Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lost and Found

Do you ever feel like you are loosing your mind?  I do!  I seem to keep loosing things and it makes me crazy, and I know that it makes Justin crazy.  Good thing that he loves me!  I get so mad at myself, why can't I just keep up with things and know exactly where they are and what I did with them last!  I have learned that if I have a 'place' for everything that I will return it to its 'place' and I will know where it is. But for those things that don't have a place...well good luck!  So, a few months ago we bought one of those coupon books here in Birmingham (for those of your not in Bham - it is a huge coupon book to restaurants, retail stores, activities, etc all over Birmingham)  Justin wanted to use one of the golf coupons and I couldn't quite find it at the time, well my searching turned into about 2 months. Justin was mad, I was mad, I prayed for God to show me where it was (so that I could be a good wife and not frustrate my sweet husband), asked Mom to search her house, all with no luck at all.   I decided I must have thrown it away.  Meanwhile.... 

After getting home from thanksgiving my house was a little crazy with unpacking plus pulling out Christmas and to say things were slightly in chaos would be an understatement.  But as I started putting things in their place I realized that I was missing one of Collier's shoes.  Oh, once I'm done putting everything away it will turn up, right?  No worries.  Well two weeks later, no such luck.  Back to my strategy...pray that God will show me where it is...and I mean I was ON MY KNEE's praying, ask mom to check her house, check my car, look under everything and every place it could possibly be.  I even pulled out the Christmas boxes thinking that in decorating it could have been put in one of the a little man could have put it there without telling anyone.  All with no luck.  BUT at one point I checked under the couch and guess what I found......THE COUPON BOOK.  I was so excited and you have no idea how many times I have vacuumed and looked under the couch for that thing (and the shoe).  God must have placed it there, Justin and I just laughed and were both glad to have it!  So, Back to the shoes - the big problem is that these are Collier's only nicer pair of shoes and my cousin is getting married this weekend.  Collier will NOT be wearing tennis shoes to a wedding.  So, I had Justin search the house one final time and I went and bought another pair of shoes yesterday.

This morning, I was pulling some clothes out of collier's closet - trying to decide what he is going to wear to the wedding and being sure it is clean and ready... I pulled a jumper out of the closet and was looking it over and out of nowhere his shoe fell to the floor!  I couldn't believe it. I think that God must have a really good sense of humor and think right when I am on the verse of really committing myself to the crazy house that He would keep me where I am!  It was like the shoe fell from the sky...literally I have pulled everything out of that closet and checked and double checked in that closet and never once saw it!  Justin even said he looked in there yesterday.  Good news, I'll be returning the other shoes and we are all set for the wedding!

I wish that these were the only lost and found items...Another occurred with a Toys R Us coupon that I had and it mysterious ended up in my mom's car.. Strange!  I have no idea what my problem is.  On a very very serious note.  I do have to depend on God daily to provide me with wisdom and knowledge and a solid memory.  Especially when at work, I'll remember things and I just sit in amazement that I was able to remember this or that...I know it is God.  I am not the brightest cookie in the cookie jar but with God's help his light shines through me and makes me glow!  Praise be to Him. 

Pictures care of Christmas card attempt mishaps!!

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