Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Hayden

She arrived on Monday morning and is cute as a button! She is doing great and mom and dad are doing good. Chris said that he was up every 3 hours last night which is right on course! I can't wait to get my hands and lips on that sweet baby. More pictures to come...I promise!

Hayden Elizabeth Korey
7LB 14oz

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hair Cuts

Today we went and got our hair cut. As you can tell we were in need of a good trim to get the hair out of Collier's eyes. It was making me crazy!

But I was sort of dreading it because last time it was a bad experience...he screamed...the ladies weren't really friendly...he looked at me with eyes that said 'help me momma'....the lady didn't want me to hold him....he had HUGE crocodile tears that will break any momma's heart...the lady couldn't have cared less....but we did walk away with a hair cut and it did look good. But today was a very different experience. I got my hair cut and as Ginger was finishing drying my hair mom walked in (perfect timing) and sat Collier in my lap and it was a huge SUCCESS.

Not a single tear. He didn't even make a peep. He did awesome. Ginger told him he was doing great, that he was a good boy, that he is beautiful... She was gentle and sweet and made the whole experience wonderful!
He actually liked the cape and when she took it off he made a really funny sad face like he wanted to cry but didn't know why and so he changed his mind and didn't! He also liked the really big mirror that he could see himself in...he was really digg'n that! Now I can see his eyes again and I think that he looks rather handsome.

This is the best shot that I could get, he wouldn't look at the camera for me. I'll get some better pictures over the weekend!

Some people have asked about my brother, Chris. Thank you for the prayers. He is FINALLY home and his blood pressure, with assistance of medication, has dropped to normal. He is on an IV antibiotic for 4-6 weeks once a day. He is not experiencing the pain, thank the lord and they are trying to rest and relax while they have the chance and before that sweet baby Hayden arrives on Monday. I can not wait to go down and meet her!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Last Friday Collier and I went to spend some time at McWane center. It was really fun and it was just the two of us. Not as crowded now that school is back in. He did so good and did more climbing and venturing around than last time. We were going to go to the zoo but it ended up raining most of the day and we HAD to get out and do something. All weekend it was just the two of us - Justin was gone and my parents were gone! So, we needed some activity. Saturday, I had a bible study retreat and with everyone gone I got another babysitter and everything went really good. She said that he did great and there was no crying when I left....even though I sort of snuck out and he was watching cedermont kids! The babysitter is coming back next week too when mom goes for the arrival of my niece - so Collier is getting adjusted to having her around! The rest of our weekend was good, although I was really glad when Justin got home on Sunday!

He loves this car

I had to work hard to get him out and away from the water....he could play in that area all day if I let him.

So tired...such a sweet and content look...this was on the way home. Needless to say he slept hard as soon as we got home!

My parents went to Dothan for the weekend because my brother was put in the hospital (ONE WEEK BEFORE HIS WIFE IS TO DELIVERY THEIR SECOND BABY) Chris was having some severe pains in his shoulder after seeing two doctors they determined he had an infection in the joint of his shoulder. They ended up doing surgery to remove the infection and later determined that it was a staff infection. Surgery went well and he is doing much better. He is battling high blood pressure and they are working to figure out why they aren't able to manage it. He is still in the hospital and he is about to go crazy....he is bored and ready to be at home! We would really appreciate your prayers for them all -especially that Chris will be released from the hospital. That he will recover easily and they will both be prepared to welcome Hayden next week. We really appreciate the prayers.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ok, so to let you into a little part of me that I wish was very artsy, creative and talented. Every time I am shopping and see something that I like, want and/or need I immediately think...I bet I can make that! I do this almost EVERY time that I shop. The truth of the matter is that I will go and buy materials to duplicate whatever I saw and only get half way through and never complete it OR even better I finish and don't like it. I should have just bought it to begin with and saved the money and time on materials doing something I am clueless of doing. I've done this with purses, Halloween decor, Christmas decor, and the list goes on. I am not naturally creative but want to be and often times try to be! I am proud to say that one of the VERY few times, I actually succeeded. Ok, so I see people make cute little pants for their children and I decided that I should try and find a pattern and sew a pair of pants for Collier for fall. I went onto Darby's website where she has listed several recommended sewing patters. I picked up the Bonnie Blue 'Jillian' pattern and went to work. I have sewn a few things in my past and with my mom's help I can usually pull things off...but never with out a little mistake here and there to correct. Here is goes:
First, I cut my patterns and started sewing WRONG sides together when clearly it said to sew side seams with RIGHT sides together. OOps, I was only a few stitches in so I was able to clip, correct and continue with not much delay. With several consults with my mom, I was able to make sew each pants leg correct. The next step is to sew from the waist to the crotch to sew the legs together to make the pants whole....this is where things went terribly wrong. I thought and thought about it, I followed the directions and diagrams for how I thought it read....well.....I sewed them together all right...all the way together. In other words, I had two legs from the waist to the hem...no way to fit a little fanny in them. I then realized that I MUST own a seam ripper and 2 hours later I had undone my work and was ready to try again and correctly sew them together at JUST the crotch area! Oh the joys of learning....my theory is that you learn by mistakes and I bet that I won't ever do that again! I get it now. Here are my results. I am very happy with them, I haven't actually hemmed them yet but I think that they turned out cute!

I also did a pair of shorts - but I did a little experimenting with these and didn't do a side seam...I haven't hemmed these either and will see how they fit.

playing with water AGAIN....we sort of have to as HOT as it is!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sweet Friends

I've been wanting to share about one of my dear friends, Lindsey, who went on vacation single and returned married. This was back in April and it is such a precious and fun story...they went on vacation (with Lindsey's parents) and Hunter surprised them all by proposing and then laid an even bigger surprise that they should get married while in the Key's! The sweet details (location, who would marry them, flowers, dress, etc) all got worked out in a matter of a few days and they were married before they returned home! Lindsey and Hunter are such a perfect pair and they both deserve the happiness they give each other! They are precious and wonderful friends. They decided that they would have a reception/party for their close friends and family and it was last Saturday night. It was so much fun, and everything was so very nice. With the help of their families they pulled off an amazing night to celebrate their marriage. Here are a few pictures from last Saturday night! They both have great friends and families - I really enjoyed meeting more of their families and friends and getting to meet some new friends too. Lindsey's friend Jana has a little girl who is about 20 days older than Collier. She is beautiful and so sweet. I do wish that they lived a little closer so that Collier and Maryn could meet and play! It was fun to finally meet them since we hear about them so much! So fun!

I don't know what was so funny...

Since my parents were also invited to this fun night, this put Justin and I in need of a babysitter. After searching and trying a few people who we thought would be great (and all had other plans) we found a young girl who a friend of ours uses. She turned out to be great and was great for our FIRST babysitting experience. When we left them Collier was screaming at the top of his lungs but she assured me that he didn't cry long. She said that they played with Brinkley and read lots of books before he crashed for the night. I hope to use her a bit more so that Collier will get used to her and feel comfortable with her.

One other thing I wanted to be sure to document is that Collier now has 4 more teeth. Over the past 2 weeks they have come in. He used to like brushing his teeth but doesn't as much recently and I wonder if it is because of this teeth being sensitive. He gives great and sweet kisses (usually with his mouth wide open) blowing kisses and hi and bye waving too! Growing, changing and doing new silly things every day.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I really don't have much to write about. I'll be back to post about last Saturday night -I'm waiting on some pictures to share and post. For now, I'll just share my random thoughts:

The heat is too hot and the air is too dry and I am ready for some cooler weather. My plants agree with me. I am excited about football season getting started soon! I am LOVING my new old job. I love even more working four days a week - I think that everyone should only have to work four days to give us all a full three day weekend...anyone else join me in that wish? Both of my sister-in-laws are pregnant and both are having GIRLS! One will arrive in just 2 weeks and other will arrive in 2011! We can't wait to meet them. Collier is practicing eating with a fork, eating off of a plate and drinking out of a big boy cup! Why are all of his new activity's revolving around food? Collier also loves this little car I bought him, he has gotten really good with maneuvering it around and he thinks its great to stand on the seat and make mommy and daddy jump out of their seats to make him sit down! Lovely! I want to sew some pants for Collier for fall.....I bought the Bonnie Blue Jillian pattern to make this attempt....I have really big idea's and hopes that I can do this. I have scoped out some really cute material if I can actually pull it off! My MIL is here for a few days and we're all glad that she came for a visit! I am thrilled to be in town for the weekend again...I love NOT driving for just a few weeks, but then I am also ready to head to the lake...I can't make up my mind! Perfect world would be to have compass lake in my backyard in Birmingham...is that possible? Collier gives all out kisses with his mouth wide open and I love it! He also has started blowing kisses with his tongue out and I love that too! Come to think of it, whats not to love about this kiddo!
From Collier 2010

From Collier 2010
I just want to eat these cheeks!

From Collier 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whew what a morning....

that is what I said when we finally were on the way to the doctor's appointment this morning. Collier didn't get a bath lastnight so this morning I needed to be sure that we both got up, showered and fed in enough time to go and get gas and drop of the dry cleaning before heading to Collier's doctor appointment. It was 7:00 when I got Collier out of bed and his breakfast in the oven, I asked myself if I could feed him breakfast, dry my hair, bathe him and us both be dressed in one hour.....I then asked God for His timing and His help to get me out the door on time. He faithfully answered I put Collier's shoes on his feet and looked at the clock and it was 8:02..whaooo! Out the door we go, strap Collier in and decided that I needed to get his lovey, "Maurice", since we were going to get shots at the doctor. I got in the car and thought that my car sounded really quite but the air was still going and thought everything was fine, I am backing out of the driveway and realize that I have no power...hummm....then remembering why I needed to leave early to get gas.......................oh CRAP is my car out of gas?? oh and did I mention that Justin is out of town? oh joyful. Call mom, call Justin who tells me he has some gas in a can that I can use, i use it all up and still nothing. Obviously the incline of our driveway has NEGATIVE affect on the gas tank indicator (is that was you call it?). Mom comes, goes and fills up the can returns and fills the car up. I'm trying to keep Collier out of the water from the sprinkler. We both hold our breath and after two tries and mom telling me to hold down the gas peddle it started!!! It is now 9:00 and I need to be at the doctor at 9: 15...she is worried that my car won't make it and I don't have time to fill up. I take her car and Collier and I head to the doctor, she takes mine and fills it up! Whew. Did I mention it is about 98 degree's with horrible humidity, needless to say I'm sweating quite a bit by now - do I have time to take another shower?

Everything at the doctor was great. Here are his stat's:
Weight: 23.06LB - about 28th percentile
Height: 31" - about 25th percentile...I don't think this is right...according to the growth chart he has been 31" since 9months and I know better than that by the fact that he can reach things he couldn't before and some of his clothes length wise have gotten tight. I've even had to move button's on a few of his rompers because of the length. Hard to get the right height with a squirmy 15 month old!
Head: not sure of the measurement but he is close to 75th percentile - like his daddy!

I did check with the doctor about Collier's talking or lack of. He assured me NOT to be worried, I'm no longer going to worry, fret or consume my thoughts about how to make him talk. Doctor said that some children are talkers and others are doers; we'll call Collier a doer! He is trying to say some words just nothing very clear and mostly grunting. Very thankful to have a healthy and growing little man! God has poured out his blessing with this little boy and I am so greatful.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekends with Friends

are always special and fun. This past weekend we went to Smith lake with the Nix's and Reece's. Collier is the only child between the three couples and it was really so fun, I will be honest that I was a little nervous because our past trips have always been filled with late night games and sleeping in late the next morning. Plus Smith Lake is very deep and most houses do not have a shallow beach area if at all. You walk down very long stairs straight onto the dock... which means that he had to either hold my hand or be held and he doesn't care for either when around the water. He did better than I thought and we really had a great day. We only had one simi-late night with lots of fun game playing and Collier did pretty good with sleeping past 7 allowing everyone else to get some sleep! I didn't take a single picture because I was either holding his hand or in the water with him. We went on boat rides, did a little swimming and lots of delicious eating! I have to give some extra big prop's to Justin....Saturday afternoon after floatingfor a while Collier decided he wanted to get out. We played in the boat and walked around the dock and then he just headed up the dock and up the stairs. He walked (well with my support) all the way up the stairs. At least at the house he has more freedom and lots of toys to play with. I was just going to hang out with him until he went down for his next nap and the next thing I knew Justin was up at the house to watch him so I could go down and float and hang out with the others. How great is that? I certainly appreciate it so very very much! Awesome to have such a great husband and daddy!

Collier is now 15 months and is just changing so much. We go to the doctor tomorrow so I'll update all of his stat's tomorrow after the appointment. He is finally starting to try more talking. I'm a little worried about his lack of talking but he has at least started to try more words this week. Nothing consistent....except 'Brink Brink' and 'Bye Bye'. The rest is all very questionable but I can tell that he is starting to try some of the words that we say. I'll certainly be asking the doctor tomorrow to see if I should actually be worried or not.

One funny thing about Collier is that he likes to clear a table, shelf, or any flat surface. He will quickly swipe a table or shelf by grabbing and throwing behind him in order for all items to be on the floor. I had gone through all of the Sunday coupons and left the remains on the coffee table and the next morning they were scattered all over the floor and Collier proudly stomped and ran through the mess. He does the same thing to my book shelf. He is still loving every minute that he gets outside. If we open the door and he doesn't get to go out he usually pitches a fit by crying and running away from the door. I really need to try and get a video of him doing that - it is really very pitiful.