Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I think that it is fun to compare from year to year.  Amazing at how different he looks, but the expression is basically the same....



Who is this man and why are you putting me in his lap?

Also, notice that in the 2010 picture Collier still doesn't have on shoes.  We went to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa this year, it was pouring rain and cold.  We were headed to Atlanta for the weekend so Collier was chill'n in his car seat - no need for shoes on a 2 hour trip right?  Well in middle of the pouring rain and trying to be sure I was covered, my camera was covered, carrying an umbrella and getting Collier out of the car I forgot to grab his shoes.  I realized as we were walking into the store that he didn't have any shoes no and I was NOT going back to the car!  Oh well.  So Collier ran all around Bass Pro Shops with no shoes! I don't think that I even owned a pair of shoes for him in 2009, babies don't need shoes, right?

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