Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap

2010 was a fun year!  Collier has grown and changed so very much.  It is amazing to me how much of a 'big boy' that he is becoming.  Here is our 2010 Year in Pictures.

The high points of 2010
  • Collier's First Snow - January and February brought us snow.  Justin and I loved it and Collier wasn't quite so sure.  Thankfully Justin kept a good fire going to keep us all warm.
  • Collier went from a few steps to running and climbing very fast.
  • Collier turned ONE!  We celebrated at Compass Lake with family
  • I completed the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon - Justin and I enjoyed a fun trip with friends to San Diego
  • We spent several summer weekends at Compass Lake and Lake Eufaula and even made one trip to Smith Lake.  Collier loves boats and especially driving!
  • Collier had his 1st haircut - gracious his hair grows so fast.. since August, we've had 4 hair cuts
  • We welcomed Hayden Elizabeth Korey to our family in August.
  • I completed the Nashville Women's Half Marathon - Collier joined us on this trip and was great fun to spend the weekend in Nashville. 
  • Collier experienced the Beach for the first time - loved the sand but the water was a little too cool in October.  We hope to go back this summer and see what he thinks of the ocean. 
  • Christmas was great fun.  Collier LOVES all of the Christmas lights (just like his daddy) and would insist that they be turned on/plugged in.  Although he really didn't understand what Santa was all about he did enjoy saying oh, oh, oh when asked what Santa says.What a magical and fabulous year!
God has poured out His blessing upon us in 2010 and we turn to Him as we begin 2011.  I am thankful for my husband, he provides and cares for us and especially keeps me laughing and smiling always.  I pray that we will focus on God being at the center of our relationship and that we can grow even closer together in Christ in 2011.   I love to see and watch Collier grown and develop and constantly pray that he will have a heart for the Lord and want to serve Him all the days of his life.  My heart yearns to draw nearer and nearer to God this year, and that all that I do will be pleasing to Him.  That I will have a positive impact on His kingdom!  When I see our Savior face to face, I want to hear Him say 'well done, good and faithful servant'.

May your 2011 begin with the joy of the Lord in your heart!

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Crazy Lady said...

very cute pics and great goals for 2011.