Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekends with Friends

are always special and fun. This past weekend we went to Smith lake with the Nix's and Reece's. Collier is the only child between the three couples and it was really so fun, I will be honest that I was a little nervous because our past trips have always been filled with late night games and sleeping in late the next morning. Plus Smith Lake is very deep and most houses do not have a shallow beach area if at all. You walk down very long stairs straight onto the dock... which means that he had to either hold my hand or be held and he doesn't care for either when around the water. He did better than I thought and we really had a great day. We only had one simi-late night with lots of fun game playing and Collier did pretty good with sleeping past 7 allowing everyone else to get some sleep! I didn't take a single picture because I was either holding his hand or in the water with him. We went on boat rides, did a little swimming and lots of delicious eating! I have to give some extra big prop's to Justin....Saturday afternoon after floatingfor a while Collier decided he wanted to get out. We played in the boat and walked around the dock and then he just headed up the dock and up the stairs. He walked (well with my support) all the way up the stairs. At least at the house he has more freedom and lots of toys to play with. I was just going to hang out with him until he went down for his next nap and the next thing I knew Justin was up at the house to watch him so I could go down and float and hang out with the others. How great is that? I certainly appreciate it so very very much! Awesome to have such a great husband and daddy!

Collier is now 15 months and is just changing so much. We go to the doctor tomorrow so I'll update all of his stat's tomorrow after the appointment. He is finally starting to try more talking. I'm a little worried about his lack of talking but he has at least started to try more words this week. Nothing consistent....except 'Brink Brink' and 'Bye Bye'. The rest is all very questionable but I can tell that he is starting to try some of the words that we say. I'll certainly be asking the doctor tomorrow to see if I should actually be worried or not.

One funny thing about Collier is that he likes to clear a table, shelf, or any flat surface. He will quickly swipe a table or shelf by grabbing and throwing behind him in order for all items to be on the floor. I had gone through all of the Sunday coupons and left the remains on the coffee table and the next morning they were scattered all over the floor and Collier proudly stomped and ran through the mess. He does the same thing to my book shelf. He is still loving every minute that he gets outside. If we open the door and he doesn't get to go out he usually pitches a fit by crying and running away from the door. I really need to try and get a video of him doing that - it is really very pitiful.

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