Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Brrr it is cold here and I love it.  I was up before the sun this morning running off the ice cream that I devoured last night.  It was 27 when I got up and I was major layered and loved every minute of it...not being up before the sun but running in the cold weather.  No sweat and didn't even get winded. 

We had our FIRST fire of the season last weekend and let me just tell you that my man is the best and most dedicated fire builder a fire-love'n wife could ask for.  He is serious about it and does it very very well...the fire that is!  Justin likes a roaring fire, no little slow burning fire for this man!  I don't complain because I don't do a single thing except stand in front of it until my back gets so hot that it starts itching and I have to move away to cool down but then park myself right back in front of it!  I finally found a stable and sturdy firescreen that Collier and Brinkley don't tip over as they walk by.  I found it at Target and I love it (thanks to all you facebook pep's who pointed me in the right direction) and most importantly it keeps Collier out.  Collier understands that it is HOT but, like his daddy, he likes to watch it! 

We went on Friday to pick out our Christmas tree.  It doesn't take Justin and me long to pick a tree - we want it full and plump!  The boy scouts put up a tree lot around the corner from our house.  We like to support them and when we pull up we have 2-3 boys rush to see how they can help us.  They pull out the tree's that we want to see, even twirl it around for me and fill us in on all that they can do for us...trim the bottom or top, drill a whole in the bottom, tie it to our car, etc.  Collier really took to one of the boys, who of course wasn't even helping us, and followed him around.  Even picked up a few sticks and gave to him.  The funniest part was that the little boy was  a little shy. He didn't really know what to do with a little shadow giving him sticks.  I of course was laughing and Justin was just shaking his head!  

My Christmas Elf is a firm believer that you must allow your free a few days to 'fall' before you put lights and decorations.  Therefore, we waited until last night to put on our lights.  My Christmas Elf also strictly enforces that color lights go inside and white on the outside of the house.  I have properly displayed my Christmas village on our fireplace mantel to make keep my Elf a happy Elf this year! 

Last weekend Mom and I got an awesome opportunity to attend the Deeper Still conference here in Birmingham.  We got to hear Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore all speak and share/teach us though God's word!  Not to mention worship like I have never experienced before.  I am still wrapping my mind around all that we learned and I do hope to gather my thoughts (so that they make sense to someone else besides my crazy mind) and share with you.  One thing for sure Priscilla Shirer Rocks!  I have never heard of her before last weekend much less was aware of her ministry but let me just tell you, she knocked my socks off and has honestly put me on my  knee's!


This weekend we will be celebrating my Christmas Elf's birthday... and we're doing it childless.

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