Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Last Friday Collier and I went to spend some time at McWane center. It was really fun and it was just the two of us. Not as crowded now that school is back in. He did so good and did more climbing and venturing around than last time. We were going to go to the zoo but it ended up raining most of the day and we HAD to get out and do something. All weekend it was just the two of us - Justin was gone and my parents were gone! So, we needed some activity. Saturday, I had a bible study retreat and with everyone gone I got another babysitter and everything went really good. She said that he did great and there was no crying when I left....even though I sort of snuck out and he was watching cedermont kids! The babysitter is coming back next week too when mom goes for the arrival of my niece - so Collier is getting adjusted to having her around! The rest of our weekend was good, although I was really glad when Justin got home on Sunday!

He loves this car

I had to work hard to get him out and away from the water....he could play in that area all day if I let him.

So tired...such a sweet and content look...this was on the way home. Needless to say he slept hard as soon as we got home!

My parents went to Dothan for the weekend because my brother was put in the hospital (ONE WEEK BEFORE HIS WIFE IS TO DELIVERY THEIR SECOND BABY) Chris was having some severe pains in his shoulder after seeing two doctors they determined he had an infection in the joint of his shoulder. They ended up doing surgery to remove the infection and later determined that it was a staff infection. Surgery went well and he is doing much better. He is battling high blood pressure and they are working to figure out why they aren't able to manage it. He is still in the hospital and he is about to go crazy....he is bored and ready to be at home! We would really appreciate your prayers for them all -especially that Chris will be released from the hospital. That he will recover easily and they will both be prepared to welcome Hayden next week. We really appreciate the prayers.

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