Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ok, so to let you into a little part of me that I wish was very artsy, creative and talented. Every time I am shopping and see something that I like, want and/or need I immediately think...I bet I can make that! I do this almost EVERY time that I shop. The truth of the matter is that I will go and buy materials to duplicate whatever I saw and only get half way through and never complete it OR even better I finish and don't like it. I should have just bought it to begin with and saved the money and time on materials doing something I am clueless of doing. I've done this with purses, Halloween decor, Christmas decor, and the list goes on. I am not naturally creative but want to be and often times try to be! I am proud to say that one of the VERY few times, I actually succeeded. Ok, so I see people make cute little pants for their children and I decided that I should try and find a pattern and sew a pair of pants for Collier for fall. I went onto Darby's website where she has listed several recommended sewing patters. I picked up the Bonnie Blue 'Jillian' pattern and went to work. I have sewn a few things in my past and with my mom's help I can usually pull things off...but never with out a little mistake here and there to correct. Here is goes:
First, I cut my patterns and started sewing WRONG sides together when clearly it said to sew side seams with RIGHT sides together. OOps, I was only a few stitches in so I was able to clip, correct and continue with not much delay. With several consults with my mom, I was able to make sew each pants leg correct. The next step is to sew from the waist to the crotch to sew the legs together to make the pants whole....this is where things went terribly wrong. I thought and thought about it, I followed the directions and diagrams for how I thought it read....well.....I sewed them together all right...all the way together. In other words, I had two legs from the waist to the hem...no way to fit a little fanny in them. I then realized that I MUST own a seam ripper and 2 hours later I had undone my work and was ready to try again and correctly sew them together at JUST the crotch area! Oh the joys of learning....my theory is that you learn by mistakes and I bet that I won't ever do that again! I get it now. Here are my results. I am very happy with them, I haven't actually hemmed them yet but I think that they turned out cute!

I also did a pair of shorts - but I did a little experimenting with these and didn't do a side seam...I haven't hemmed these either and will see how they fit.

playing with water AGAIN....we sort of have to as HOT as it is!

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Crazy Lady said...

Darling! Good job.

I'm the same way, but do much better when I have a buddy to sew with. In fact thats really the only way I can do it.

And can I just say that I love that there is an adult Darby in the world, and that its a girl!