Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hair Cuts

Today we went and got our hair cut. As you can tell we were in need of a good trim to get the hair out of Collier's eyes. It was making me crazy!

But I was sort of dreading it because last time it was a bad experience...he screamed...the ladies weren't really friendly...he looked at me with eyes that said 'help me momma'....the lady didn't want me to hold him....he had HUGE crocodile tears that will break any momma's heart...the lady couldn't have cared less....but we did walk away with a hair cut and it did look good. But today was a very different experience. I got my hair cut and as Ginger was finishing drying my hair mom walked in (perfect timing) and sat Collier in my lap and it was a huge SUCCESS.

Not a single tear. He didn't even make a peep. He did awesome. Ginger told him he was doing great, that he was a good boy, that he is beautiful... She was gentle and sweet and made the whole experience wonderful!
He actually liked the cape and when she took it off he made a really funny sad face like he wanted to cry but didn't know why and so he changed his mind and didn't! He also liked the really big mirror that he could see himself in...he was really digg'n that! Now I can see his eyes again and I think that he looks rather handsome.

This is the best shot that I could get, he wouldn't look at the camera for me. I'll get some better pictures over the weekend!

Some people have asked about my brother, Chris. Thank you for the prayers. He is FINALLY home and his blood pressure, with assistance of medication, has dropped to normal. He is on an IV antibiotic for 4-6 weeks once a day. He is not experiencing the pain, thank the lord and they are trying to rest and relax while they have the chance and before that sweet baby Hayden arrives on Monday. I can not wait to go down and meet her!


Amy Kennedy said...

That little Collier is SOOOOOOO cute Shannon! He is really such a beautiful little boy! Thank you for your sweet comment. I hope C adjusts quickly this year back to bible study nights-that is just stressful when they don't cooperate b/c you can't enjoy yourself. I have something to email you about to see if y'all want to do. Glad Chris is feeling better-so exciting about their new baby girl coming next week-be sure to post some pictures of her! Happy Friday!

Gail said...

Your LIL' guy is sooooo darn precious! THOSE eyes will kill a heart!!!!! :O) I am glad he didn't mind the hair-cut this time! I was glad to learn about Chris, too. Your Mom had sent me a short note before heading to Dothan. I was happy, happy to learn he is at home and resting! NOW...for the new babe to arrive! Thanks for sharing. Give your Mom a hug for me, please. Love, G