Thursday, April 30, 2009

God's Sweet Gift Arrived Early

Sweet Baby Collier arrived early this morning at 1:39am. He weighed in at 6lb 9oz and was 20" long. He is so sweet and Justin and I are so glad that he is here. We honestly couldn't believe that it was time...not at all hospital bag packed, no car seat installed, his little outfit that I had smocked for him is not yet put together. Oh well, God has a perfect timing. This all started yesterday when my water broke while I was napping (dr. told me to take it easy the rest of this week because my bloodpressure was high) I came to the hospital, they started potosin and 7 hours later little man was here.

It is such a miracle and such a blessing. He cried and screamed when he first arrived, so he has strong lungs but he hasn't used them much since his arrival. He has been very good today. We are tired and I'm about to crash so that I can get some sleep. I'll do my best to post more pictures tomorrow. Thank you all for all the prayers and thoughts for us during this time.

Who do you think that he looks like? I honestly can't tell, sometimes I see me other times I see Justin?

Monday, April 27, 2009


We had a beautiful and fun weekend. First, God has blessed us greatly with beautiful warm weather. It is making me want to drive to the lake to sit still on the dock and just soak in the beauty of the weather and His creation. But Collier is keeping me here in Birmingham...well work too I guess!

Last week Justin and I went to our breastfeeding class and then on Saturday we had our labor and delivery class (6 hours worth). Both classes were good and certainly informative. I felt better after both of them and I am not sure how prepared that you can be for all that is ahead of us, but I do know that we have a little more knowledge about all of it. I have to tell you how great Justin was through both classes - both of which had lots of information, video's and pictures that he would rather have not seen - but he was amazing and involved. He is such a good man and is going to be an amazing Daddy. His level of support and involvement makes it even more exciting for me. Not sure if that makes a bit of sense or not....

People keep asking 'are you ready' and I keep responding that I am ready but I am not sure that I know what it is exactly that I am ready for. I know that I'm ready to meet Little Man and have him in our life - but the in between is the big unknown. I find extreme comfort that God already knows every detail of the in between time and I am relying on Him through this waiting period. He is such a faithful God, when I am not so faithful and am so undeserving. He has answered so many of my prayers though this pregnancy - I prayed that I would not be pregnant through the summer, I prayed that I wouldn't be too sick and that I would enjoy this pregnancy and sweet time. This has certainly been the case. I have enjoyed being pregnant and I really do love feeling him move around in me and know that this sweet baby is growing inside of me (what a miracle!) I am just now getting to the point that I am ready for him to arrive so that I can meet him face to face and so that I don't keep running into things with my big ole belly! I pray that God will give me a smooth and good delivery and that I will have this gift that He is entrusted us with exactly how He sees me fit to do. I trust in Him!

I head back to the Doctor on Wednesday. I have started to have my first Braxton Hicks contractions this week. Other than that, all is the same and I am just growing and growing and praying that he will not grow too his daddy! I still feel really good so still no complaints here. I am wondering if my belly can get any bigger!

Tonight was our last CBS (Bible Study) meeting. It was a fabulous night filled with laughter and fellowship. We studied Job, Galatians and Hebrews and I just loved this study. I learned the most in Job and about persevering through situations and what it is to truly rely on God. Hebrews has been a great reminder of who Christ is and how He is our anchor and our refuge no matter what we are facing. Wow, it is amazing to have such a God who loves us and desires our relationship with Him. I feel that lately I've not been as focused on Him and I am working to redirect my thoughts and attention to Him so that He is my all in all. I was reminded a few weeks ago that we must die to self DAILY...not just from time to time but daily so that He can be the Lord of our life and in total control of what unfolds in our life - every minute of every day! I am thankful that He has called me by name and that I have heard Him calling me closer to Him. I will greatly miss meeting each week and will eagerly look forward to meeting again in the fall to study the minor prophets! If you're in Birmingham and looking for a fabulous bible study, let me know.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Month

We are officially under 5 weeks and as of today we are one month away (according to the calendar - not the prego weeks). It is hard to believe that in such a short amount of time that we'll have a sweet baby in our family. As time draw nears I get more and more excited. I so often wonder what he will look like. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and on Saturday I'll be 36 weeks, which does put us at 4 weeks and counting! Tonight we are going to the lactation/nursing/breastfeeding class. Justin still hasn't figured out why he has to go, except for support. Not sure that he knows what he is supporting but he is going. Saturday we have our all day Labor and Delivery class at the hospital as well. Then, we'll be set and ready - we'll at least we'll feel like it with all of the info that we're taking in this week!

It is such a beautiful day and if it wasn't for work I would park my butt outside and sit in the sun all day. I did eat outside at lunch today and now its going to be hard to force myself back to work for the afternoon. Oh well.

On a totally different note. Our tomatoes and peppers are growing and I am so happy. I do love fresh veggi's especially when I can walk in my backyard and pick them. I see some early buds on the cherry tomato plant! Hooray.

I just had to include this one because she is so stink'n pretty!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today I opened the house up and there is the most amazing breeze that is flowing through the house and it is so relaxing and peaceful. I was able to sleep in this morning after a long day yesterday.

Friday afternoon Mom and I drove to Dothan, we stayed with Chris, Amanda and Ashlyn on it was awesome to have this time to spend with them. I just can't get enough of sweet Ashlyn, she is growing up so fast - she is such a big girl. Talking more and more and is full of sweet love! She is precious and I tried to hide her in my bag to bring her home but her Mom and Dad wouldn't let us! Another fabulous thing about my stay with them is that I had a really cool reminder from God - they live outside of town and after dark I went to the car to get my bags and my breath was taken away by the stars! Wow, that is something that I truly miss by living in was so refreshing to be taken back by the beauty and wonder of that sight. God is amazing and so vast, I was thankful to be reminded of his creation! Not having any city lights to distract your eyes from this beautiful site was really awesome!

Saturday was my baby shower in Dothan and it was so nice and so much fun. Justin and I are truly blessed to have such supportive family and friends. Everything was more than I expected my hostesses are so generous and sweet (especially since most of them had to travel!!) We got so many wonderful things and I feel like we are more and more ready for Collier's arrival. I have to give props to Amanda (SIL) be sure you check out her ADORABLE fruit flower arrangement that she made! How awesome it is! Well, that was just one of the many nice and yummy things that we had at the shower. Here are some of the pictures of the shower. Aren't we blessed?

I also wanted to ask for some prayers for Justin's grandfather (Pa) - he was put in the hospital on Saturday morning and they think it was a small stroke. He seems to be doing better but his blood pressure is still really high. We would really appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery, so that he can go home. He does not like being in the hospital, so please be praying for peace of mind while he is there.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Waddling and a surprise

Well, I have started waddling. Just the other day I was patting myself on the back because I felt that I was walking normal, still feeling really good and according to my last doctor's visit everything was good with my weight and I was measuring exactly where I should be (although he did say we're not having a small baby...but not too big of a baby either - Have I mentioned that Justin was almost 10lb's when he was born?) Anyway. This week I felt myself swaying and waddling in my walking. I certainly continue to grow and I wonder if this has anything to do with my newly found waddling stage... My precious and loving friend Lindsey brought some of them over for Justin. Well Guess who loves them as much as Justin does......Collier! These homemade red velvet cupcakes are so yummilicious that I would love to eat them all in one sitting (and believe me I could) but then Justin would really not be happy with me. Yummilicious does not give them the justice they deserve. They are both light and fluffy but equally and perfectly sweet. What more could a waddling prego ask for! To be honest, she made them for her boyfriend but Justin and I just are lucky enough that she loves us to share!

As if the cupcakes weren't just a perfect surprise for my week. Today the UPS man came to our door and I was taking a nap home for lunch. Justin went out to get the package and opened the below......................

Oh My Goodness! Are they not just perfectly adorable. My cousin sent them to me. I found the prints online after I decided on my bedding and just fell in love with them. Only the originals had green and white around the outside of the painting. So, I was sharing with my precious cousin who has quite a knack for creative and fun decorating and she said that she has a friend whose mom paints.....As my baby gift that is what she did for me. She told me last week that they were ready to be picked up and that she would mail them. Hello she has 4 kids and they were on spring break last week so I wasn't sure when she would be able to do that. So, to say that I was surprised today when they arrived would be an understatement. It literally made my day. Justin likes them too! I wanted to hang them immediately but decided I need to be sure of where the crib is going before I start nailing holes in my wall! Oh but you can bet that they will be hung this weekend. I just love them! The colors and everything are just perfect. Steph - thank you so much. I love you deeply and thank you greatly for this wonderful and fun surprise!

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Can you see the bed skirt (click the picture to make it larger) Mom added the red and white polka dots to the skirt and with the red and white around the pictures it just pulls it all together so well. Mom is working on the valances now. I'll continue to post as we get more and more done! Hooray.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Progressive Fun

What a great week and weekend! Justin got the baby bed put together and the room is mostly situated. It makes me so excited! First let me give props to Justin - It took a few weeks longer than planned but he worked hard to get the bed and changing table put together. He had to hear me complain about it a lot and he put up with that very well ...all the while he was actually working trying to get it all done. I have not be as patient as I should lately, I certainly appreciate him and his tolerance and continued loved through all of my hormone filled emotions! I'm lucky to have such a great husband but Collier is equally lucky to have such a sweet Daddy. He is a good man and I am thankful for him every day! I probably don't tell him that enough, I need to go do that right now...

Second, I need to thank Mom and Dad for all of their help. Friday night they come over to help me get organized (Justin went Turkey hunting). We got Collier's closet cleaned out, the room cleaned and the bedding put on the crib. It is so much fun seeing it all come together. I'm sure that Mom and Dad are going to stop answering their phone OR coming by since everything I am asking them for various things. Mrs. Pam and Mr. Charles came over on Saturday for the shower and Dad and Mr. Charles picked up a dresser and put it in Collier's room for us - it was a gift from them and we are so thankful. It so nicely completes the nursery and we are in MAJOR need of storage. Now we'll have a place for his clothes and stuff!

I am waiting on my valances to arrive and I need a slipcover for my chair and to find a rug for his room and I think that we'll be done! Wow.

Yesterday was my first shower and it was so much fun. I have such special and amazing friends who hosted a beautiful shower for me. Everything was perfect - I requested a shower with just sweets and they did such a great job...YUMMY! Not to mention it was so wonderful to see and have friends together. I am so blessed to have the love and support of these friends who are very gracious. I got so many wonderful things It was fun to show it all to Justin when he got home today! It makes it more and more real and a little shocking (to be honest) that he will be here so soon. I can't wait, but am still a bit nervous as mentioned before. I will be so glad to see and meet him. I wonder every day what he is going to look like. I pray every day that he is a good sleeper and is a good baby...but only God knows that and with His help He'll guide us through raising this child for His glory.