Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whew what a morning....

that is what I said when we finally were on the way to the doctor's appointment this morning. Collier didn't get a bath lastnight so this morning I needed to be sure that we both got up, showered and fed in enough time to go and get gas and drop of the dry cleaning before heading to Collier's doctor appointment. It was 7:00 when I got Collier out of bed and his breakfast in the oven, I asked myself if I could feed him breakfast, dry my hair, bathe him and us both be dressed in one hour.....I then asked God for His timing and His help to get me out the door on time. He faithfully answered I put Collier's shoes on his feet and looked at the clock and it was 8:02..whaooo! Out the door we go, strap Collier in and decided that I needed to get his lovey, "Maurice", since we were going to get shots at the doctor. I got in the car and thought that my car sounded really quite but the air was still going and thought everything was fine, I am backing out of the driveway and realize that I have no power...hummm....then remembering why I needed to leave early to get gas.......................oh CRAP is my car out of gas?? oh and did I mention that Justin is out of town? oh joyful. Call mom, call Justin who tells me he has some gas in a can that I can use, i use it all up and still nothing. Obviously the incline of our driveway has NEGATIVE affect on the gas tank indicator (is that was you call it?). Mom comes, goes and fills up the can returns and fills the car up. I'm trying to keep Collier out of the water from the sprinkler. We both hold our breath and after two tries and mom telling me to hold down the gas peddle it started!!! It is now 9:00 and I need to be at the doctor at 9: 15...she is worried that my car won't make it and I don't have time to fill up. I take her car and Collier and I head to the doctor, she takes mine and fills it up! Whew. Did I mention it is about 98 degree's with horrible humidity, needless to say I'm sweating quite a bit by now - do I have time to take another shower?

Everything at the doctor was great. Here are his stat's:
Weight: 23.06LB - about 28th percentile
Height: 31" - about 25th percentile...I don't think this is right...according to the growth chart he has been 31" since 9months and I know better than that by the fact that he can reach things he couldn't before and some of his clothes length wise have gotten tight. I've even had to move button's on a few of his rompers because of the length. Hard to get the right height with a squirmy 15 month old!
Head: not sure of the measurement but he is close to 75th percentile - like his daddy!

I did check with the doctor about Collier's talking or lack of. He assured me NOT to be worried, I'm no longer going to worry, fret or consume my thoughts about how to make him talk. Doctor said that some children are talkers and others are doers; we'll call Collier a doer! He is trying to say some words just nothing very clear and mostly grunting. Very thankful to have a healthy and growing little man! God has poured out his blessing with this little boy and I am so greatful.

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