Monday, August 16, 2010

Sweet Friends

I've been wanting to share about one of my dear friends, Lindsey, who went on vacation single and returned married. This was back in April and it is such a precious and fun story...they went on vacation (with Lindsey's parents) and Hunter surprised them all by proposing and then laid an even bigger surprise that they should get married while in the Key's! The sweet details (location, who would marry them, flowers, dress, etc) all got worked out in a matter of a few days and they were married before they returned home! Lindsey and Hunter are such a perfect pair and they both deserve the happiness they give each other! They are precious and wonderful friends. They decided that they would have a reception/party for their close friends and family and it was last Saturday night. It was so much fun, and everything was so very nice. With the help of their families they pulled off an amazing night to celebrate their marriage. Here are a few pictures from last Saturday night! They both have great friends and families - I really enjoyed meeting more of their families and friends and getting to meet some new friends too. Lindsey's friend Jana has a little girl who is about 20 days older than Collier. She is beautiful and so sweet. I do wish that they lived a little closer so that Collier and Maryn could meet and play! It was fun to finally meet them since we hear about them so much! So fun!

I don't know what was so funny...

Since my parents were also invited to this fun night, this put Justin and I in need of a babysitter. After searching and trying a few people who we thought would be great (and all had other plans) we found a young girl who a friend of ours uses. She turned out to be great and was great for our FIRST babysitting experience. When we left them Collier was screaming at the top of his lungs but she assured me that he didn't cry long. She said that they played with Brinkley and read lots of books before he crashed for the night. I hope to use her a bit more so that Collier will get used to her and feel comfortable with her.

One other thing I wanted to be sure to document is that Collier now has 4 more teeth. Over the past 2 weeks they have come in. He used to like brushing his teeth but doesn't as much recently and I wonder if it is because of this teeth being sensitive. He gives great and sweet kisses (usually with his mouth wide open) blowing kisses and hi and bye waving too! Growing, changing and doing new silly things every day.

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