!  We celebrated at Compass Lake with family
  • I completed the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon - Justin and I enjoyed a fun trip with friends to San Diego
  • We spent several summer weekends at Compass Lake and Lake Eufaula and even made one trip to Smith Lake.  Collier loves boats and especially driving!
  • Collier had his 1st haircut - gracious his hair grows so fast.. since August, we've had 4 hair cuts
  • We welcomed Hayden Elizabeth Korey to our family in August.
  • I completed the Nashville Women's Half Marathon - Collier joined us on this trip and was great fun to spend the weekend in Nashville. 
  • Collier experienced the Beach for the first time - loved the sand but the water was a little too cool in October.  We hope to go back this summer and see what he thinks of the ocean. 
  • Christmas was great fun.  Collier LOVES all of the Christmas lights (just like his daddy) and would insist that they be turned on/plugged in.  Although he really didn't understand what Santa was all about he did enjoy saying oh, oh, oh when asked what Santa says.What a magical and fabulous year!
God has poured out His blessing upon us in 2010 and we turn to Him as we begin 2011.  I am thankful for my husband, he provides and cares for us and especially keeps me laughing and smiling always.  I pray that we will focus on God being at the center of our relationship and that we can grow even closer together in Christ in 2011.   I love to see and watch Collier grown and develop and constantly pray that he will have a heart for the Lord and want to serve Him all the days of his life.  My heart yearns to draw nearer and nearer to God this year, and that all that I do will be pleasing to Him.  That I will have a positive impact on His kingdom!  When I see our Savior face to face, I want to hear Him say 'well done, good and faithful servant'.

May your 2011 begin with the joy of the Lord in your heart!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


A few of my favorite things about this Christmas:
~Mom and I made sugar cookies before we went to the lake and then decorated once we were down there! I loved sitting and decorating the cookies and especially eating them. Yummy. ~Plus we made a happy birthday Jesus cake and sang happy birthday to Him. I can't believe we didn't take pictures while doing that, but I plan to do this every year. ~Playing the wii (thanks to Linz for letting us borrow), bowling tournament with the family! ~Christmas lunch - Justin's grandmother never stops and everything that she prepares is perfectly delicious. ~Making Mom and Justin unscramble letters to recieve their gifts...Mom got a laptop and I got Justin a new guitar. ~My boots, Justin got them for me and i LOVE them....Collier also go boots and he is so stink'n cute in them. He struts around and would make for the perfect cowboy (pictures to come). ~The fact that it took 3 cars to get all of our stuff to and from Birmingham. ~Collier climbing into his chair that Santa brought with a huge grin.  ~Watching Collier and Ashlyn play - they both love Ceadermont Kids and watched several video's. ~Of course all of the time with each of our families are special and near and dear to my heart.

Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests
--Luke 2:14

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I think that it is fun to compare from year to year.  Amazing at how different he looks, but the expression is basically the same....



Who is this man and why are you putting me in his lap?

Also, notice that in the 2010 picture Collier still doesn't have on shoes.  We went to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa this year, it was pouring rain and cold.  We were headed to Atlanta for the weekend so Collier was chill'n in his car seat - no need for shoes on a 2 hour trip right?  Well in middle of the pouring rain and trying to be sure I was covered, my camera was covered, carrying an umbrella and getting Collier out of the car I forgot to grab his shoes.  I realized as we were walking into the store that he didn't have any shoes no and I was NOT going back to the car!  Oh well.  So Collier ran all around Bass Pro Shops with no shoes! I don't think that I even owned a pair of shoes for him in 2009, babies don't need shoes, right?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Merry

Our Christmas was so fun and I am way late in posting and sharing this.  I want to do a 2010 recap and will be working on that, so this is the short and sweet.  After a trip to  Compass Lake, Dothan back to Compass Lake, back to Dothan and now back in Birmingham it was amazing to have the time that we had with our families. We even had a night with sweet friends that was loads of fun.  It is always way to short and not enough time to truly visit as much as I would like but we do the best that we can.  The most important thing is remembering that Christ is the reason that we celebrate and that it isn't just Christmas but every single day we have purpose to rejoice in Him who came to save the world!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Hicks'

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Perfect Gift

There is so much that goes into this time of year. Decorating, parties, gifts, shopping, wrapping, baking, etc. The list goes on and on of all that we do! I love every minute of it. I live with a Christmas elf who shares the excitement and joys of this time of year. We love to have our Christmas tree lights on and our village (which is on the mantel this year) all lit up! There is a coziness about this time of year that just warms my soul. But I have been reminded several times this year that our greatest Gift is already given. He already came and it is the most important and treasured gift that we could ever receive AND give! So, I ask myself - what am I doing to be sure that this precious gift of Salvation, Eternal Life, Joy, Hope, Love, Grace and Peace is being tended to? Do I give Him the time that I am giving to all of the other doings of the season? Am I soaking up His word and drawing nearer to Him? Am I prepared at every moment to give this Gift to someone else who may not have it yet?

I hope that you will slow down and know that the most important gift that you can give or receive, you already have. All of the other things and stuff doesn't matter, it doesn't go any further than our hands. But Jesus does! He is preparing a place for me in heaven and I rejoice at the day that I can see Him face to face. Oh to be in His arms! He lives in your heart and loves you to the core! I hope that your focus will remain on Him in the midst of all of your doing!

Sending my love to you.... Enjoy your time with your families.

Monday, December 20, 2010

My twin gets married

So, I have always thought it would be so neat to be a twin.  I actually have several 'twin' close friends and think that it's so cool.  So, although I am not a twin I have a cousin who could be my twin.  Meet Jason, he is 9 months younger than me and he got married this weekend.  They live in South Carolina and so we have never really seen each other as much as we wish we could.  But every time that Jason and I get together we seem to pick up where we left off and always enjoy catching up.  He is a fun cousin and is dear to my heart.  This past summer he came to the lake and he kept talking about his girlfriend and how great she was...he was really goo-goo-gaga about her.  So, when I got news that they were engaged, I wasn't surprised one bit.  I hadn't ever met her but heard amazing things about her.  She lived up to every expectation that I had.  She is adorable and full of joy and spunk....and this is from just a very short amount of time with her. It was a beautiful wedding and I am just so very happy for Jason! 

Uncle Ken and Aunt Jeanie w/Just and Collier

I love weddings because it brings friend and family together.  I love family.  I love being with my family and especially since we don't get together as much as I wish we could....we are spread all over the the busyness of each family and it is just hard to pull us all together.  But I loved seeing my aunts, uncles and cousins!  I have to give a shout out to my biggest Blog Followers...Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ken!  Whoop Whoop, you made the blog!  They are certainly blog worthy, love yall so much and thanks so much for wanting to keep up and stay involved with us, even if it is through the blog!  Love yall.

Jason and his beautiful bride, Mandy

Breakfast Saturday Morning

After the wedding we headed back to Atlanta to celebrate Christmas with Justin's brother and sister-in-law and Pam and Charles.  Eve (SIL) is due any day with their little girl so they can't be with us on Christmas.  It was fun to have time with them for the rest of the weekend.  We can't wait for that sweet little girl to get here.  This will be the first Hicks little girl baby in a very very long time....really for both sides of Justin's family there has been a very long line of boys.  Ryan and Eve are my shining hope that I can after all have a little girl, that is if God answers that prayer!

We are so enjoying this Christmas season.  I'll be back to share our visit with Santa soon.  Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lost and Found

Do you ever feel like you are loosing your mind?  I do!  I seem to keep loosing things and it makes me crazy, and I know that it makes Justin crazy.  Good thing that he loves me!  I get so mad at myself, why can't I just keep up with things and know exactly where they are and what I did with them last!  I have learned that if I have a 'place' for everything that I will return it to its 'place' and I will know where it is. But for those things that don't have a place...well good luck!  So, a few months ago we bought one of those coupon books here in Birmingham (for those of your not in Bham - it is a huge coupon book to restaurants, retail stores, activities, etc all over Birmingham)  Justin wanted to use one of the golf coupons and I couldn't quite find it at the time, well my searching turned into about 2 months. Justin was mad, I was mad, I prayed for God to show me where it was (so that I could be a good wife and not frustrate my sweet husband), asked Mom to search her house, all with no luck at all.   I decided I must have thrown it away.  Meanwhile.... 

After getting home from thanksgiving my house was a little crazy with unpacking plus pulling out Christmas and to say things were slightly in chaos would be an understatement.  But as I started putting things in their place I realized that I was missing one of Collier's shoes.  Oh, once I'm done putting everything away it will turn up, right?  No worries.  Well two weeks later, no such luck.  Back to my strategy...pray that God will show me where it is...and I mean I was ON MY KNEE's praying, ask mom to check her house, check my car, look under everything and every place it could possibly be.  I even pulled out the Christmas boxes thinking that in decorating it could have been put in one of the a little man could have put it there without telling anyone.  All with no luck.  BUT at one point I checked under the couch and guess what I found......THE COUPON BOOK.  I was so excited and you have no idea how many times I have vacuumed and looked under the couch for that thing (and the shoe).  God must have placed it there, Justin and I just laughed and were both glad to have it!  So, Back to the shoes - the big problem is that these are Collier's only nicer pair of shoes and my cousin is getting married this weekend.  Collier will NOT be wearing tennis shoes to a wedding.  So, I had Justin search the house one final time and I went and bought another pair of shoes yesterday.

This morning, I was pulling some clothes out of collier's closet - trying to decide what he is going to wear to the wedding and being sure it is clean and ready... I pulled a jumper out of the closet and was looking it over and out of nowhere his shoe fell to the floor!  I couldn't believe it. I think that God must have a really good sense of humor and think right when I am on the verse of really committing myself to the crazy house that He would keep me where I am!  It was like the shoe fell from the sky...literally I have pulled everything out of that closet and checked and double checked in that closet and never once saw it!  Justin even said he looked in there yesterday.  Good news, I'll be returning the other shoes and we are all set for the wedding!

I wish that these were the only lost and found items...Another occurred with a Toys R Us coupon that I had and it mysterious ended up in my mom's car.. Strange!  I have no idea what my problem is.  On a very very serious note.  I do have to depend on God daily to provide me with wisdom and knowledge and a solid memory.  Especially when at work, I'll remember things and I just sit in amazement that I was able to remember this or that...I know it is God.  I am not the brightest cookie in the cookie jar but with God's help his light shines through me and makes me glow!  Praise be to Him. 

Pictures care of Christmas card attempt mishaps!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Childless Weekend

Thursday afternoon Collier and I headed to Auburn to meet his Mella and Buzz.  I was worried about how I would do in passing him off for the weekend, he is very comfortable and familiar with them but he hasn't ever been to their house and I was sorry about them setting all of his stuff (pack n play, monitor, etc) all up alone.  I had these strong feeling of excitement because Justin and I would have an entire weekend of together time, yet also had feelings of oh I am going to miss him soo much!  Collier just loves his Mella and Buzz and once we saw them and he was wanting them to hold him, I was all better.  Didn't even shed a tear as they drove away! 

Thursday night we headed to dinner with my two favorite people, Lindsey and Hunter.  Friday morning we woke up bright and early and went to the Rick and Bubba show.  It was so much fun be in studio and see them live and in action.  We, of course, laughed a lot and hope to be able to go back again!   I loved that every guest and most conversations all circled back to Christ in some way or another.  What a huge testimony to hear these guys (and all of their guest) speak to how Christ is the difference in their life!  So very awesome. 

Friday night we got all snazzied up and went to The Veranda for my company Christmas party.  It was a very nice dinner with delicious food.  It is neat to see how ETG has changed over the years.  Even though I was gone for a short while within the past year, when I first started there were so few of us and this year we had more new faces than familiar faces.  Nice to work for a company who is hiring and growing - such a huge blessing in the economy!

Saturday, Justin and I slept in and were as lazy as we could possibly be.  It was perfect and just what we both hoped and wanted to do!  I got out and ran a few errands and starting to try and wrap a few Christmas gifts.  Saturday night we had a dirty Santa party with some friends.  There were 34 people participating and it was so much fun.  We laughed so hard my stomach hurt at times and it may have been the LONGEST every dirty Santa game.  I would rather not share when I ended up best advice is that the 'prettiest' package isn't always the BEST gift it was more on the dirty side than I would like!  Justin walked away with some vodka!  It was so much fun and when we got home last night I thought how nice it was to not have any other responsibility other than myself.  But I have to admit that there were a few little boys at the party (both close to Collier's age) and seeing both of them really made me miss him  ALOT.  I'll be counting down until he gets home today.  Mom and Dad are actually picking him up in Dothan on their way home today and I just can't wait.  I have lots of house cleaning to do before he arrives so off to do that!  Hope that you had a fun and awesome weekend.....
We just realized that it is snowing here in Bham!!!  Wahoo.  Justin just built a fire and I'm going to fix some hot chocolate.  Perfect way to wrap up our childless weekend!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Brrr it is cold here and I love it.  I was up before the sun this morning running off the ice cream that I devoured last night.  It was 27 when I got up and I was major layered and loved every minute of it...not being up before the sun but running in the cold weather.  No sweat and didn't even get winded. 

We had our FIRST fire of the season last weekend and let me just tell you that my man is the best and most dedicated fire builder a fire-love'n wife could ask for.  He is serious about it and does it very very well...the fire that is!  Justin likes a roaring fire, no little slow burning fire for this man!  I don't complain because I don't do a single thing except stand in front of it until my back gets so hot that it starts itching and I have to move away to cool down but then park myself right back in front of it!  I finally found a stable and sturdy firescreen that Collier and Brinkley don't tip over as they walk by.  I found it at Target and I love it (thanks to all you facebook pep's who pointed me in the right direction) and most importantly it keeps Collier out.  Collier understands that it is HOT but, like his daddy, he likes to watch it! 

We went on Friday to pick out our Christmas tree.  It doesn't take Justin and me long to pick a tree - we want it full and plump!  The boy scouts put up a tree lot around the corner from our house.  We like to support them and when we pull up we have 2-3 boys rush to see how they can help us.  They pull out the tree's that we want to see, even twirl it around for me and fill us in on all that they can do for us...trim the bottom or top, drill a whole in the bottom, tie it to our car, etc.  Collier really took to one of the boys, who of course wasn't even helping us, and followed him around.  Even picked up a few sticks and gave to him.  The funniest part was that the little boy was  a little shy. He didn't really know what to do with a little shadow giving him sticks.  I of course was laughing and Justin was just shaking his head!  

My Christmas Elf is a firm believer that you must allow your free a few days to 'fall' before you put lights and decorations.  Therefore, we waited until last night to put on our lights.  My Christmas Elf also strictly enforces that color lights go inside and white on the outside of the house.  I have properly displayed my Christmas village on our fireplace mantel to make keep my Elf a happy Elf this year! 

Last weekend Mom and I got an awesome opportunity to attend the Deeper Still conference here in Birmingham.  We got to hear Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore all speak and share/teach us though God's word!  Not to mention worship like I have never experienced before.  I am still wrapping my mind around all that we learned and I do hope to gather my thoughts (so that they make sense to someone else besides my crazy mind) and share with you.  One thing for sure Priscilla Shirer Rocks!  I have never heard of her before last weekend much less was aware of her ministry but let me just tell you, she knocked my socks off and has honestly put me on my  knee's!


This weekend we will be celebrating my Christmas Elf's birthday... and we're doing it childless.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Full of Thanks

We really have so much to be thankful for.  Thanksgiving proved that once again this year.  We were surrounded with amazing family all weekend - ate delicious food and got to visit with friends and family while we were in Dothan.  I have a healthy husband and child that I couldn't be more thankful for!  Plus we have the best parents anyone could ask for.  God's blessing are in abundance and I am really in awe of who He is.  He is a mighty God full of grace, forgiveness and love in a way that I can not even fully understand.  I am thankful that He sent His only Son to be born and save us from ourselves! 

The weather couldn't have been more drastic....Hot on Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday and cold on Saturday and Sunday.  I am so thankful for this colder weather, if you haven't noticed by now I love cold weather and it has been way too warm for me these past few weeks.  I just hope that the cold weather is here to stay through the rest of this winter. 

See what I mean about being HOT...Collier played in the water and tried to spray every one in sight.  He had a blast playing in the water.

These two cousins played a little more 'together' this weekend.  Collier wasn't sure what to do when Ash grabbed him by the hand and said "come on Collier lets go play, it's going to be fun'.  He ran away a few times.  Way to funny.  They had a blast playing in this tent and hiding in the closet.  So sweet.
It turned cold and all Collier wanted to do was.....swing!  The wind off of the lake plus a swing makes a little man's nose cold and red.  He didn't care and Momma didn't want a sick baby.  He just doesn't understand the need to be inside. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


struggle with running that is...I haven't run in three weeks.  Last night I ran for the first time (only 2.5miles) and it was a little rough.  I didn't get to truly enjoy the opportunity of running with my husband because I was cramping up.  I was cramping because I didn't properly hydrate myself.  I guess I forgot since it has been so long.  Gracious!  Today, we ran again (3 miles) and I did a little better.  It is hot as crap - I don't like that it is almost December and temperatures are near 80 degree's - that is just not right.  So, here is to my running vacation because IT IS OVER!

On a different note.  I am thrilled to gather with all of our family to enjoy Thanksgiving.  So much to be thankful to God for.  CH is waking up from his to get his lunch started.  Hope that you and your family have a special and fun Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Gobble Gobble.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our night

was a little rough last night.  With Collier's back four teeth coming in he has had a few night when he will cry out in the middle of the night but he never gets up, he just rolls around and is a bit restless (thank the Lord for video monitors).  I usually don't get up because he settles down as quick as he starts.  Last night was quite different.  He started a little after midnight and by 12:30 he was sitting up screaming.  Motrin to the rescue or so I thought so I went in and held him for a few minutes and thought for a second he had maybe had a bad dream - he was clingy tight to me and wanted to snuggle into my neck as close as he could.  After about 5 minutes of singing and bouncing and giving a dose of Motrin I put him back down.  He cried just a minute and seemed to settle back to sleep.  With in 20 minutes he was crying again.  This continued for about an hour before I finally gave in and he and I went to the couch.  I didn't want to turn the tv on in fear of waking him up too much, but he was so funny sitting in the dark and trying to make sense of the room.  He kept pointing all around the room and grunting like huh?  I just chuckled and laid back and he finally laid down with me, Oh sooo sweet.  To have my sweet little man curled up in my arms sleeping was worth every second of this sleepless night.  It brought a tear to my eye to have him laying with me totally comfortable and cozy!  It unfortunately didn't last long and he was sitting back up with in 20 minutes again.  We did this a few times dozing off and on for about 2 hours.  Around 3am I decided to put him back in his bed - I was so afraid that I would fall asleep and that the alarm would go off and wake up both up and then he would be up way too early.  I turned his music on and he went right to sleep and slept until about 8am this morning. 

Justin and I decided early on that we wouldn't put our kids in the bed with us in hopes of preventing a bad habit (strictly a personal preference).  We are very snuggly people and I personally love the snuggly time with my husband every night and with a baby in the bed I would be neglecting that time with Justin.  So, we have worked hard not to do that and I think that we have been very successful.  Collier has only slept in a bed with us one time, and it was only for 2 hours when he woke up really early one morning at the beach.  I love that he will go to sleep on his own and requires very little when going to for bed (either for naps or night time).  But there is a catch to this independence...Collier isn't suggly in the bed with us.  On weekend morning we will put him in bed with us and it is all about play time and not so much about snuggly time, which from time to time I would really love.  So, this morning with him in my arms was really sweet and special.  I don't think that he has laid in my arms like that to sleep since I stopped nursing him.  I just wish that it wasn't because he was hurting or not feeling good!  He is just so busy and never slows down enough to climb in my arms to rest.  As I was laying there, Thanking God for this sweet moment and thinking how content he felt in my arms - I took a deep breath and pictured that we were in the arms of Jesus taking in the rest and peace that only He can provide.  I hope that you will find that kind of rest and peace in Christ today too!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Right now, climbing is our thing. He climbs on anything that he can.  He has successfully mastered climbing into Justin's recliner (which sits a little higher than most furniture).  He is always being chased off of the coffee table by a wooden spoon.  He has tried to climb out of the bathtub and onto the toilet (with the lid closed thankfully) and who knows what is next!  But this is what we started over the weekend.......

side note: this video camera thing is a bad thing because I realize how much of a redneck that I sound like.  Secondly, I do not usually try and re-enforce behavior from behind a camera which is not affective what so ever...the actual discipline is!  However, I did want to capture (and share) the excitement that he displays when he accomplishes something....even if it is something he isn't supposed to be doing.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

He did it again...

Collier went down for a late afternoon nap and never work up.  He slept a total of 14 hours last night!  It has been month's since he has done that so I was very surprised.  Matter of fact for a few weeks he was only taking a long mid-day nap and no more.  But in the past week he has been taking shorter mid-day naps which results in the need for a late afternoon nap, but those normally last about an hour!  Except yesterday...14 hours.  I just couldn't believe it.

Friday Collier and Mom and I went to the zoo for Collier's first trip.  It was fun and I think that he enjoyed the freedom of running around.  The first part that we went to had chickens running around and I didn't think that we would make it past that part, finally I had to put him back in the stroller to help him understand there was a lot more to see.  Many of the animals were napping and the best part was the Primates.  We were going to ride the train but I didn't see where to buy the tickets at the station, so we'll have to do it next time.  They are doing a lot of construction to add a new 'African' exhibit in the spring that looks like it is going to be awesome.  Over all a good trip and gave Collier something new to experience.  As long as he was out of his stroller he wanted to be pushing the stroller...cracks me up!


After the zoo we dropped Mom off and played outside for a little while before we headed to the airport to pick up Justin (he was gone all of last week at his annual sales meeting) I was so glad to have him back home. Not fun to have him gone for an entire week!

Yesterday was full of football!  War Eagle! With all of the Cam Newton controversy I just hope and pray that it isn't true....I've said it myself a hundred times: 'where there is smoke there is fire'.   It is sad to think his dad, a pastor, would illegally accept money from anyone Auburn.  Rick Burgess made the point of the implications that this will have on the church, on Christianity.  How this may turn someone away who is on the fence and open the door for Satan and evil to attack the church as a whole.  Yeah, I want it to all be right so that Auburn won't have any troubles and that Cam can continue to focus on the game (and win) and not all of the other stuff...but more important is the impact of the Kingdom of God!  It was really eye opening to think of it from this perspective rather than just football and the game and winning/losing!  What is really important and what really matters?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It has been over a week since I have even thought about a post.  Lot's going on but I did want to take the time to update with Collier's stat's from last week.  It was really awesome to have Justin go with me to Collier's doctors appointment, Daddy gets to hold that sweet boy when the shot nurse arrives.  It was nice to not be that person for a change!  Perfectly healthy and happy One and a half year old!

Weight: 26LB 8OZ, just above 50th percentile
Height: 32.25", in between 50th and 75th percentile

Last weekend I got a girls night away to go to my SIL's baby shower in Rome, GA.  It was delightful and so much fun to have extra time with her and my MIL.  It is always so much fun to see sweet PINK baby stuff.    This week has included painting (after CH goes to sleep) and organizing and re-organizing after Collier undoes everything that I try and do. 

Yesterday my mom called twice while I was at work.  The first conversation was how you would think that Collier goes to day care and has picked up some 'rough' habits.  He doesn't, which means that we can't blame it on someone else but the child is just sort of rough.  He finds hitting and kicking at the dogs funny...NOT FUNNY at all.  He likes to run things (brooms, trucks, trains, anything that can be pushed) into our feet and the dogs.  The dogs run which Collier thinks is funny...NOT FUNNY!  I now know why Brinkley is not as into Collier...he basically terrorizes her.  We are working hard on 'gentle' and 'easy' behavior.  The second conversation with mom was: 'He needs a big brother to put him in his place'.  Well its a little late for that.  But gosh, to be a child who stays with his Grammie all day he certainly has some rough tendencies.  We have had to introduce the wooden spoon for some disciple.  I just need Grammie to buy into it to...not yet. 

He also had his first real bubble-bath over the weekend and he was so funny with the bubbles.  He kept scooping them up and messing with them.  Trying to make sense of what it was and what he was supposed to do with them. He wouldn't stop looking at them, he even tried to hand them to me! 

Falling back off of Day Light Savings has thrown Collier's sleeping routine off just a bit.  He gets tired much earlier and is awake much earlier.  When he is awake earlier than normal it makes it a little more difficult to get out the door in the mornings, you would think opposite.  But it is just how our routine works out.  We're working through it and I hope and pray that he will adjust back to his normal old time and that this isn't the new norm!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Costume and 18 Months

As promised I wanted to share about Collier's costume.  I just love it and was thrilled that it fit Collier so well.  My cousin Stephanie (who I have blogged about here and here)  made it for her first baby, Landon.  The second that I saw it on him I fell in love with it.  She and my Aunt Rena slaved over the costume and it turned out perfectly.  Every one of her boys have worn it and every time I would see them in it I would think 'gosh when I have kids one I want them to wear it' and when I did FINALLY have Collier she was kind enough to share it with me.  Collier did really good and wore the head piece for most of the time at the party on Saturday.  He was really cute, if I can say so myself, even if I am a little biased.   Steph, thank you so much and it is in really great shape even after 9 years!!

We had a great time on Saturday and Collier got to bounce in a 'bouce house' for the first time. He enjoyed it as long as there were other kids in there and did pretty good.  I had to get him out once the big kids started taking over.  Then we put him on the trampoline and he ran from side to side as fast as he could and would almost dive in our was soo funny but it made just way to nervous and so that ended that.  I agree it could be a little dangerous if one of us wasn't ready for the dive, but he was having a blast while it lasted. 

With the help of my crafty, handy and very skilled in-laws we did some major kitchen renovations this weekend but I will post before and after pictures when we are actually done.  I have cleaning, painting and organizing to do before I can share.  Mr. Charles is so good and quick and I just can't even believe that they were able to get done as much as they did.  He builds furniture (so if you need any speciality pieces built he is awesome - there is my plug) and can picture how something can turn out and make things happen and he makes it seem and look so easy.  Justin's quote of the weekend...'I went to Lowe's to get grout and came out with a wall full of cabinets'.  That is your hint.  Thank you Mr. Charles and Mrs. Pam for all of your help and hard work!  I am in love with it already!

Saturday Collier was official One and a half!  I just can't believe it and realize day by day how much of a big boy he is becoming.  His favorite words are: tractor, bird, and brink brink.  He almost has thank you down, but it sounds more like tack-ah.  We go on Wednesday for his doctor's appointment and I will be sure to update with his stats.  He is becoming more and more independent and knows exactly what he does and doesn't want.  Shakes his head with the most serious expression when he doesn't want something and if you insist a stomping of the feet and whining/crying fit will break out.  He has gotten tall enough to open the front door - can open all of the door's at my mom's house and we have really had to keep doors to the outside locked to keep from escaping.  He loves to sweep and use the blower to blow all of the leaves, and even loves the vacuum cleaner.  I hope he would continue to be such a big helper as he gets older.  He enjoys reading books and has become quite a little snuggler!  Every stage brings something new and with it new challenges as well as fun qualities and learning.  Being a mom is so rewarding and exhausting at the same time. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Dress Rehersal

You'll like this post, it is short and quick....unlike my week has felt this week!  I'm so glad Thursday (which is my Friday) is almost here...

Tonight I decided to be sure Collier's halloween costume actually fit...and that he would actually wear it!  He did pretty good.  I'll do a complete post on the costume alone - it is EXTRA special to me.  But I thought he looked awesome and I can't wait for him to wear it on Saturday for our halloween block party...

We're working on Roaring...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Impact of 1 Peter

In CBS we are studying 1st and 2nd Peter the first half of this year.  1 Peter has really captured my heart in a surprising and unexpected way.  I didn't expect to be this convicted by the study of 1 Peter.  I've read all of Peter at one time or another but never an in depth study  - like CBS gives.  This is why I love CBS so much.  You study verse by verse and you are really getting to know the Word of God - CBS is about God's word and not so much about other commentaries or perspectives but strictly God's word!  You should look to see if CBS has a class in your area...if you're in Bham please email me if you are interested in joining!  Sorry for the slight CBS distraction... Back to 1 Peter.    Convicted it the word that I use over and over and over again. 

Am I a stranger and alien in this world that we live in?  Do I stand out for the sake of Christ?  Am I different or do I try to blend in so that I am accepted by my peer's?   We're called to be light in this darkened world and I pray that God's light will shine through me so that I am different a stranger and alien in the world.
1 Peter 1:1 '... To God's elect, strangers in the world...'
John 15:19 ' If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.  As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.  That is why the world hates you"
Hebrews 11:13, 16 'aliens and strangers on earth..longing for a better country - a heavenly one'

Holy - I am called to be holy in all that I do.  Not just when it is going to bible study, having my quiet time, or in going to church - its easier to be 'holy' in those activities.  Am I holy when I am cleaning my house, when I am disciplining my child, when Justin leaves his work stuff in the den, when I am at I holy in ALL that I do? No!  that is what we're called to do to be a faithful child of God. In this obedience come to mind and realizing the need to be obedient which will result in my living inside of God's will. 
1 Peter 1: 15-16  But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do, for it is written: "Be holy, because I am holy"'
One of the questions for this verse was.  Do you think it is possible to fulfill this command [to be holy]?  I do think that it is possible.  God wouldn't give us a command or task that we couldn't ever be.  He never says 'be perfect' because he knows that is not possible.  The definition of holy is to be set apart, sacred.  I think that with the help of the Holy Spirit we can be this by being convicted of our sin, repenting of the sin and drawing nearer to God!  How Awesome!

Spiritual Growth - I know that I go through dry spells where I just coast along and really am not laying in the lap of God.  I am driving instead of letting Him drive...or even better I'm letting Him drive but telling Him along the way which direction I want to go.  This isn't good!  We all fall short - every single day.  But He remains the same forever.  He is the cornerstone/capstone and we are the living stone.  There fore we must trust, believe, obey, and live out His truths so that we are 'being built into a spiritual house' 1 Peter 2:5.
1 Peter 2: 9 'Bu you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light'
Deuteronomy 7:6 'For you are a people holy to the Lord your God.  The LORD your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession.'
Holy cow....HIS TREASURED POSSESSION!  I am speechless! 

Servant hood - this is a hard one because it covers everything from submitting and praying for government leadership (which right now I am not a fan of) to our masters (bosses or others who have authority over us) and even our husbands.   We are to serve as Christ served.  To work as though working for God...not man (Ephesians 6:5-8).  Always do what is right (Colossians 3:22-24)

My words, my thoughts, my heart.  I believe that what is in your heart will reflect in your thoughts and what you think will be reflected in the words that come out of your mouth.  Here are some verses that grabbed my heart and makes me hold my tongue
1 Peter 3:9-12 'Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.  For, "Whoever would love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech.  He must turn from evil and do good; he must seek peace and pursue it.  For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil"'
Ephesians 4:29 'Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.'
James 3:9-12 'With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness.  Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing.  My brother, this should not be.  Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?  My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs?  Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.'
WHAT?  You mean when I was at the Jefferson County DMV in line for the 2nd time (1st time for 2 hours) and calling the rude people that work their idiots and incompetent....that this can not be justified?  Nope.  I was wrong and must seek forgiveness.  I realized through these verses...CONVICTED.... that I need to evaluate what is coming out of my mouth and ultimately what is in my heart! No unwholesome talk or deceitful speech.  I am asking that God will help me do this.  I can not do it on my own but I know that with His help I can do better! 

If I trust in Him and rely on Him I will draw nearer to Him. He is all that matters.  If I wrap myself in His arms and find rest in Him there is a peace and joy and love that we can not understood to the fullest.  We are told that we will go through trials and we will be refined like gold, He will discipline us out of love so that in all of this we will seek Him first and grow closer to Him.  We have a mighty and awesome God who loves us beyond measure and calls us precious and treasured possessions.  How sweet this is!

Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend time

I keep having moments of 'oh I need to blog about this' and then time gets away and next thing I know I am laying on the couch or crawling into the bed instead of blogging!  So, I have lots that I want to share but don't think that I can get it all done in one blog.  So, I'm going to try and break them out and get what I can posted this week to get caught up.  This is a big week by the way because a sweet little man will be 18months this weekend.
I know that I have mentioned over and over again how much I love not working on Fridays.  I am so thankful for that extra full day to be at home.  Some Friday's are more productive than others.  Justin reminded me that I justified that one day off as a day to get the house in order, clean, laundry, etc.  I have such good intentions but the truth of the matter is that I consider my Friday's off as 'My Collier day' and this past week was just that.  The weather was awesome and he was in such a great mood.  It was just one of those really great days.  It started of with little man sleeping a little late which results in me doing the same...What a great way to start the day!  We ate a quick breakfast and put the laundry on and then went for a run.  It has been several months since I have actually run with the jogging stroller and it is a lot more work with that stroller than running alone.  I have to find a flat service because a little hill will kill me with the stroller.  I ran in a neighborhood with a park but when I got to the park my little running buddies was fast asleep.  Which gave me a chance to run further and longer than I thought.  the weather was perfect and I was thrilled.  When he woke up I headed back toward the park and gave him a chance to stretch his legs.  He was supper silly on the play ground but ultimately wanted to I said before if we would let him he would eat and sleep in a swing...he just loves it!  They also have a wide open grassy area and he and I ran around on.  Very sweet.  He loves to run down a hill yelling with his arms straight out.  We did that several times and I think that he really enjoyed it.  I thought it was rather funny.  We finally made our way back to the car to go home for lunch.  We played outside for a little bit after lunch and then  Collier laid down for a nap - lasting 3 hours!  I got laundry done and sat at the computer to blog and decided that I was going to take advantage of the quiet beautiful day and I sat outside and read - I am reading 'Parenting by The Book' which is for another post because it really is an awesome book.  I read a chapter, sat and prayed and was still able to catch a quick nap myself before CH woke up.  We of course went straight outside and played until almost dark.  Justin cooked yummy spaghetti  and we were all happy campers!

Saturday morning we left CH with mom and dad and Justin and I went for a little run.  Loved every minute of it.  I love when Justin and I get a chance to do something for ourselves and something about taking a run together is really awesome and satisfying to my soul!  The rest of the day was filled with football and friends!  I am so excited about Auburn and how well they are doing this year.  I have to be honest that at the beginning of the year I was considering it would be another year of growth for Auburn and much to my surprise they have done really well.  Everyone keeps saying that it is all because of Cam Newton, I know that he is a HUGE part but as a whole they are doing better than I was expecting!  War Eagle!  I am very proud of those Auburn Tigers.

Just was tickling Collier this weekend and realized that he has a tooth breaking through toward the back of his mouth....which completely explains the wining, crying and fussiness last week.  Mom even said she felt bad for fussing at him about the wining one day.  Wining is like fingers on a chalkboard for us, it has no good purpose, doesn't make me want to be very nice and  my patience comes to an abrupt end.  But hopefully now that it has pushed through it won't bother him as much.  He had a few days of runny nose and I figured it was teeth but now I know for sure.  Back to tablets and Tylenol!

Yesterday was amazing, we opened the house for almost the entire day and loved the fresh breezes through the house!  Last night we had strong storms and lots of rain...praise the Lord for the rain!  It has been weeks since we have seen a drop of rain and God showered it down on us last night!  I laid in bed watching continuous flashed of lightening and rumbling thunder and prayed for safety and protection yet praising Him for the much needed rain.  How awesome He is to be an all protecting, all powerful and all providing God!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Except for singing praises to God!  He is awesome and I am so thankful for His abundant blessings.


I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.
I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.
Psalm 9:1-2