Thursday, April 9, 2009

Waddling and a surprise

Well, I have started waddling. Just the other day I was patting myself on the back because I felt that I was walking normal, still feeling really good and according to my last doctor's visit everything was good with my weight and I was measuring exactly where I should be (although he did say we're not having a small baby...but not too big of a baby either - Have I mentioned that Justin was almost 10lb's when he was born?) Anyway. This week I felt myself swaying and waddling in my walking. I certainly continue to grow and I wonder if this has anything to do with my newly found waddling stage... My precious and loving friend Lindsey brought some of them over for Justin. Well Guess who loves them as much as Justin does......Collier! These homemade red velvet cupcakes are so yummilicious that I would love to eat them all in one sitting (and believe me I could) but then Justin would really not be happy with me. Yummilicious does not give them the justice they deserve. They are both light and fluffy but equally and perfectly sweet. What more could a waddling prego ask for! To be honest, she made them for her boyfriend but Justin and I just are lucky enough that she loves us to share!

As if the cupcakes weren't just a perfect surprise for my week. Today the UPS man came to our door and I was taking a nap home for lunch. Justin went out to get the package and opened the below......................

Oh My Goodness! Are they not just perfectly adorable. My cousin sent them to me. I found the prints online after I decided on my bedding and just fell in love with them. Only the originals had green and white around the outside of the painting. So, I was sharing with my precious cousin who has quite a knack for creative and fun decorating and she said that she has a friend whose mom paints.....As my baby gift that is what she did for me. She told me last week that they were ready to be picked up and that she would mail them. Hello she has 4 kids and they were on spring break last week so I wasn't sure when she would be able to do that. So, to say that I was surprised today when they arrived would be an understatement. It literally made my day. Justin likes them too! I wanted to hang them immediately but decided I need to be sure of where the crib is going before I start nailing holes in my wall! Oh but you can bet that they will be hung this weekend. I just love them! The colors and everything are just perfect. Steph - thank you so much. I love you deeply and thank you greatly for this wonderful and fun surprise!

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Can you see the bed skirt (click the picture to make it larger) Mom added the red and white polka dots to the skirt and with the red and white around the pictures it just pulls it all together so well. Mom is working on the valances now. I'll continue to post as we get more and more done! Hooray.


amy kennedy said...

Love the new pictures Shannon! Isn't is so fun when it all comes together? How sweet of your mom to make some valances. We are still looking for some! Hope y'all have a great Easter!

Gail said...

Yes, indeed...HOW cute is all this, and have the BEST MOM ever! I just love that Korey!!!!! Love you, too, G