Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Baseball

We finished up Collier's first ever 'fall ball'.  I can't remember if I shared before that we played this season in Hoover, rather than Homewood as we did in the Spring.  We live in the Hoover area of Birmingham and were hoping to get better exposed to friends that go to Collier's didn't end up being the case but he loved anyway!  We did Homewood before because that is where Collier was in preschool and all of his friends from that school are in Homewood.  Fall Ball is way more laid back and casual - no score keeping and only one base at a time - I would say not competitive at all!  which is hard for me, to be honest and Collier asked after each game who won!  But his coach was awesome and very funny.  It was at the discretion of each coach to give trophies or not...and I was so very thrilled to know that our couch was not going to....I'm not a huge fan of participation trophies.  Instead he did an amazing job of giving each boy an award (aka: toy and bouncy baseball)to point out their strength on the field.  Collier got MONSTER HITTER!    They were a cute little team and Collier just loves playing baseball, so he was happy to be on the field each week.


It is done until top court side!

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